Jul 29, 2011

Oh Hey, what's up? So, my magazine BOTH BOTH is back. First issue since 2006. Allyssa Wolf and Evan Kennedy are rocking the bells this time around. I've always distributed with an "out the trunk" business model, i.e., I pass out copies at readings/parties in the Bay Area. But if you live outside the Bay Area, or don't usually attend readings/parties within and would still like a copy for yourself, I'm more than happy to send one USPS along. Just hit me up at john.sakkis@gmail.com with your mailing address request. Thanks for reading.


Jul 17, 2011

A giant globe of ice I was beating with the back of my hand

A falling into Hell with a female cenobite, ice crystals and razors

Larry Bird the immortal

A monster gestating in a bathtub on a balcony

The monster was the theme, there was chronology

Strange motorcycles without wheels, red UFOs

I saw Omar Souleyman at the Echo in LA, I woke up on Tuesday and drove to LA

I watched the All-Star Game in a crummy bar next to the Dresden on Vermont St.

Drank beers with J. Mosconi and Rita in Echo Park

I quit Facebook, we're all so boring I couldn't stand it

Waited to get into a famous sushi restaurant for an hour with Billy and Meg

Hung out pretty hard with a girl for 5 days straight, decided on Friday that we'd rather just throw the ball around

I want to start tagging "WHITE PRIVILEGE"/ white privilege as the internet's most pervasive meme

my car overheated on West Macarthur BLVD.

It's called the Baader-Meinhof effect

ended up at a hot tub party in the Lower Haight full of tits and whiskey and wine

slept on a couch after making out with a very random person in Duboce Park at 1:30 in the morning

new issue of BOTH BOTH is done, I have copies for everyone

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 6 is very good

Martyrs was very dumb, it's easy to create a victim blah blah

Recently Googled "Crystal Deodorant bullshit"

all the female energy that surrounds me when I sleep

I didn't eat In-N-Out on the way down or the way up

Kaneda's Theme almost always does the trick

Thee Oh Sees are playing at the Uptown on the 28th

I talk about myself way too much and I apologize, I'm very self-centered, everything is about me and I'm aware of this

I like to let girls order sushi for me, I don't know what I'm doing

Is the women's World Cup on regular TV today?

Damon Bruce said that watching woman's team sports is like watching men play in 3 feet of water

I keep having sex dreams about inappropriate girls

The taboo is what really turns us on

I miss too many people to name

The monster's head was shaped like a dolphin's, though not a dolphin head

The 5 stages of dating:

1. Hanging Out
2. Talking
3. Seeing Each Other
4. Dating
5. Boyfriend Girlfriend

"Language Poetry" is an anagram for Ugly Reagan Poet

All the blood in the world would submerge Golden Gate Park 20 feet

I spit moths, my pubic hair is a chubby white caterpillar

Ant heads look like dick heads

Brazilian Wax = Vagina Dentata

"Todos somos child molesters who shoot at cops!!!"

I wrote and recorded this song in the key of Leonard Cohen with BOTH BOTH the other day

I'm your stubbed toe, lover
Your Ramona the Pest, brother
Your nickel n' dimed sweet supper

I'm your wrinkles n' cream, stutter
I'm your hightops in bed, clutter
make a wishes n' dreams, mother

feel free to bleed, father
can't believe make believe, lover
full time job, I can't suffer
hold my heart, kiss my lips, don't bother

sew my heart to your sleeve, I trust her
making love to the beat of each other

This other song I wrote, "Oh, Mary," was recently played on Israeli radio

I've got a new kitchen table, I make my bed for myself, my vacation is over

I love my friends I hope to die, I love my friends I love my friends


Jul 11, 2011

Just now realizing that every white girl in America dressed up as a Dia De Los Muertos skull for Halloween last year. Why I ask, and how can we prevent this from happening again?
Couldn't find the water-hole so we stopped at this lake for summer swims and beach brews. Later that night camped down in Lotus where a Grateful Dead cover band played Fire On The Mountain while my brother chatted with all his former river rat rafting buddies. I'm on vacation for another week. Currently listening to The Animals croon "on a warm San Franciscan night...".

Jul 5, 2011

Happy 4th of July 2011 BBQ at Kim's backyard Oakland, CA under the giant fig tree...