Dec 30, 2009

that's my shoe...

another i-don't-know-what-you-call-her/ sister doppelganger thingy




Dec 28, 2009

Books Read 2009...

1. Tweaky Village- Kevin Killian

2. The Front Matter Dead Souls- Leslie Scalapino

3. Work #10

4. By The Waters Of Manhattan- Charles Reznikoff

5. The Sandman The Kindly Ones- Neil Gaiman

6. On The Road- Jack Kerouac

7. Work #12

8. A Sequence For Cinematic History- Michael Slosek

9. from Stare- Steven Trull

10. Try- Sept 08

11. Try- Oct 08

12. Headpress #20

13. Big Baby- Charles Burns

14. In Your Fish Helmet- Sarah Menefee

15. Cerulean Towers- Charlie Thomas

16. Spirit Guest- Patrick Dunagan

17. Collected Sonnets- Edna St. Vincent Millay

18. Our Insalvageable- Thom Donovan

19. The Grand Piano Part 6

20. Priest- Andrew Rippeon

21. Try- Jan 09

22. Try- Feb 09

23. Rabbit Butoh Bunny Butoh- Bhanu Kapil

24. Try- March 09

25. Giscome Road- CS Giscombe

26. Headpress #21

27. The Complete Poems Of Cavafy- trans. Rae Dalven

28. The Space Of Half An Hour- Keith Waldrop

29. Lives Of The Poets [Congreve To Gray]- Samuel Johnson

30. The Sandman The Wake- Neil Gaiman

31. American Born Chinese- Gene Luen Yang

32. Collected Poems- George Oppen

33. This Eating And Walking At The Same Time Is Associated All Right- Leslie Scalapino

34. Utopic- Claudia Rankine

35. The Woman Who Could Read The Minds Of Dogs- Leslie Scalapino

36. 23 Chromosomes- Sara Larsen

37. Try- December

38. El Tsunami- Kevin Opstedal

39. The Climax Forest- Peter Culley

40. The Wasteland And Other Poems- T.S. Eliot

41. Night Palace- ed. Micah Ballard/ Julian Porier

42. George Oppen A Radical Practice- Susan Thackery

43. Easy Eden- Micah Ballard/ Patrick James Dunagan

44. Forms Of Heaven- Clive Barker

45. Like A Velvet Glove Cast In Iron- Daniel Clowes

46. Congregations- David Highsmith

47. Disposable A History Of Skateboard Art- Sean Cliver

48. The New American Poetry 1945-1960- ed. Donald Allen

49. Rules For Drinking Forties- Rodney Koeneke

50. After the Sinews- Patrick James Dunagan

51. The Grand Piano part 7

52. It- Stephen King

53. Hinge A BOAS Anthology

54. Superman Archives Vol. 1- Jerry Siegal/ Joe Shuster

55. 26 #A

56. A Serial Biography- Tom Raworth

57. Aufgabe #2

58. New Goose- Lorine Niedecker

59. Ranma 1/2 Vol. 2- Rumiko Takahashi

60. Subtext #1

61. The Weather Of The Heart- Madeleine L' Engle

62. The Maximus Poems- Charles Olson

63. Pom Pom #3

64. Blood Of Palomar- Gilbert Hernandez

65. Alice's Adventures In Wonderland And Through The Looking-Glass- Lewis Carroll

66. The Moment Collector- Darin Klein

67. Cocktail Napkins- Gautam Sahi

68. Room Service Calls- Sunnylyn Thibodeaux

69. Cyanosis #1

70. Walserian Waltzes- Gad Hollander

71. Temblor #3

Dec 18, 2009

Dec 17, 2009

hey folkers! just wanted to let you know that my book Rude Girl is now available through SPD! hooray! you can order a copy by clicking right huuuuuuurrrrrrrr...

thanks for your support!

your friend and lover or son or sibling,


Feminaissance edited by Christine Wertheim
from Les Figues Press

another celebrity/ cousin doppelganger thingy...

Al Pacino as Michael Corleone


cousin-Petros Sakkis (Angelos's kid)

Dec 15, 2009

"Both Both" by Lauren Kohne

Dec 8, 2009

Camp Ravencliff 1988

this is my childhood. this is church camp. these are all Greeks. it was a crazy time. and i was only 9. i can't imagine how crazy it was for my older cousins. and oh, the girls. little olive goddesses all around. and the older girls. omg. the kisses. the cigarettes. the pranks. the cliff. the torture. the food. the girls. the music. the campfire. the bathing suits. i really have no idea how this was church camp. i don't think this camp was normal. it was too fun and sexy to be normal. and don't these photos look like the best 1980's slasher movie never made? everyone looks so hormonal/ ready to die!

Dec 7, 2009

Lindsey Boldt's conversational road poem written on I-5 to LA...

Pubes are a present
pubes are a privilage
suspicion is your game (your honesty's to blame)
Viper Room
I'll have a French Racetrack
horse tranqs & red wine
Remember guys, 2 rootbeers each, that's it
East Bay extends to Livermore
Benicia, Vallejo, that's North Bay
stoked, super stoked
get some headshots
book a commercial, work on getting a SAG card
the jukebox affect--playing music you know
Where the fuck are we?
I can't imagine living there
Can you imagine living there?
I can't imagine living there
but these fucking hills are beautiful
This is the Altamont pass
Power pop (Cheaptrick)
Are you equating [redacted] people from Oakland
w/ Uruk-Hai?
That's what that girl said right before we [redacted]
write that shit down
pub cheese--it's pretty fuckin' sweet
yer gonna love it
Rotten Robbie

Giant clouds!
Yosemite! Yosemite! Yosemite!
Nat'l Park!

I got a jug a dat
"No water, no jobs"
La Pinocha--pussy sweet bread
work that clit

Heart full of love for you
kissing cousins
my ambiguous and multiple thought--all at once
all at once
low flying clouds
rocking the hills
like twilight zone
turn to smog
the atmosphere--flattens
we're winding through
workable line
it deals w/ you
I can see the sauce
I want the sauce
all down my mouth/chin
like a guzzler
the shock of persimmon in everyday life
winding up w/ a mouthful
when you thought you were just eating fruit

Heck yeah, the lights
neighboring neighborhoods
Is Glendale a neighborhood or a city in L.A.?
Ok, we don't have to listen to The Doors
the whole time but it has to stay L.A.
Guns n' Roses, Beck
Is Bon Jove L.A.?
No, that's New Jersey

Dec 2, 2009

another celebrity/ poet doppelganger thingy...

Mariel Hemingway


K. Lorraine Graham

i can't stand Mary-Louise Parker...

don't know how anybody can sit through an episode of Weeds...

and now she's ruining Season 3 of The West Wing...

SPD November 2009 Bestsellers

Dec 1, 2009