Jun 30, 2007


tonight i be here...

Post Bulletin

Henry Lewis will be doing my arm

Jun 29, 2007


1. Hi my name is...
john constantine sakks and i'm a half greek that eats greek food like a full greek out of a kazantzakis novel like captain michales or peter from the last tempataion of christ though last night i drank beers at d-structure and then went to alli baba's cave and had a schwerma which is "mediteranian" food but totally, obviously not greek and then watched re-runs of deadliest catch on disco channel

2. Never in my life have I....
worked at a desk for so long for 9 hours a day because before like 3 months ago i was a life time full time student starting with preschool to elementary school (woodside) to middle school (oak grove) to high school (YVHS) to junior college (DVC) to university (SFSU) to grad school (Naropa U.) to back home but it took me 26 years to get back home and in the meantime the only jobs i held were internships (SFMOMA, the poetry center, Kevin Killian, naropa's archives etc) and bullshit like working at borders as a "bookseller" but really that means standing at an info desk and telling people where the self help section is and the little girls and boys in black capes where the metaphycical section is because that's where they keep all the anton levay books and the tarot cards and "Seth" books and for some reason hella goth kids (i didn't even know they still existed) hung out at borders in boulder...and try saying that 300 times a day "hello this is Border's in Boulder, how may i help you...?"

3. The one person who can drive me nuts is...
i'm pretty good at driving myself nuts but my brother can get under my skin when he acts retarded or like pushes my crotch into girls when he's really drunk on red wine on the dance floor but it's all love and i love him for it

4. High School...
i painted my nails sky blue and wore my mom's sun glasses and gigantic JNCO jeans and tiny stripey polo shirts and tennis visors and a full on raver kid who still got good grades even though i never slept and actually wasn't at school all that often but the teachers liked me and i was good at lying to them about stuff and good at doing the assignments even though this one teacher kept suspending me for quoting The Roots ("i blast eight shrivled tips") in my journal and then again when i wrote this classic highschool angsty newpaper editorial about the evils of censorship and that was the last day of school and steve lopez had my back but she sort of went crazy and kicked everyone out of the class room and yeah, i'm sort of tooting my own horn and she was actually just doing her job and i was a little bit of a prick who would do things like take off my pants in the middle of class just to fuck with her and all the kids would laugh but she would be embarrassed

5. When I'm nervous...
i get reallly dodgy eyes and i try to concentrate and not be weird but by thinking that i might be acting a little abnormal i probably start to act even more weird like when i'm walking across a crosswalk and i'm like thinking that all the people in the cars are looking at me and so i think to myself that i just need to keep walking normal but suddenly i'm thinking too hard about walking normal so i sort of forget how to walk normal at all and i start feeling wobbly and looking very nervous and dodgy

6. The last time I cried was...
almost yesterday in teh library right before i took an hour nap but i don't really want to get into that (this is actually probably a lie)

7. If I were to get married right now my maid of honor/best man would be....
james constantine sakkis that'd be my brother

8. My hair is...
very dark brown almost so much it looks black esp. when i get sweaty like if i'm dancing around with my UDP becky (you can call her rebecca) and it gets swirly when wet as well but actually my brother is the one with the neato hair because mine's too curly and as a 12 year old boy all you want is bangs like edward furlong in terminator 2

9. When I was 5...
i used to ditch my parents all the time so i was always being found by strangers and being held by stranges and being asked my name by strangers who were trying to figure out where this little dude came from in like grocery stores, and hotels and the city of los angeles and the post office and great america and maybe i remember my name being called over the PA in all these places more than any other childhood memory like "would the parents of johnny sakkis please fetch him at the counter..." and i was always just like "dag...lemme go lemme go..."

10. Last Christmas...
eve was totally fucked off and spent in the emergency room but i don't want to go into that one either

11. I should be...
more aware of the stuff i put on in the morning because i just noticed (i took a pee break) that i have a giant coffee stain all down the front of my nice shirt or maybe i should be dating someone but i'm not and i'm never really sure why though i actually know why and it has to do with my liking girls who are totally bat shit crazy or girl's who have boyfriends

13. The craziest recent event was...
i have a fulltime job so i don't think i really get to experience "crazy recent events" anymore maybe the recent realization that all my friends are bartenders but that's actually not very interesting at all and this is interesting or that night i went out with jessica and nancy and i saw this kid jeremy who i went to junior college with only jeremy is now homeless and on crack and he was sort of trying to holler at jessica in the liquor store right before he spotted me and was like "holy shit, hey john, how'ya been?!..."

