Dec 31, 2011

Dec 28, 2011

My friends say that I think I'm too cool for Santacon. Let it be known, I am too cool for Santacon.

Dec 23, 2011

Christmas came early today. Derek Fenner of Bootstrap Press very graciously sent over some swag: the brand new, very lime-colored Bootstrap EYEFORMATION STUDIO designed t-shirt and canvas tote bag. Also, the now out of print I'm pretty sure book of John Wieners ephemera A Book of Prophecies. And the coup de grace, the very limited edition A New Book From Rome by John Weiners, this thing is stunning, check the deets, "High quality sewn hardcover • Scarlet cloth • Gilt-stamped on upper board and spine • Printed on library-quality paper • Small Quarto (5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches) • 160 Pages • Edition limited to 258 numbered copies • Three unpublished photographs of John Wieners • Includes ephemera"...

Heck yes right?

Oh and, while out Christmas shopping for my Mom today I found this awesome double VHS set of Hellraiser and Hellraiser II Hellbound for only $1. Forgone conclusion that I had to have it, so Merry Christmas Sakkis, more Hellraiser swag to add to your collection.

Dec 21, 2011

B. Brown/ J. Coletti 2011

Dec 20, 2011

a very long dream involving Anna Moschovakis, Rita Gonzalez, making Joseph Mosconi laugh, sculpture and a river.

Ended up on the 21st floor of the Sir Francis Drake Hotel at Harry Denton's Starlight Room Sunday night. Here's a photo I took of Union Square from the bar.

W. Herzog's Cave Of Forgotten Dreams was horrible.

Dec 19, 2011

Dec 15, 2011

Kevin Killian came up with a plan he hoped would help Dunagan and Downing reconcile over Thanksgiving dinner. Inspired by a pep talk he once heard Steve Orth give, Steve D. decided to continue his legacy. After overhearing a private conversation Micah Ballard was having, Sabrina Calle lit into her sister again about causing her recent problems. Downing hatched a scheme to show Dodie how "happy" he and Saidenberg were. Dodie tried to get out of spending the holiday with her family, knowing Downing and Saidenberg would be there, and she was furious when Kevin Killian demanded she reconcile with the couple. Susan showed up at dinner with Coletti, with whom Micah Ballard hoped to bury the hatchet. The rest of the family couldn't help notice rising tensions between Allyssa and Kenower, but Saidenberg and Dodie rekindled some loving feelings during a stolen moment alone.

Dec 13, 2011

Dec 12, 2011

My niece Marina is probably the most eccentric, hilarious, smart and fantastically weird little kid I've ever met. This is her Dear Santa letter...

"Dear Santa,

In this time of year, my family believes in
you and we all think you are a great person, going
off in the middle of the night and giving
presents to those who have been good. And, speaking of
that, would it be OK with you if I could have
a remote-controlled spy cam with a full-color
LCD video screen, a child-sized microscope, and
a NASA-Developed ant habitat, with delivered
ants? Thank you and Merry Christmas!

Love Marina,
P.S. If all of that is too expensive, just give me
the car. Thanks Santa!"

Dec 11, 2011

wouldn't it be neat if humans turned gold in their "golden years"...?

and here's a few excerpts from a high school English class journal, I was 15-16, I got suspended 2 or 3 times for subject matter. Rereading the journal now I get the feeling that I was an asshole back then. I kind of was, but with a big heart. My sister is a high school teacher now. I'd like to apologize to Ms. T for putting her through hell with this journal, but still sort of feel like she got what was coming to her for making me read My Antonia. 

"OCT 28th

This weekend I went to a party. While me and my friends were walking to the warehouse this guy ran up on us from out of nowhere, I could see that he had a gun. He asked my friends for money and when they said no he pistol whipped _____ in the face. They ran off so I was left alone with this crazy dude. He put the gun in my belly and said "give me your money motherfucker" I lied and said "I don't have any," he ran off yelling "what is this a fuckin' skinhead concert?"

"NOV 27th

Today is my birthday and so far I have gotten 2 packs of Skittle's and 15 dollars of gift certificate to Tower Records. It's the best birthday because I love Skittle's. No Thanksgiving because because we are poor. I hope I don't get jumped today by my friends. I changed the oil on my car this morning and I hugged Jennifer. I also talked to Deon and we are going to kick a girl's ass."

