Jan 5, 2008

Books Read 2007

it's that time of year again, a list of everything bookish consumed by me over the last 365 days...(check sidebar for past lists)

items on list include chapbooks, graphic novels, lit. mags, poetry books, prose books and drama...(in my notebook these are demarcated by triangles, squares hyhen, X's, P hyphen squares, P superscript 1 squares, P superscript 2 squares)

this seems to have been the year of the novel, particularly "the year of the novel that you were supposed to read as an adolescent but never did because you were too busy "experimenting" and listening to The Doors and Spice 1 and DJ Dan and breaking bones and getting suspended"...novels in this category include 1984, One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest and The Last Temptation Of Christ among others...

so, in an act of extreme unfairness i'm going to do away with top 3's (see Steve Evans's Attention Span for my top 11) and go straigt for the throat with a #1 pick for each genre of form listed...

#1 Chapbook- a poem a movie & a poem- Nick Moudry

#1 Graphic Novel- Twentieth Century Eightball- Daniel Clowes

#1 Lit. Mag- Sulphur #1- ed. Clayton Eshelman

#1 Poetry Book- I Have Not Been Able To Get Through To Everyone- Anna Moschovakis

#1 Prose Book- 1984- George Orwell

#1 Drama- The Best Stage Scenes For Men From The 1980's- ed. Jocelyn A. Beard

and here's the list in toto (in decending order from earliest read to latest read):

1. Entropic Liberties- Jonathan Skinner and Jane Sprague

2. New Couriers- Dana Ward

3. Heart On A Tripod- Kaia Sand

4. Black Hole- Charles Burns

5. Surface Tension A 10 Day Tryst- Scott Glassman/ Mackenzie Carignan

6. The Listening Lost- Mackenzie Carignan

7. Naked- David Sedaris

8. In Fortune- Lauren Levin/ Jared Stanley/ Catherine Theis

9. Late May- Jill Stengel

10. Autoimmunity- Eleni Stecopoulos

11. Mirage #137

12. Mysteries Of Small Houses- Alice Notley

13. Riders On The Storm- John Densmore

14. Transit Rock- George Albon

15. Bird & Forest- Brent Cunningham

16. Sleepwalk- Adrian Tomine

17. France- Katalin Molnar trans. Stacy Doris

18. The Sandman Fables And Reflections- Neil Gaiman

19. Mirage #138

20. The Symetries- Francois Luong/ Lauren Kohne

21. Game Of Shadows- Mark Fainaru-Wada/ Lanace Williams

22. Spark Generators II- ed. Jon "Bean" Hastings

23. Ice Haven- Daniel Clowes

24. Atlantis- Mark Doty

25. Mirage #139

26. Much Like You Shark- Logan Ryan Smith

27. Traceland- Mark Lamoureux

28. The Gilles Poem: Winter 2006 Collection- Sabrina Calle

29. The Collected Works Of Steven Orth- Steve Orth

30. Small Town PZA Vol. 2

31. Oh My Goddess! The Earth Goddess- Kosuke Fujishima

32. Transfer #8

33. 908-1070- Brandon Brown

34. Read Only Memory- Liz Waldner

35. Autobiography Of A Stutterer- Joseph S. Cooper

36. The Death Of Speedy- Jaime Hernandez

37. Transfer #9

38. Bombay Gin #32

39. Bimbo Jim #2

40. Theories Of Translation An Anthology Of Essays From Dryden To Derrida- ed. Rainer Schulte/ John Biguenet

41. Musee Mechanique- Rodney Koeneke

42. Sarx- Pascal Quignard trans. Keith Waldrop

43. 3X3 Eyes: Flight Of The Demon- Yuzo Takada

44. To Set Your Mind At Rest- Heinrich Heine trans. Benjamin Friedlander

45. The 9/11 Report A Graphic Adaptation- Sid Jacabson/ Ernie Colon

46. Smoke- Dorianne Laux

47. The Last Temptation Of Christ- Nikos Kazantzakis

48. Stepdown #1 ed. Lauren Kohne

49. Ape And Essence A Novel- Aldous Huxley

50. Wicker- Lyn Hejinian/ Jack Collom

51. Pussey!- Daniel Clowes

52. "Surfing On A Rocket"- Lauren Kohne

53. Mighty Whale- Lauren Kohne

54. Incubation A Space For Monsters- Bhanu Kapil

55. Freedom Or Death- Nikos Kazantzakis

56. Communion A True Story- Whitley Strieber

57. The Singers- Logan Ryan Smith

58. Om Folk Came- Michael Koshkin

59. Orgy In The Beef Closet- Michael Koshkin

60. The Fish Are Laughing- Will Nixon

61. Carnet De Voyage- Craig Thompson

62. Transfer #13

63. Abacus #89 Marie Antoinette- Stacy Doris

64. The Vision Of Escaflowne- Katsu Aki

65. Cannery Row- John Steinbeck

66. The Tiny #1

67. Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone- J.K. Rowling

68. The Vision Of Escaflowne #2- Katsu Aki

69. a poem a movie & a poem- Nick Moudry

70. I Have Not Been Able To Get Through To Everyone- Anna Moschovakis

71. 1984- George Orwell

72. Transfer #18

73. Abacus #85 Rubble Variations Screen Playtest For Abigal Child- Carla Harryman

74. Deviant Propulsion- CA Conrad

75. String Of Small Machines #1

76. One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest- Ken Kesey

77. The League Of EXtraordinary Gentlemen- Alan Moore

78. Archeology Of The Circle- Bruce Weigl

79. Words And Days- Bill Luoma

80. Moonshine #2 4 Translations of Augusto de Campos- trans. Samuel Knights

81. Poetray- Demosthenes Agrafiotis New Yipes Reader #23

82. Call- Liz Waldner

83. The Best Stage Scenes For Men From The 1980's- ed. Jocelyn A. Beard

84. Blessing The Boats New And Selected Poems 1988-2000- Lucille Clifton

85. L.B. Tiny Side 26- Lauren Bender

86. The Four Immigrants Manga A Japanese Experience In San Francisco 1904-1924- Henry (Yoshitaka) Kiyama

87. Sulfur #1

88. Everything Happens- Dominique Fourcade trans. Stacy Doris

89. Twentieth Century Eightball- Daniel Clowes

90. Love And Rockets Book 3- Los Bros Hernandez

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