14. If I were a character on 'Friends' I'd be...

i'm changing this to "if i was a character on battlestar galactica i'd be..."

def. Cara Thrace otherwise knows as hot shit Starbuck

15. By this time next year...
i hope to be "dating" a pretty girl and to be doing something that actually takes advantage of my youthful vitality rather than sitting at a desk all day looking at a computer hitting the refresh button every 5 minutes and then looking forward to walking home the two miles from UCSF to the lower haight becasue that's actually the only extended body movement i get all day long

16. My current gripe...
i've said it before and i'll say it again i think san francisco summer's are the worst i really miss the "medeterainian" COCO east bay heat but i'm going home this weekend for a father's day makeup dinner at my parents house so i get to experience a real summer if only for an afternoon

17. I have a hard time understanding...
loud people, i really don't understand how people can be that inconsiderate and sometimes i start to feel like maybe i'm a fasciest and that if there was some kind of government agency that shot and killed loud people i would turn rat and call that agency (like on my cellphone on the bus) and tell them that there are loud people on the bus and that we're pulling up to the divis and haight street stop on the six line so have your guns ready to shoot these incredibly ignorant people in the back of the head...i think i would like that and not feel bad at all, in reality

18. There's this girl I know who..
i'm still trying to meet her and maybe have a drink or a sandwich with but there's this other girl i know who went to bible school out in anaheim and some of us are worried that she'll never come back

19. You know I like you when..
i start saying things like "i want to beat the shit out of you right now...i want to hit you so hard, but with love..." or "i want to throw you against the wall you motherfucker, i love you so much..." i'm usually saying this stuff to my guy friends...or my guy friends's girlfriends...i can be VER homoerotic

20. If I won an award, the first person I would thank would be...
honestly my freaking mom she's sort of amazing and very supportive and likes to read my poetry and say nice things about it and brings back a "suitcase full of comics from the 50's" from her recent cousin reunion in las cruses new mexico

21. Take my advice...

22. My ideal breakfast...
if my mom is making it she would make pancakes with sliced bananas and a cup of coffee and a glass of milk and she would cut it all up for me, but if i'm in greece it would be a "biscuit" and some cheese and maybe some cheery preserves and a bit of "toast" and some nice muddy greek coffee and some figs, in america without my mom around it would be a caraffe of coffee and those "irish cream" mixer and some water

23. If you visited the place I was born...

24. I plan to visit someone...
tonight, i'd like to see becky in the TL if she's down and have some vodka tonics and beers and whiskey's so i can tell her my shirt size

25. If you spend one night at my house...
you will eat lot's of good homemade food and watch some good TV with pretty good TV shit talkers or maybe a soccor game with my dad and lay in the hamock outside and enjoy the concord heat and wake up to my mom cooking pancakes or french toast or waffles and she'll cut it up for you

26. I'd stop my wedding if...

27. The world could do without..
loud people, dirty people, smelly people, haters people, mutant looking people etc

28. I'd rather lick the belly of a cockroach than...
go see a movie at a movie theater in like say antioch or pittsburg or dowtown concord

29. Most recent thing I've bought myself...
i bought myself some beers last night and a pack of smokes but i'm gong to quit very soon (yay brandon) but the most real thing i bought myself was a couple new t-shirts that look very good on me

30. Most recent thing someone else bought for me...
my roommate jonathan bought me a nice tin box that says "Pierce St" on it and also he bought me some onions and celery and mayo but honestly i'm usually the one buying people stuff even though i can't really afford it and yes i'm tooting my horn again but i like getting stuff for people

31. My favorite blonde is...
my cousins julia (are you blond) and louisa and lily i think are all blond and i'm super into family so i think that's a good answer or maybe last weekend i was really into james kumerelis (which is some sort of inedible berry, his last name i mean) who i remember being a blonde

32. My favorite brunette is...
my brother who has ver ver cool thick wavy edward furlong'ish brunette hair but he always keeps it under wraps in a cadet cap with the lid flipped up like some kind of vietnam movie make in the 80s staring maybe ralph machio

33. My favorite redhead is...
judas iscariot was probably the coolest character in nikos kazantzakis's otherwise pretty boring giagantor novel the last temptation of christ and then the gospel of judas was recently discoverd and it pretty much says what kazantzakis wrote...that jesus asked judas to betray him and that judas's sacrifice was actually the bigger sacrifice because to betray one's master is actually more difficult than the pain endured on the cross (though kazantzakis doesn't exactly say that)...

