Apr 17, 2014

15. Bending At The Elbow- Matvei Yankelevich
Minutes Books

the locket, the locket

your palms are clammy, stick to the program

Kathleen Fraser in the 80s

like Severin walking Prague at night with a phial of poison in his pocket
14. Waifs And Strays- Micah Ballard
City Lights Books

you'll never gaze into a mirror in your dreams

the backlash is coming

if you're a poet, and you're offended by language, you're not a poet


Apr 14, 2014

Jenner, CA
first trip of the season, in three parts


Apr 9, 2014

13. Prick Queasy Chapter 9- Ronald Palmer
Summer BF Press

I saw Ron at AWP, he gave me a copy of his hot off the Publication Studio press Prick Queasy, the full length book, 9 years in the making I think he said, of which this chapbook Chapter 9 is, Ch. 9.

I went wine tasting with a lot of terrible people.

I ate too many enchiladas, too many In-N-Out Burgers, too many beers.

I'm heading to Jenner this weekend with beautiful people, I will be consuming "the right amount" of BBQ, any amount of BBQ is always the right amount.