Nov 30, 2006

from the most huggable kid in the world (my brother)...from Fiji to the family...

Aw man, soon, soon, soon, I'll be back in your arms
and you in mine. I love you so much.

Yesterday we had a big day. We took down the cast and
crew of the Survivor series. We helped them shoot and
stuff, good fun. We were on water for ever. Started
work at 5:30am and didn't stop till around 8:00pm.
That is a good group of folks, the crew that is. They
brought a ton of beer for the bus ride back. On the
way out, the executive producer kept standing up and
giving speaches about nothing and kept swearing at the
krew, in a loving way, and then everyone started
making up songs and we were all clapping and singing
and drinking on the whole bus ride home, which you
have to imagine driving through the jungle at night in
a mini bus on a mountanous road bouncing the whole way
crammed in with tons of people and gear so that you
are basically sitting on someones lap...makes for a
good time., you still looking for a christmas present??
How about a chyropractic and massage appointment??

anybody else notice that Daniel Craig (007) looks exactly like Jack Kerouac?

Nov 29, 2006

ONLYMERK! And Highschool-Lauren Save The Day!


watched Clerks for the first time on Sunday...i didn't like it, maybe it didn't age well, maybe it sucked in the first place and people were just overly impressed with the characters' innovative use of foul language (and then you find out the movie cost 27,000 to make...and then you can't help wondering why?)...watched Superman Returns which sucked the bag...too long, too little plot (Fantastic Four anyone?), too over acted, too 'what the?' (Lex Luthor wanted to create a new continent for the real estate?! whatever, what about the midwest, or Africa...i don't get it) somewhere that Brandon Routh (man of steal) earned only 1 million bucks for the role...he deserved a quarter of that...AND Lois Lane wasn't even far the sixth season of The Sopranos sucks...i can't stand the dream sequence stuff the writers are running/writing rampant with...i've only watched the first 3 episodes, whatever (i mean, how are you going to put Tony S. into a coma after three years of no production?!)...finished season 3 of The Wire...i effing love this show...easily the smartest crime show ever written...and then Ed Burns sort of ruined it by stating in the final episode commentary that the show thus far has been a big metaphor for the situation in Iraq...he's like Avon Barksdale is a Bush-like-character...LAME,'s a show about cops and robbers set in Baltimore, i don't care what you say Mr. glands are super swollen right now...i usually get sick like once a year, my glands usually aren't swollen though, i'm treading new territory...some randoms...noticed that one of the ho's from the new Real World is from Martinez (home of the Martini and Joe DiMaggio!)...and i'm teaching myself piano...and i'm getting hella fat eating chinese food and birthday cake...yet i joined a Greek dating service, but no one's talking to me, Greek gals have never liked me, all the Greek girls i've hooked up with (like 2) haven't been much involved with being "Greek"...i have Lentil soup to eat today, i'm thinking my glands are going to like that...but then i have to go to the bank, but first i have to shower...

maybe i'll bring back the 'currently listening to'

...currently listening to Wyclef Jean The Carnival...

Nov 28, 2006


"I meant to stay in Amsterdam for one week, and ended up staying one month at the Flying Pig Downtown. It has a great staff, besides that techno-pretty-boy bartender (all the other bartenders were awesome, I fell in love with one named Nadjia). Some of the best memories of my entire Euro holiday were at the Pig Downtown. Everyone staying there had a story of how they got there and everyone was friendly. The only warning I might have is avoid the Americans, and this is coming from an American. I was so comfortable I wrote a book at the bar. This is the best hostel I ever stayed at!"

Nov 27, 2006

books recently read (and/or finally finished)...

1. Beat Roots- Anne Waldman

2. Non Eligable Respondent- Stefani Barber

3. Mirage #133

4. The Sandman Season Of Mists- Neil Gaiman

5. Selected Amazon Reviews- Kevin Killian

6. On Writing A Memoir On The Craft- Stephen King

7. Everybody's Autonomy Connective Reading And Collective Identity- Juliana Spahr

8. Hamilton Sketchbook- David Collier

9. Shuffle Boil 5/6 -ed. David Meltzer and Steve Dickison

10. Mirage #131

11. Mirage #129

12. Mirage #130

13. Foursquare #4

14. Summer Stock 2

15. Foursquare #2

16. Summer Stock 3

17. Foursquare #1

18. Mirage #132

19. Mirage #134

20. Summer Stock 4

Nov 22, 2006

Nov 21, 2006

Cabin Fever...

one of the joys of owning Eli Roth's Cabin Fever on DVD is sharing it with your family...hey sister...

two of my favorite quotes from the flick (which i've seen probably 25 times)...