34. My middle name is...
constantine who was the first roman chirstian emporer (though people now say he maybe wasn't a true christian he was more of a pundent, like, politically it made sense to denounce all the roman gods (re: greek gods, natch) for like vox populi reasons)...and then there's this cool comic called john constantine but i've only gotten maybe 2 jokes about that and i actually don't know if the comic is cool or not but i've seen the movie with keanu reeves and it was bad

35. This morning I..
i was talking to myself a lot more than usual and i woke up earlier than usual (i was up at 6am driking my coffee listening to itunes looking at the crazy fog rolling in from the ocean but you could tell it was a warm fog and when i stepped outside i was right)

36. Living things I would like to see flying besides birds are...
humans outside of the dream world, sometimes when i'm on the bus and there are loud idiots all around me i fantasize that like i jump up in the air and start spinning around and at this point everyone thinks i'm an angel or a magician or something and they shut up and just stare at me for teh duration of the ride

37. Once at a bar...
a couple of my friends tried to get the bartender to take me in the back and "finish me off" but she was all "come back tomorrow" and i went upstairs and attacked my roommate matthew who was playing nintendo and i sort of shut it off and turned on Spice 1 and jumped on him and said stuff like "i love you so much i want to beat the fuck out of you..." and was sort of tickling him and hitting him in the ribs at the same time and he got up and ran into his bedroom and locked the door so in retaliatinon i ate all his french bread and passed out on the kitchen floor...i don't drink tequilla or vodka that much anymore straight up

38. Last night...
i did some work on the stoop and read some of bhanu's cyborg book (for some reason i can't remember the title "incubation of space" or something like that) that i'm freaking in lvoe with right now and then i got a call from nevine to come down to d-structure and drink wine with her so i did and jon julio and azikwee and jose and tory and some other roller fools were down there drinking beer and then they closed up shop and the new artist (i can't remember his name right now but he's amazing) began his instillation on the walls that will open on saturday which i'm giong to try and make but i may be in concord we'll see...and then this morning i walked down to fillomore and haight to wait for the bus and looked in the shop to see what the artist did on the wall and i saw that he painted a giant fox's head...

39. There's this guy I know who...

40: I don't know...
what makes people think that retarded and loud and ignorant is like socially acceptable like my dream would be to have those crazy foster parents in that pretty dumb horror movie the people under the stairs ride the busses and cut of the tongues of anyone talking louder than a certain decibal on public transportation

41. A better name for me would be.....
onlymerk! is just a DJ name not a "tagger" name and def. not an "artist" name like Silly Pink Bunnies or Doolittle or Giant

43. My birthday is...
on the 27th of november and i was talking about his to nevine cause her mom's b-day is maybe 2 days after mine and every few years thanksgiving falls on the same day and my family is all "chomp...smack smack...happy-chomp-birthday yanni...lick"

44. What I really want for Valentine's Day is...
i'm a simple man, i want a kiss and a hug

45. I'm wearing...
black levi's and size 14 shoes (i'm a 13 so i have lot's of blisters from my daily walk home because of my too-big-shoes but it's worth it because like i said my walk home from work is the only psychical activity my body sees all day)...and a brown h&m undershirt (it used to be a tee shirt i'd wear out until i washed it and the cheap ass moroccan cottom shrank up like 4 sizes so now it's more of a belly shirt but it goes good under button downs...fuck H&M and their cheap ass material, by the by)...and a nice white stripy button down that i spilled coffee all over either this morning or some other morning


"can anyone tell me how to do line breaks in html?"

J. Hayes

Jun 28, 2007

Beard, The Beard and No Beard


i shaved off my Beard, a modern sequel.

Jun 27, 2007

Soft Set

Dan Hoy:

i don't know what will happen if
you drop the Othrelm during
a set — DJ FUCK IT!

Hope you like the magazine,

D., you rock for sending, it's gorgeous.


i'm gonna bring "kewl" back

Lily Allen close your mouth!!!

