Mar 29, 2010

Mar 25, 2010

Mar 19, 2010

i love neighborhood local (LH!) Mike Giant. i love that he just opened a work space/gallery a couple blocks from me. i love that a very generous person bought me a framed MG print for Christmas. i love this new piece (above).

Mar 15, 2010

"my name is Costa Dino. my son's name is Costa Dino. my dad's name is Costa Dino. i hate Amstel Light..."

things i talked about while sitting on the stairs with ORTH...

1. skateboarding

2. russian river

3. initiative

4. dana ward

5. women folk

6. daylight savings

7. lindsey boldt

8. lower haight vs. the castro vs. outer sunset

9. senior proms

10. chillin' with tweaker neighbors at 5am on a saturday morning

Mar 11, 2010

Mar 10, 2010

recently read...

1. Concord- Joel A. Harris

2. Crayon #3

3. Tooth Fairy- Brandon Brown

4. The Grand Piano part 8

5. Room Are Never Finished- Agha Shahid Ali

6. The Grand Piano part 9

7. Blast 1- Wyndham Lewis

8. Stranger In Town- Cedar Sigo

9. Mascara- Will Skinker

10. Morning Train- ed. Micah Ballard/ Sunnylyn Thibodeaux

11. Avid Diva- Garrett Caples

12. Wild Schemes- Derek Fenner

13. Life Of Crime- ed. Steve Lavoie/ Pat Nolan

14. Aevum- David Brazil

15. The Great Gatsby- F. Scott Fitzgerald

16. Sulfur #3

17. Try- Feb 21, 2010

18. The Carrier Of Ladders- W.S. Merwin

19. Temblor #1

20. Can Arboreal Knotwork Help Blackburn Out Of Frege's Abyss- Boyd Spahr

21. O Pieces Of The Sky- Greg Fuchs

22. Dispatch- Marci Nelligan/ Nicole Mauro

23. Lola- Lyn Hejinian

24. Hamlet- William Shakespeare

25. Theory Of Colors- Mercedes Roffe/ trans. Margaret Carson

26. How Many Of You Are You- Philip Jenks

27. Spy Wednesday- David Brazil

28. Yale Younger Poets #1

29. Boston Vermont- William Corbett

30. Combo #1