"that guy came to us looking for help...and we set him on fire..."

"it's okay young lady...just go back inside and have yourself a big 40oz"

Nov 19, 2006

The Lakes

i like...

Rodney Koeneke and his voice

Jocelyn Saidenberg and her swimming stories

Dan Fisher and his hat

Brent Cunningham and his generosity

all last night at Artifact...but also in general...

Nov 18, 2006


no fights tonight only Artifact. see you there yeah?

Nov 17, 2006


Kevin Killian's "growing up in France"

Frank O' Hara's b-day/ Neo-Benshi thingy tonight at CCA

i love that Benicia "used to rival San Francisco"

Artifact tomorrow

about to have dolmathes, horiateki, spanakopita, green pear and sliced persimmon

New Yipes on Sunday

let's have drinks tonight

Self Portraits Are For Busters

i thought today was thursday.

maybe i'll finally go to the "Semina Culture: Wallace Berman & His Circle" show at the UC Berkeley Art Museum.

Nov 16, 2006


i'm already sick of the Mickey Avalon buzz...he DOES have a catchy voice though.

The Devil In Artaud's Back

Nov 15, 2006


Shivshark and Sweetbriar at the Edinburgh Castle
(950 geary Street, between Larkin & Polk)

if i wasn't going to see Shivshark i'd go see

25 Years: Artists respond to AIDS
Sam D’Allesandro via
Kevin Killian & Friends
Wednesday, November 15, 7:30 P.M.

Nov 11, 2006


so many highlights during and after Matvei Yankelevich and Craig Foltz's reading last night...some free association memories: "hipster", the shame, ghost ride the whip, Luka's, gas break gas break, crime prevention assoc., tight pants, hyphy hyphy hyphy, Matvei's work, highschool gangs, Craig's reading as poetry gameshow (replete with prizes), jam of the year, stella artois, seat backs, prom pictures, Craig's reading as heckle-fest (in a good way), introduction for the introducer of the introducer's introducer, Lake Merrit, hugging (probably my fault), running into Brian from Naropa, Radiohead B-sides, Stork not Storque Club etc etc...

Nov 9, 2006

Shuffle Boil 5/6...(look for my Dizzee Rascal review)

Whew.... Our new look (& new reprint just in): perfectbound, four color cover, $8 (a steal), double-issue, 112pp (no ads)...


FILE UNDER MUSIC. Edited by David Meltzer and Steve Dickison. This fat double "comeback issue" features sections dedicated to Cecil Taylor and to Eric Dolphy, with contributors Clark Coolidge, Ulla Dydo, Lorenzo Thomas, Howard Eiland, Mike Zwerin, et al. The magazine's emphasis (poets on music) lands on jazz and other musics new and not so new, with essays, interviews, and even the occasional music-related poem. Trombonist Roswell Rudd becomes "The Artist Formerly Known as Avant-Garde"; improvising violinist Leroy Jenkins is interviewed by L.A. guitarist Jim McAuley; late Swedish pianist Per Henrik Wallin is profiled by Mr. Dickison, while Dr. Meltzer profiles late Canadian guitarist Lenny Breau; Anthony Barnett documents early women jazz violinists; Val Wilmer remembers (and photographs) Margie Hendrix; Peter Garland on shamanic voices; Jack Collom on yodeling; Daniel Cassidy on the Irish etymology of the word "jazz"; Fred Ho on Jazz the tv show; Larry Kearney on Thelonious Monk's music; Summer Brenner's Atlanta R&B memoir; Tom Raworth's playlist; George Albon on Otis Redding; Forrest Gander on Vic Chesnutt; Evans Matambanadzo on hiphop in Kenya; Kit Robinson on music in Cuba. Much more, including reviews of books, video, and audio, plus an Index to issues 1-6. Cover photo of Cecil Taylor by Chris Felver.

Order online from SPD:

OR: $8 check payable to Steve Dickison, 1809 Blake Street, Apt E, Berkeley CA 94703
$12 for 2 issues; $20 for 4; $50 lifetime (take the plunge?)

If you're a subscriber (or contributor) & didnt receive a copy, maybe you've moved & we don't have your address? Maybe your subscription expired w/ #4? "Maybe we're amazed at the way we really need you...?"

Nov 8, 2006

Nov 7, 2006


pipe dreams.