"DEC 2nd

This girl Gina kept on touching my d--- and acting all funny. She also asked me if I liked her a--, I said yes."

"JAN 30th

I can't wait to watch Braveheart with Leslie, it means a lot to me and I hope she likes it."

"FEB 3rd

Right now I'm teaching a Chinese kid to speak English. He is very cool and his name is Ty Pong. The teacher thought I was flipping her off, I was."

"FEB 20th

Leslie is sick right now with a cough. School is horrible. On Friday I went to a party called Five, the party was wack. Tons of ghetto-heads. Me and Steve were standing in line when the fools around us started getting rowdy. The cops couldn't handle it so they pepper sprayed the whole group. Steve and I got it pretty bad. Later on a cop hit me with his billy club because I was standing too close to the door. I saw Shira though."

"FEB 22nd

Shira called last night, I was surprised to hear from her again. She wants to hook up on Friday. She is so cute. Yesterday was my Pappou's 82nd birthday, she called after we had dinner. I wish she didn't live in Marin. The weird thing is, yesterday in chemistry, I drew a thing where Shira's name was circled, and around it I wrote things that I wanted. And it came true, she called. She is so fine."

"MAR 3rd

This weekend was very relaxing and it felt good. But _____ got arrested which put more stress on _____. He got arrested for breaking and entering."

"MAR 6th

Yesterday I messed up on my tape. Side A was good so I started to make Side B. But Side B dubbed over to Side A. So I have to make Side A all over again, I might just leave the dubbed version of Side B as it is. "

Dec 10, 2011

it was co cold last night I kept repeating

"After dark, is gripping season
After dark it might happen for the wrong reasons
After dark, and it don't cease
until the break of dawn, I shoot the breeze"

'Lectric Collective to The Stork Club

Dec 9, 2011

you know you're in trouble when you can smell your own snot.

you know you're bored when you're reading Fangora.

I like Jennifer Beal looking girls.

"I'm a simple man," I like avocado with salt and a spoon, space heaters, late night Law & Order SVU, Kentucky Bourbon.

I'm not enjoying this book of Civil War poetry I'm currently reading.

I'm not enjoying a life in warehouses.

Banana Republic sells fingerless gloves.

Jimmy Carter was a peanut farmer.

Dec 6, 2011

A Pavilion of Poets at the John Coletti, Alli Warren, Marianne Morris reading. From L-R: Jean Day, Alan Bernheimer, Cynthia Sailers, Alli Warren, Lauren Levin, Steven Farmer, Marianne Morris and Bill Luoma walking away.

And then check out our host Andrew Kenower on drums with his band The Horns Of Happiness at The Uptown (Oakland) closing out Art Murmer. (hat tip M. Cross for vid)

Aesop Rock San Francisco banger-Beastie Boys style. Hail Mary Mallon "Grubstake"...

tis' very fresh.
How many people have died at a birthday party from a pinata swing?

How many people have been pushed into Lake Merritt by a stranger?

You know how some people smell like BO when they don't shower, and others smell like Lay's Potato Chips?

I think the potato chip smell is worse. The BO smell is offensive and annoying, the potato chip smell is ambiguous, all dirty skin and Jack In The Box. I hold my breath in the presence of both, but hold it harder for potato chip smell.

I hate the phrase "so as not to..."'s hyper-literary in a "I'm-a-rock-singer-using-language" kind of way. "So as not to" appear embarrassed Joanie pulled her hoodie over her ears as she walked through the quad." SOWAZNOTTOO. "So as not to" offend the dinner guests Harry The Dog was mindful of his flatulence."

Dec 5, 2011

Kenower took some photos at the Coletti/ Warren/ Morris event. Orth and I were going for Run DMC
but ended up looking more "domestic partners"...

more fun to come...

Dec 3, 2011

people who mention TED Talks in their online profile.


Dec 2, 2011

Colter Jacobson and Coconut were on KUSF In Exile this morning.

Rodney Koeneke is in town reading at Condensery tonight.

I heard that John Coletti is in town and reading at Kenower's house tomorrow.

Sunday is SPD's Winter Open House. We're having a "Red Sale." All books with red covers are 40% off. Including my Chinese Notebook.

I miss obligatory electric guitars in the movies.

My co-worker thought I was being interviewed on KUSF in Exile this morning, turns out Rob Spector's (from SF band Bronze) voice is my voice's doppelganger.

Consonance and assonance to conjure the unheimlich.

Come one come all.