Aug 29, 2011

Stan APPS reviews Chinese Notebook in the Los Angeles Review Of Books...

CN for purchase

Aug 25, 2011

Moths have
flown into
people's ears
throughout history,
it's only now
we have the means
to remove them.

How am I supposed to know how to pronounce Adironacks?

Ears are technology.

Figs are flowers.

Kathleen Fraser drank all my sizzurp.

I was descending through the bowels of a slave ship.

Jean-Claude Van Damme was King Richard The Lionheart.

I misremembered a thong leotard.

I woke up at 4AM shouting Aguirre: The Wrath Of God!

I thought Tuesday night's earthquake was an old woman trying to climb through my bedroom window.

Fran Herndon is everywhere lately.

I've never been invited to read at the Bay Area Poetry Marathon. Blessing?

Clayton Eshleman will be in the Bay Area.

What's wrong with being masculine? What's wrong with loving "Lynch, Cronenberg, and Jodorowsky?"

I'm still eating leftovers from Sunday.

I love these photos of Frances Bean Cobain.

Bashar as-Assad, Muammar Gaddafi, BART Police!

I hold an irrational disgust for Sal Castaneda, some people remind me of eggs, or pickle juice, he reminds me of bagel-farts and church slacks.

Is that synesthesia?

SPD's perpetual bestseller is a book about gardening.

I hope no one thinks I'm a creep when I run the Piedmont track.

Is The Maximus Poems really an Epic?

"The city" is not a character.

How many Bay Areans does it take to screw in a light bulb? Hella've em.

Aug 22, 2011

Santa Cruz.

Aug 19, 2011

Just watched the Giants get crushed by the Houston Astros 6-0. Gosh, aren't the Astros like 34 and 90? Mark DeRosa got a base hit, that was sort of neat. Not fun folks, not fun.

And then I sent out a text message that said something like "I wonder what it feels like to have a woman's butt, there's just so much there..."

Some responses:

haha, I'll ask around

it's not that buttery, maybe soft. sometimes it can hurt though if you sit too hard

you wish you had my butt?

i want to photoshop my butt onto your body

OMG eat a cheeseburger

ay you better ride the giant dipper tomorrow, after scoring some heroin in the beach flats that is. god santa cruz is so witch haus

well i know for me i have a smart ass that sits up as soon as it sits down


i went to the store and bought some bread

i called AT&T cause my internet connection sucks, and then i got a call from the tech guy, i picked up and said "hello?" and the tech guy said "is this Johnny Sakkis?" i said "yeah, is this AT&T?" and the tech guy said "what's up motherfucker?!!! this is P. Constantinos!!!!" and i was all "Saun?" and the tech guy was all "yeah, dude, this is Saun, i got assigned to your house, what the fuck is going on?"so Saun came over and we listened to Beck's Stereopathic Soulmanure while he drilled into my phone jack and fixed my internet connection. i spent the entirely of last weekend listening to David Banner drinking beers and sweating balls sleeping in the back of Saun's truck on the Eel River. and then on the way home, taking a short cut of course, we got into a car accident. the moral of the story is that Greeks gotta stay together.

Oriana Small (Ashley Blue) came into SPD today. it was great to meet her. she was with her husband Dave Naz. she told this great story about drawing a mustache on a dude's penis at Booksmith last night. and then she also autographed someone's butthole. i read her book GirlVERT in two days in my office a couple months ago. i played some Rolling Stones classics while she signed a bunch of books. SPD can be weird sometimes.

i just got a text message from A. that said "well i was going to leave you a message but my friend called, probably for the better. see you tomorrow." i feel like i should eat a ton of salt water taffy tomorrow, or at least a bag of Kettle Chips and a pint of ice cream.

currently listening to Gavin Bryers The Sinking Of The Titanic, again and again and again.

have a good night. i'll see you on the Astral.

Hey folks who have lived in Oakland longer than me, is this really what our Summers are like? It's freezing, and has been for weeks, what a gip...

I'm heading to Santa Cruz with a lady tomorrow. It will be warm. It will be picnic.

Anybody know Kent Johnson's email? Can you send it to me at Thanks. This would work a lot better if I was still on Facebook.

I listened to Ted Berrigan's New Langton Arts (1981) reading yesterday afternoon.

I finished reading Berrigan's Collected Poems 2 days ago. 

I'm currently reading Hymns Of St. Bridgett by Frank O'Hara and Bill Berkson.

Because of this blog, if you Google "Lil' Debbie rapper" you'll find an image of Ariana Reines. This is meta-Doppel. I wonder how long that will last. 

I slept for 9.5 hours last night.

Aug 15, 2011

I hung out with my friends this weekend. It was sunny out for the first time in weeks. San Francisco/ Oakland POV. 

This looks staged but it wasn't. My brother looks like he's directed at least 2 well received Ryan Gosling features.

It wasn't me who titled this photo"hookers and bros."

Julia D. likes to talk about how long her butt crack is.

Amor Eterno/ Bruce Lee's house, East Oakland.

We ripped these "lounge chairs" out of a broken down minivan abandoned in the parking lot behind the studio.

Mosswood Park does not entertain attractive girls.

Aug 12, 2011

looking forward to reading with one of my favorite poeple, Anna Moschovakis. This Poetry Center season is looking pretty fantastic.