"The bodybuilder-turned-action-star-turned-politician coasted to an easy victory over Democrat Phil Angelides on Tuesday, completing a comeback from a disastrous bid a year ago to realign political power in Sacramento."

i hate "VOTE!" posts just as much as the next guy but...

come on Californians, just vote Angelides today...i know Schwarzenegger's signature is on your diploma, and you and your older cousins watched Predator, like, a million times, but come on...don't believe the hype...

also, if you're in CoCo County vote Mark DeSaulinier (Assembly District 11)
and Randy Tolerton (Mount Diablo Unified School District)

NO on 86
YES on 87

Nov 6, 2006


i'm sorry but this whole 'poet's into detective fiction' shit is getting really boring...just read Ben's Levinas And The Police and close the book...seriously though...what the hell does "detective novel, film noir and memoir (and autopsy of all three)" actually mean...probably nothing...

"Fiction. Poetry. "Wildly absorbing, _________ is a gorgeous genre-bender: detective novel, film noir and memoir (and autopsy of all three)"--Rikki Ducornet... "__________ swoops in and out of metaphor to poke fun at the gothic genre, and celebrate its astonishing versatility"--Publishers Weekly on THE TALES OF HORROR (Kelsey St. Press)."


i feel bad for anybody trying to watch Six Feet Under on Bravo. you're probably missing 75% of the show. like the WB (or UPN or whatever) trying to air Sex And The City ...doesn't make much sense.

oh yeah, VOTE TOMORROW! ANGELIDES! (and not just because he's Greek)...

just found this poem on the backcover of Summer Stock 3...

presumably written by one of the editors, Jared "Strawberry Daiquiri" Hayes or Andy "Where's Waldo" Peterson...

What To Do If You Meet...

Boom Boom Sakkis

Don't bother to run — death and taxes are inevitable

Paste fur on your face, snort and pretend you're one of them.

Might as well enjoy what it conjures up. Just think happy thoughts and
you'll get what you want.

Try to slide away or roll down mountain, they're not too fast.

Watch for web, throw Molotov cocktails.

Call for the lone ranger.

Hand him some sunscreen.

Wear rubber gloves if you shake hands with him. Shake with your left.


forgot to charge the camera battery.

things i would've taken pictures of had i remembered:

Amigo Calle Court

Paige's laundry

duraflame bonfire

the two Mission Blvd.'s

the beach house that was actually, like, on the beach

Aptos boardwalk

the hot tub overlooking the ocean

the bedroom overlooking the beach overlooking the ocean

the sunrise

the surfer kids

the drive home with Casual Fog on the car stereo

Nov 4, 2006


going to spend the weekend at a beach house in Santa Cruz. never done the whole beach house thing. am pretty excited, just wanted to share.


Nov 2, 2006


this afternoon...(i think i'm going)

Ibrahim Muhawi and Rick London presenting the work of Mahmoud Darwish
Thursday November 2, 2006
3:30 pm, Ibrahim Muhawi @ The Poetry Center, HUM 512, SFSU, free
7:30 pm, Ibrahim Muhawi & Rick London @ Unitarian Center, 1187 Franklin (at Geary), San Francisco, $5

Ibrahim Muhawi was born in Ramallah, Palestine, in 1937, and has taught at universities in USA, Canada, UK, Germany, and the Middle East, since 1980 devoting his studies to Palestinian and Arabic folklore, literature and civilization, and work in translation. His books include Speak, Bird, Speak Again: Palestinian Arab Folktales (UC Press, 1989) and the extraordinary translation of and introduction to Memory for Forgetfulness by Mahmoud Darwish (UC Press, 1995), a powerful work written after the 1982 Israeli bombing of Beirut. Muhawi will read from and discuss Darwish’s masterful poetic prose work.

Rick London, born in Detroit in 1948, has lived in San Francisco since 1974. Author of several books of poetry (Picture With Moving Parts the latest, 2002), he co-translated with Omnia Amin a chapbook of recent poetry by Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish entitled Now, As You Awaken (new from Sardines Press/Rumor Books).

it's gettin' it's gettin' it's gettin' kind of hectic

my brother is working in Fiji right now.

"Fiji's military commander warned on Thursday that the prime minister's refusal to resign over a dispute between the two men could plunge the coup-prone South Pacific nation into bloodshed."

Nov 1, 2006


i like my taco's with American Cheese...

Gunfire At Castro Halloween Party; At Least 10 Wounded

and that's why i stay away from the Castro on Halloween.

last year it was stabbings. the year before that it was gay bashing with live chainsaws.

i'd rather stay in Concord and make beats with David.