Jun 26, 2007


two women walking up Hillway at UCSF

one turns to the other out of breath and says "i need to move back to New Jersey"


two Latino boys walking past the Hippocrates statue on Parnassus at UCSF

one of the boys laughs loudly and says to his friend "that's Hippocrates ma'fucker, even *I* know who that is!"


schizo poets get hella laid

Jun 25, 2007

Jun 22, 2007



today i had

4 slices of italian dry salami

5 pieces of Muenster cheese

3 carrots

half a small bag of salted peanuts

a handful of walnuts

3 white peaches

5 strawberries

a handful of cherries

Jun 21, 2007


had a dream that i was hanging out with Jeff Kent on Haight St.

Jeff was a dick. he was really into the war.

after Jeff and i parted ways i ran into Kevin Killian.

Kevin was all "...how was he...?

and i was all "he was okay, he's really into the military...it was weird"

Kevin was all "yeah, ever since he started taking acid he's been really off..."

in other news

i chopped my thumb again in the cheese gratter...same thumb, same area, so now i have sliced scar tissue...oh, and i did it preparing the same drunk ass meal, refried beans and chedder cheese...gross.

met up with my brother and Nevine and the D-Structure boys, went to Mad Dog, ouch.

though my cough is pretty much gone.

Jun 20, 2007

sissies play with dolls or, when is the world finally going to say "shut up..."?

"They burned a British flag and effigies of Queen Elizabeth and Rushdie."

Jun 19, 2007


Jun 16, 2007

it's going to be an Aphex Twin kind of night

recently read...

1. Autobiography of a Stutterer- Joseph Cooper

2. The Death of Speedy- Jaime Hernandez

3. Transfer #9

4. Bombay Gin #32

5. Binbo Jim #2

6. Theories of Translation An Anthology of Essays from Dryden to Derida- ed. Rainer Schulte/ John Biguenet

7. Musee Mechanique- Rodney Koeneke

8. Sarx- Pascal Quignard trans. Keith Waldrop

9. 3x3 Eyes: Flight of The Demon- Yuzo Takada

10. To Set Your Mind at Rest- Heinrich Heine trans. Benjamin Friedlander

11. The 9/11 Report A Graphic Adaptation- Sid Jacobson/ Ernie Colon

12. Smoke- Dorianne Laux

13. The Last Temptation of Christ- Nikos Kazantzakis

14. Stepdown #1 ed. Lauren Kohne

15. Ape and Essence A Novel- Aldous Huxley

16. Wicker- Lyn Hejinian/ Jack Collom

17. Pussey!- Daniel Clowes

Jun 15, 2007

this blog is about Concord. this blog is a dream come true.

The City of Concord Redevelopment Agency Pays for those bands with tazpayer money and with the defense that it promotes retail shopping in the area, but the largest portion of the audience are retarded people who are bused in for the concerts, and the senior citizens who live in the Heritage House.

POD chapbooks?! lol right?

just wanted to say that the POD mania has got to stop.

suddenly we're at this place where certain "publishers" are choosing to publish *chapbooks* POD...WTF...POD chapbook is an oxymoron. why the ef' would a "publisher" want to "publish" chapbooks POD? oh yeah, so they can take credit as a "publisher" without having to do any of the work...

but isn't "the work" half the fun?...contrary to belief, collating doesn't suck, stapling doesn't suck, folding doesn't suck, mailing out doesn't suck...all these things are part and parcel to the process of making a literary object (and if you *do* think they suck then, full-circle, you shouldn't be making books)...POD (i'm talking about chapbooks now) is the masturbatory version of publishing, it satisfies the needs of the individual (the "publisher," to get his press name out there) yet demands little effort by way of creative thinking and human interaction ("just order a copy from Lulu, they have infinite meta-quantity...for meta-forever")...

hear hear to the Hot Whiskey's and the Chax's and the Cy Gist's and the Big Game's and the Transmission's and the Outside Voice's and the Hooke's and the Ugly Duckling Presse's and the Effing's and the House Press's and the Lame House's and the Taxt's and the and the...

so let me just say this, i think you're an asshole that probably shouldn't be "publishing" anything if you choose to "publish" chapbooks POD...


Jun 13, 2007


Jun 12, 2007

this is where i'll be friday, Lauren Kohne is auctioning off a new piece, this is going to be a great show, that line up is sort of amazing...

