Apr 30, 2007


this freeway melting business is serious business.

Apr 28, 2007

Orgy In the Beef Closet

this just in from TRANSMISSION Press:

The 5th TRANSMISSION chapbook, Michael Koshkin's Orgy in the Beef Closet, is now available. This book would make a perfect party favor at company parties, mixers, and ice cream socials. Orgy in the Beef Closet, is printed in an initial run of 150 copies, and is about 20 pages long, letterhalf in size, and staple-bound. This chap is printed on ivory linen paper, with an 80lb, vellum coverstock.

You can purchase Michael Koshkin's Orgy in the Beef Closet by making out a check to Logan Ryan Smith for $3.50 and sending it to:

Logan Ryan Smith
711 Leavenworth St., #35
San Francisco, CA 94109

Apr 27, 2007

Astral Guide

your girlfriend feels

him lying

in your bed

like crickets
or static television

or a wasp jumping

at your forehead

he shouldn't look
like an Ewok
in maroon robes

he should look
like your grandpa

or an iron fence,
or an Elk

or a wet-dream

in a swimming pool


things done this morning and early afternoon

1. chatted with BB through email like a little girl

2. wrote a bunch of dumb poems and sent them to BB/ he did same (i would post a couple of his but he would probably make me take them down)


"Having no "A" train in The City

The Giants play A

Streak in April the N

Is for AT&T Ballpark

Though for work I

jump on the Six bus

Gangbangers in N. Concord
claim 14 or


Which stands for North
Or N
The 14th letter
Of the alphabet"


"Envision soft tissue Kleenex

On your desktop

Called "envision" that's actually

quite rough
on the nose

when listening to E-40
on my desktop computer

smell me?!"

3. transliterated the cover of a Greek edition of a Patti Smith book for David Harrison Horton

4. scheduled a bunch of stuff for the good Doctor

Apr 25, 2007

Black Pudding

like "Bill Cosby's sweater"
is a joke

you've heard before

—and in the Summer
persimmons smell
like semen

under the door

composed of single cells
quickly on walls
and levitation

burrowing Black

eat away metal

with evil

corrosive saliva


and now i know why people who have office jobs don't check the computer afterwork or on weekends...

Apr 23, 2007


"hey, i'm such-and-such...you must be the new Brandon Brown..."

Apr 20, 2007


leave Alec Baldwin alone you psycho bootch

or, i still can't listen to Eminem in public without getting all red-in-the-face

or, don't flirt with the super drunk chick in the bar for more than a few minutes because it makes you look like a dateraper

or, don't encourage fist fights between people you just met

Apr 19, 2007


sometimes Keak Da Sneak sounds like he lives on Sesame St.


as much as i try to like Sage Francis i fucking hate his music

Apr 18, 2007

Morgan LeFay

the Greeks

bury their heroes

with dinosaur bones

obviously, the Lady

of the Lake

is not a movie, foremost

among queens
and ghouls

her giant femur

with both forepaws

against his crown

—beasts and ghosts

not a literate neighbor

so few animals and weather

Apr 17, 2007

recently read...

1. Mirage #139

2. Much Like You Shark- Logan Ryan Smith

3. Traceland- Mark Lamoureux

4. The Gilles Poem: Winter 2006- Sabrina Calle

5. The Collected Works of Steven Orth- Steve Orth

6. Small Town PZA Vol. 2

7. Oh My Goddess! The Fourth Goddess- Kosuke Fujishima

8. Transfer #8

9. 908-1078- Brandon Brown

10. Read Only Memory- Liz Waldner

Apr 16, 2007


Apr 13, 2007


humans are larvae to be mounted and ridden

barren, digital

though somewhat
of a knock-out

teasing the privates
of boys and women

carried on-the-cob
and a Paradise

when it so wills

backwards and sniffing

the yellow husk

lapping your crotch

Armand's Missed Connection


Apr 11, 2007


wooden items

are a cruel joke


jet-setting Djinn

have seldom

been beys, sherrifs, maliks
or vizers

enslavement is better left

to the referee

Tyrannosaurus Rex

with a huge head

so stupidely fierce

this puma-like animal

hates all life

lashing out with its two tentacles

a horney tongue

among silver hair

with those rough appendages

Myspace bulletins aren't working so...

Giants game. 7:00pm. my house. tonight. come if you like. i'll be here.


i am writing to you from my new apartment in San Francisco

this is the best

Apr 9, 2007


Apr 6, 2007


a tad Afrocentric

an aroused Treant
might chuck a knight

a mile and a half

his joust cutting

like a gyro ball


the Manticore makes lists

warm climes and

eating men are preferable

the Manticore has been painted with

lion-colored body, bat-brown wings

human flesh head


in some castle-like undersea rock

replace gills for tendons

fan your finned ears

your yellow tongue and pubic hair

curl in the yellow rock

you are an aquatic nomad

psionically endowed

with eyes on the back of your head

Eligible Greeks Dot Com

last week this brilliant dating website matched my sister and i (and a couple weeks before that my sister was matched to our cousin Manoli)...

this week i hit pay dirt!

"Have I died and gone to heaven?
You sound pretty cool. Want to prove me right?
I hope you have a great day!
Talk to you soon
Good bye, ONLYMERK!."

...i think i'm in love.

Joseph Cooper "Memory/Incision"

Apr 5, 2007


little sis Beckster (who is moving back to the Bay Area and we are so excited)


Sherilyn Fenn (Velvet from Thrashin'!!!)


Allen Ginsberg


James Callis/ Gaius Baltar

Apr 4, 2007

things i hate

2. the abbreviation "NaPoWriMo"

Apr 3, 2007

things i hate

1. brushing teeth scenes in movies or television

Apr 2, 2007


it's pretty weird but true...shorts are back! at least in San Francisco...

...most of the cool kids these days are sporting shorts, and it's tripping me out.

in San Francisco wearing shorts is the new limited edition shoe.

dudes riding bikes with short-shorts so short you worry about their balls falling out are commmonplace.

is this happening anywhere else?

Apr 1, 2007


i'm really sick of everyone e-typing like they're from the hood (or at least hip hop)...

i'm guilty of it too, and i think it's boring, and i want to stop...

stuff like

"fa' sho"


"yo" as in "see you there tonight, yo"

any reference to Hyphy is played out and should go away...

such ironic throwbacks as




or "gnarly"

need to be flushed down the toilet

...i'm not sure when it started but it seems like every acoustic singer/songwriter has covered a gangster rap song...and it's just not funny anymore and should stop as soon as possible...

artists i'm really sick of

Mickey Avalon
Lily Allen
Amy Winehouse
Mac Dre
most "DJ's"
Le Tigre
all Southern rap (which has contributed more to the promotion of racial stereotypes than David Duke by reducing rap to a thugged out version of a Stepin Fetchit minstral show (Chicken Dance anyone, WTF?))

flat billed baseball caps bug the hell out of me but they look so nice i'll probably end up buying one

i guess that's all for now...