Dec 8, 2005

books read in 2005...

see disclaimer a few posts down...ready, set, go!...

1. Puppet Bones- Zhang Er translated by Rachel Levitsky
2. Parade Odes- Horace translated by Brandon Brown
3. Life Of Diogenes The Dog/ Cynic- Diogenes Laertius translated by Brandon Brown
4. Transfer #87
5. Habits Of The Heart- Robert Bellah
6. The Blue Book- Logan Ryan Smith
7. The Poker #5
8. The Satanic Verses- Salman Rushdie
9. Singularities- Susan Howe
10. The Vertical Interrogation Of Strangers- Bhanu Kapil
11. The Maids And Deathwatch Two Plays- Jean Genet
12. Groundwork II In The Dark- Robert Duncan
13. “How I’m Fast” or “Beaux Zapruder” and also “Write This In Your Diary Or Staple It To It, Oh So I’m Fast”- Matthew Arnone
14. This Is Affront You Pig- Logan Ryan Smith
15. Something Gorgeous- Junior Burke
16. Mirage #4/ Period(ical) #119
17. all of William Blake’s poetry up to “Milton A Poem In 2 Parts”
18. The Negros A Clown Show- Jean Genet
19. Rules Of The House- Tsering Wangmo Dhompa
20. The House That Jack Built: The Collected Lectures Of Jack Spicer- edited by Peter Gizzi
21. Response- Juliana Spahr
22. Fuck You Aloha I Love You- Juliana Spahr
23. Sleeping With The Dictionary- Harryette Mullen
24. The Letters Of Mina Harker- Dodie Bellamy
25. Arnones #4
26. Metamorphopsia- Norma Cole
27. Small Town #4
28. Stinkbug Barbiturates- Jennifer Rogers/ Michael Koshkin
29. Velocities- Stephen Dobyns
30. For Love Of The Dark One Songs Of Mirabai- translated by Andrew Schelling
31. My Bird Book- Norma Cole
32. Tender Buttons- Gertrude Stein
33. Conduit- Barrett Watten
34. How To Read, Too- Benjamin Hollander
35. The Voyage Of St. Brendon- Brandon Brown
36. Out Of Body Adventures 30 Days To The Most Exciting Experience Of Your Life- Rick Stack
37. Passing Freaks And Graces- Reed Bye
38. Black Box Cutaway- Susan Gevirtz
39. Songs Of The Sons And Daughters Of Buddha- translated by Andrew Schelling/ Anne Waldman
40. Hourglass Transcripts- Susan Gevirtz
41. Littlemen- Kevin Killian
42. The Sandman Endless Nights- Neil Gaiman
43. Clyde Fans Book 1- Seth
44. Series- Robert Grenier
45. Phantom Anthems- Robert Grenier
46. A Day At The Beach- Robert Grenier
47. Nike- Carla Hoffman
48. Linen Minus- Susan Gevirtz
49. The Blue Book- Anna Moschovakis
50. Spicer’s City- Laura Moriarity
51. This Connection Of Everyone With Lungs- Juliana Spahr
52. House Made Of Silver- Elizabeth Robinson
53. Chain #8
54. Don’t Let Me Be Lonely- Claudia Rankine
55. Syrup Hits- David Larsen
56. The Thorn- David Larsen
57. Nuclear- Juliana Spahr
58. The Vulgar Tongue- Norma Cole
59. The Un/Written- Max Regan
60. Mutual Aid- Stacy Szymaszek
61. E Podes- Brandon Brown
62. Bombay Gin #31
63. Babel-17- Samuel R. Delany
64. Empire Star- Samuel R. Delany
65. Harrow- Elizabeth Robinson
66. Drill #5
67. The Cane Groves Of Narmada River- translated by Andrew Schelling
68. 300- Frank Miller
69. Kildare- Stacy Doris
70. Jimmy Corrigan- C. Ware
71. Neon Vernacular- Yusef Komunyakaa
72. Fourteen Hills vol. 5 #2
73. Orbiter- William Ellis
74. Persepolis- Marjane Satrapi
75. Goya’s L.A.- Leslie Scalapino
76. American Splender Unsung Hero- Harvey Pekar
77. The Fixer- Joe Sacco
78. The Sandman Preludes And Nocturnes- Neil Gaiman
79. Radi Os- Ronald Johnson
80. The Sandman The Doll’s House- Neil Gaiman
81. Small Town #5
82. BOTH BOTH August issue edited by me
83. Batman Hush Vol. 1- Jeph Loeb/ Jim Lee
84. Batman Hush Vol. 2- Jeph Loeb/ Jim Lee
85. Paramour- Stacy Doris
86. Transmission Summer Writing Program Anthology #31
87. From Hell- Alan Moore
88. Road To America- Baru
89. Insuring The Wicker Man Shadow Created Delusion- Joseph S. Cooper/ Jared Hayes
90. Good-bye Chunky Rice- Craig Thompson
91. War’s End- Joe Sacco
92. Vigilance- Benjamin Hollander
93. Hounds- Alli Warren
94. The Plot The Secret Story Of The Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion- Will Eisner
95. Beg The Question- Bob Fingerman
96. Elektra Lives Again- Frank Miller
97. David Boring- Daniel Clowes
98. Subject- Laura Mullen
99. Summer Blonde- Adrian Tomine
100. BOTH BOTH september issue edited by me
101. The Dormant Beast- Enki Bilal
102. Conference- Stacy Doris
103. Contract With God- Will Eisner
104. Drawings Of William Blake 92 Pencil Studies- edited by Sir Geoffrey Keynes
105. The Watchmen- Alan Moore
106. The Playboy- Chester Brown
107. Mirage #4/ Period(ical) #121
108. Mirage #4/ Period(ical) #122
109. Moira- Norma Cole
110. Bombay Gin #26
111. Transmetropolitan Lust For Life- Warren Ellis
112. Argento Series- Kevin Killian
113. BOTH BOTH October issue edited by me
114. The X-Files Collection- Stefan Petaucha
115. Eunoia- Christian Bok
116. Sliding Uteri Summer Issue
117. I’m Not Thousand Furs- Sarah Menefee
118. Brushstroke Mind- Kaz Tanahashi
119. Simulcast: Four Experiments In Criticism- Benjamin Friedlander
120. Drill #6
121. New And Selected Poems- Mary Oliver
122. Palomar The Heartbreak Soup Stories- Gilbert Hernandez
123. From The Warring Factions- Ammiel Alcalay
124. BOTH BOTH November issue edited by me
125. Leap Year Day- Maxine Chernoff
126. Maus- Art Spiegelman
127. Bombay Gin #29
128. Maus II- Art Spiegelman
129. BOTH BOTH December issue edited by me
130. Mirage #4/ Period(ical) #124
131. Batman Black And White- edited by Mark Chiarello
132. Streaming- Larry Kearney
133. Fourteen Hils vol. 7 #1
134. The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner- Samuel Taylor Coleridge with 42 illustrations by Gustave Dore
135. The Sandman Dream Country- Neil Gaiman
136. In The Shadow Of No Towers- Art Spiegelman
137. Bramble- Jospeh Massey

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