Picture Progress 2007
Friday, June 15th 2007 7:30pm
San Francisco, CA USA

Join the League of Young Voters for the 3rd annual art auction Picture Progress.

The League is empowering young people nationwide to be players and winners in the political game. More than 100 artists will come together for one night to offer their work in support of young people creating positive change.

Come see familiar faces and new perspectives.
Picture progress on a local, national, and global level.

Main Event: 7:30- 11:00PM
VIP Reception: 6:30- 7:30 PM
General Admission: 7:30 PM
Silent Auction: 7:30-10:30 PM
Live Auction: 8:30-9:00 PM
Auctioneer: Alan Michaan of Auctions by the Bay.

Musical entertainment provided by the Jake Blackshear Quartet.

Refreshments and appetizers will be provided to enhance your viewing and bidding experience.

Artist include: Andrew Schoultz , Dave Eggers , Deborah Oropallo, Bean Finneran, Alan Finneran, Michael Gregory , Sirron Norris , George Pfau , Lucas Foglia, Jenn Porreca , Peter Max Lawrence , Jeff Key , Lauren Kohne, Denise Parsons , Fabio Sassi , Phillip Hua , Nina Berman , Jenifer Wofford , Keith Knight , Bihn Dahn, Liane Collins , Betty Kano , Sophia Bowart , Erik Hagerman , Bayete Ross Smith , Alexandra Hammond , Chelsea Ross, Amanda Boehm, Wythe Bowart, Minette Mangahas, Jessica Tully, Oaklandish, Paul Mitchell, Brad Kalder, Tahiti Pehrson, Rebecca Van Stralen, Kevin Haas, Frank Priscaro, Darren Delgado, Reanna Rubalcaba, Amy Woloszyn, Julian Davis, Heather Box, Julian McQueen, Lars Rasmussen and Julie Garvey.

All proceeds support the League of Young Voters to build power nationwide by engaging young people in the political process.

Red Ink Studios 1035 Market St (btwn 6th and 7th) San Francisco CA

Heather Box
415-971-3523 http://www.indyvoter.org/art

Jun 11, 2007


i think i'm going to try and detox this week...but then Shivshark

is playing at The Makeout Room on Wednesday...maybe i'll do a detox until wednesday night.

what else?

Friday night was fun. met up with Jessica,

went to Fly, imbibed sangria, met up with her friend, went to Delirium,
imbibed vodka, went to her friend's house where i failed as a man to start a fire using wet wood, fashion magazines and a bic lighter etc...

Saturday night went to the TL. met up with Logan at Whiskey, met up with Armand at Whiskey, went to the Castle

and had beers with Matthew, went back to Whiskey, went to Hemlock

to look at girls, no girls to look at at Hemlock, went back to the Castle, saw Ben with girls, talked to Ben but not girls, ate a burrito, went home and watched Deadliest Catch.

Sunday i didn't go outside to enjoy the weather...

but it's nice again today.

Jun 9, 2007

Jun 8, 2007


even though Mark Twain never actually said "the coldest winter i ever spent was a summer in San Francisco"...it's actually true.

all my flickr friends in NYC are making me miss the seasons...in Boulder i experienced seasons for the first time in my life, and loved it...all my flickr friends in NYC who look so gorgeous and glossy and sweaty decked out in their summer dresses and short sleeve shirts and cut-off shorts and sitting in backyards drinking cold beers and eating BBQ and playing music and hanging out is giving me serious pause...

Jun 7, 2007

Jun 6, 2007

Becky's Back!

her friends in Brooklyn wore this

Jun 5, 2007

Jun 4, 2007

BB says


I'm going to take out Armand.
I'm going to do it.
I get shitty
At the party.


this weekend

i went to Scott LaRockwell's opening at D-Structure where i drank lot's of red wine with my brother and Nevine and had my picture taken by Azikwee (at 17 i would have freaked out).

then my brother and i walked over to Arlene's house for a party where i met up with Truman and Spiro and realized (yet again) that Arlene's parties tend to suck so i mostly hung out on the stoop drinking my tall boy and smiling at all the drunk people on the street...as i'm chatting with Arlene i spot this kid and i yell "Anselm...Anselm...aren't you Anselm..."...and he sort of jumps a bit and goes "oh hey Johnny, it's Ambrose..."...Ambrose (Bye) is Anne Waldman and Reed Bye's son...i knew Ambrose from Boulder...Ambrose is a good guy...so Ambrose and i are chatting on Arlene's stoop and then i get a text message from this girl i met at Club Cocomo last Sunday ...

