Mar 24, 2011

I watched Kobayashi's Kwaidan tonight which for some reason got me thinking about my feet...remember when I totally destroyed my feet after my dunebuggy broke down on some horio-ass road in the middle of nowhere while visiting Naxos, GR? And then I had to walk that horio-ass road for like 10 miles trying to hitchhike like an asshole? In vans-with-no-socks and jean-shorts and a cut-off t-shirt? And how I could totally feel that bastard of a hot Greek Summer highway tearing the skin off of the bottom of my feet while simultaneously mashing my toes into a Play Doh banana split...and how after multiple thumbs ups only resulted in 3 confused car rides deeper and deeper into the hot heart of darkness I was ready to give up and just die right there next to a grip of inbred looking goats, and then out of nowhere like a Halcyon-bird out of Elysium a truck full of Albanian day laborers stopped their ghetto ass Halcyon-Kia truck and rescued me? I gave them cigarettes and they gave me a ride to a mechanic...but it was too late for my feet. By the time I got back to my hotel room, my brother was waiting for me with a 6 pack of warm Mythos beer (fucking of course)...I hobbled to the balcony, cracked the beer, kissed it, made sure to self portrait, and then turned the camera on my feet...and that was the grand auspicious beginning to the worst trip of my life. Things definitely turned for the worse from there (long story, never gonna tell it). So anyway, Kwaidan is not as good as Harakiri...but I'm officially in love with Kobayashi.

Mar 23, 2011

we had a slurricane on Sat, so instead of going on a date i watched these movies one after the other...the marathon ended at 3am. the rain didn't end until 12noon.

Mar 18, 2011


Mar 17, 2011

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