Oct 31, 2010

Halloween 2010. The Lex. photo by C. Perez and C. Peterson...

Oct 24, 2010

The Giants forthcoming...stay tuned Bay Area.

Oct 22, 2010

another celebrity/ musician doppelganger thingy...


Christopher OWENS

another friend of mine (top photo)/ my friend Courtney's brother who i've never met and just ripped this photo from his Facebook doppelganger thingy

Logan Kroeber

B. McCauley

spent last night reading Spicer in between innings of Game 5 of the NLCS. ordered the MLB.com post season package for $9.95. couldn't spend any more time in the bars. couldn't spend any more money in the bars. and since i have no friends with tv's willing to invite me over to watch the games it only made sense. and reading Spicer between innings made sense. unfortunately the Giants lost Game 5, but i wasn't surprised, had a bad feeling about the Game all day, energy in the air wasn't right. last night during the eighth inning i rallied on facebook "Jack Spicer IS a Giants fan" and Larry Kearney responded

"tell you the truth, Jack's relationship with the Giants was rocky at best. though he was a fan and cared about them winning, he expected the worst and the worst had ramifications that extended in all directions. Cody Ross shouldn't have made a third out at third. Nope."

and then a little bit later

"hard to watch the Giants without thinking about Jack. sitting with him in the stands once above the bullpren and Murakami was called in so Jack stood up and yelled "banzai!" a great silence fell. tough game tonight. Sandoval is like an obscurely lost soul."

i think i'll keep reading my copy of The Collected Poetry Of Jack Spicer throughout the remainder of the NLCS. feels like the book might be talismanic this far into the season. let's go Giants.

Oct 21, 2010

want this.

but not so much this...

Oct 16, 2010

recently read...

1. New American Writing #13

2. Jane Eyre- Charlotte Bronte

3. Lunch Poems- Frank O'hara

4. Soft Targets #1

5. Late Returns A Memoir of Ted Berrigan- Tom Clark

6. Zazil #1

7. Jim Goad's Gigantic Book Of Sex- Jim Goad

8. Ted A Personal Memoir Of Ted Berrigan- Ron Padgett

9. Ted Berrigan- Bill Berkson and George Schneeman

10. Too Bright To See And Alma- Linda Greg

11. Combo #4

12. Half Set- Logan Kroeber

13. Moving Pictures- Greg Fuchs

14. Maybe A Painter- Christina Fisher

15. The Squalicum Harbor Suite- Anselm Parlatore

16. Picture Of The Basket- Sarah Mangold

17. Ted Berrigan An Annotated Checklist- Aaron Fischer

18. Bombay Gin #30

Oct 13, 2010

Oct 12, 2010

Kelsey's birthday party in DP.


I am not from Brooklyn

I am not from Brooklyn

I am not from Brooklyn

Oct 11, 2010

10/6/10 Poets House book release reading for Chinese Notebook with me and Demosthenes Agrafiotis + reception.

Had such a great time. Never seen anything like Poets House, a palatial, cataloged, poetry only library . Such a cool venue. Stephen Motika is the bomb. Anna Moschovakis, as always, is the bomb. Matvei and James Copeland are definitely bomb. all photos by Ino Shibby and me. thanks Poets House for having me. thanks UDP for believing in the book.

Oct 3, 2010

SF NL WEST. 415. 510. 925.

and in true SF fashion...

"yes! some bum just ran across the park [Dolores Park] with a radio on his shoulder announcing the good news! woooo!"
—C. Peterson

Oct 1, 2010

John Giorno vs. Mathew Timmons

Dial-a-poem vs. 323projects.com