this girl swings by in a cab just as fools bust out the tom tom drums (yuck and yikes!) at the party...i jump in the cab and were both like "nice to meet you again...eh..." we head over the the TL...the bartender at the Castle (ARNONES) chucks a folded wet napkin at my head, it hits me in the face, but it's sort of game because it's like, the bartender knows me enough to chuck shit at my head, and in SF bartenders are the new laywers so hooray...but really ARNONES is my old roommate, so whatever...so Armand and Logan are there too and me and this girl have a really nice night, and she's a very cool girl and she's a bartender too.

the next night i meet up with Armand and we go to the Castle and ARNONES apologizes for throwing shit at my face in front of a girl and explains that he has the worst aim in San Francisco and that he didn't think he was actually going to hit me...and i'm only drinking cheap beers because i'm still pretty hungover from all the red wine then beer then vodka tonics then pear ciders i drank from the night before...so i'm feeling pretty loopy and Armand and ARNONES keep telling me that i look Italian because i have on this new Able shirt that has lot's of gold designs so i take out my chains and floss those a bit too...then Armand and i go to the Hemlock which was pretty much a waste of time except one of those free cigarette guys was there so i gave that dude a bunk email addy (jsakkis@naropa.net) and a bunk mailing addy (my old apartment in the TL, i.e. Armand's current addy) and got my free Camel Nutty Butter smokes (or whatever the fuck they're called) and then we went back to the Castle just as ARNONES was getting off work so we all went over to the Whiskey Thieves where ARNONES and i talked a lot about parenting and girls and the ghetto and ARNONES proceeded to get shittier than i have ever seen him get and then i went to the bathroom and realized that i may have just cut in front of these two guys so i turn to the two guys and say "i'm sorry did i just cut in front of you guys..." and the shorter guy in the flatbilled Giants cap says to me all sideways "excuse me, were having a conversation..." and yes they totally were having a conversation but i'm like "but i was being polite...so i guess i just cut and you guys don't care...because you're having a conversation?..." and then the taller guy with the flatbilled Giants cap says "i'm sorry, yeah, we were in line, but go ahead and go pee..." which made me wonder what HE was going to do in there after me...and then it's like 2am and Logan is there and this girl starts talking to Armand and obviously wants to go home with him but Armand is pretty uninterested, and all to the good because this girl and her friend were lame...so we leave and go to the Taqueria across the street from the Castle and Armand and Logan are ordering food and ARNONES drops a little-guy of whiskey on the floor and it shatters but only at the top and i get bored and want to go home so i stand in the street trying to hail a cab which is difficult at 2:15am in San Francisco and ARNONES sees me and stumbles out and we catch a cab together and talk about the extended version of The Fellowship of The Ring on the way home and then Jon and Kay and their friend Perry are eating grilled cheese sandwhiches standing around in the hallway and i grab a beer and head to the stoop where i drink it and then go back inside and go to bed.

things that sort of weird me out...

1. people who use photos of their children as their myspace profile pic

actually, i guess that's all i have

intro to Armand C.'s New Yipes reading

Jun 1, 2007


i feel like the phrase "humans are social animals" is gaining momentum...


what do you want to do tonight?

i think i'm going to an opening at D-Structure around 7. free wine and stuff.

last night i went to Mad Dog with Nevine and drank lot's of beer and listened to lot's of The Pogues and then went tee-shirt shopping...bad idea. i bought a couple beautiful shirts but i was swerved and spent too much money. i guess shopping while perked is like going to the grocery while hungry, or something.

my upstairs neighbor is officially a tweaker. she not only stomps around her apartment all night listening to Drum and Bass but she makes remarks like "ooohhh, it sounds like haunted houses..." when passing me in the hallway.

today for lunch i'm going to eat a big chunk of Jarlsberg cheese and a Washington apple and a banana and an orange and like a handful of pistachio nuts.

i'm currently reading Nikos Kazantzakis's The Last Temptation of Christ. i'm almost done with it. i read it on my breaks at work. i've been having lot's of Christ dreams for the last couple weeks. it's been interesting in an apocryphal kind of way.