Jun 14, 2022


  1. Death Under Construction- Ava Koohbor
  2. Daily Bread Vol 10 #6
  3. The Occult- Colin Wilson
  4. Resolution Of The West- Nicholas James Wittington
  5. Manchestuhhh- Owen Peters
  6. Skeleton Isle #1
  7. Promethea Book Five- Alan Moore, JH Williams III
  8. Armies Of Compassion- Eleni Stecopoulos
  9. A Knight Of The Seven Kingdoms- George R.R. Martin
  10. Transfer Fat- Aase Berg
  11. Thank You For The Window Office- Maged Zaher
  12. Daily Bread Vol 10 #7
  13. Isa The Truck Named Isadore- Amanda Nadelberg
  14. The Familiar: One Rainy Day In May: Volume 1- Mark Z. Danielewski
  15. Pleasure- Brian Teare
  16. Privado- Daniel Tiffany
  17. The Perennial Philosophy- Aldous Huxley
  18. Night Mail "Open In The Dark"- Julien Poirier
  19. Sister Spit: Writing, Rants and Reminiscence From The Road- ed. Michelle Tea
  20. The Books To Come- Alan Loney
  21. The Parables Of Jesus: A Commentary- Arland J. Hultgren
  22. Westward Haut- Edward Dorn
  23. The Temple Of High Magic: Hermetic Initiations In The Western Mystery Tradition- Ina Costers-Van Bergen
  24. The Scarlet Gospels- Clive Barker
  25. Tulips- John Brian King
  26. Vein- John Brian King
  27. The Gnostic Gospels- Elaine Pagels
  28. Homage To Homage To Homage To Creeley- Joshua Ware
  29. Daily Break Vol 10 #8
  30. The Invisibles: Book Three- Grant Morrison
  31. One #18
  32. Hughson's Tavern- Fred Moten
  33. The Rise And Fall Of Alexandria: Birthplace Of The Modern Mind- Justin Pollard, Howard Reid
  34. The Kybalion: A Study Of The Hermetic Philosophy Of Ancient Egypt And Greece- Three Initiates 
  35. Parthenon West Review Issue Five
  36. The Perfumed Garden- Shaykh Nefzawi, translated by Sir Richard Burton
  37. Aphoria- Jackie Clark
  38. Skipbootzine #3
  39. The Three Magical Books Of Solomon: The Testament Of Solomon And His Greater And Lesser Keys In One Volume- translated by Aleister Crowley, S.L., Macgregor Mathers, F.C. Conybear
  40. The Disinformation Phase- Chris Toll
  41. The Scarlet Letter- Nathaniel Hawthorne
  42. Austin Osman Spare: The Occult Life Of London's Legendary Artist- Phil Baker
  43. Homage To Etel Adnan- ed. Lindsey Boldt, Steve Dickison, Samantha Giles
  44. Media, Hippolytus, Alkestis, The Bacchae- Euripides
  45. Earth Inferno- Austin Osman Spare
  46. Anarch- Frances Richard
  47. Seconds- Mike Torres
  48. The Invisibles: Book Four- Grant Morrison
  49. Radius Media #2
  50. A Blue Nocturne Notebook- Andrew K. Peterson
  51. Lord Jim- Joseph Conrad
  52. The Canary #7
  53. Tess Of The D'urbervilles- Thomas Hardy
  54. The Book Of Pleasure: The Psychology Of Ecstasy- Austin Osmon Spare
  55. The Explosions- Mathias Svalina
  56. Pudd'nhead Wilson- Mark Twain
  57. Ceci N'est Pas Keith Ceci N'est Pas Rosmarie- Keith Waldrop, Rosmarie Waldrop
  58. The Pastures Of Heaven- John Steinbeck
  59. A Monthly Account Of The Year Leading Up To The End Of The World, By Agonistes, Prophet And Fulfiller Or The Exhausted Dream- Joshua Edwards
  60. Them Journal Vol One
  61. A Private Correspondence- Lawrence Durrell, Henry Miller
  62. Science- Emily Toder
  63. The Easiest Way To Learn Tarot Ever!- Dusty White
  64. Bee Reaved- Dodie Bellamy 

Jan 20, 2021

Books Read 2020

  1.  Galvanized Iron On The Citizens' Band- Joseph Mosconi
  2.  Open Space #0: A Prospectus
  3.  Studio One Reading Series: 10 Years 54 Poets An Anthology
  4.  Bastion- Eric Unger
  5.  The Sequel- Michael Slosek
  6.  Vats- Luke Daly
  7.  Open Space #1
  8.  Lost Girls- Alan Moore, Melinda Gebbie
  9.  Ellos- Christian Delfino, Mike McMullen
  10.  My Emily Dickinson- Susan Howe
  11.  A Confession And Other Religious Writings- Leo Tolstoy
  12.  Varieties Of Fascism- Eugen Weber
  13.  The Treatise Of The Three Imposters- Anonymous
  14.  Open Space #2
  15.  Open Space #3
  16.  Skitch #6
  17.  Selected Prose (2008-2019)- Micah Ballard
  18.  Open Space: Taurus Issue #4
  19.  One #25
  20.  Open Space #4 "White Hope"
  21.  Sulfur #41
  22.  New Sounds: A Listener's Guide To New Music- John Schaefer
  23.  Hellboy: Seed Of Destruction Omnibus Vol 1- Mike Mignola, John Byrne
  24.  Open Space #5
  25.  Riviera: Photographs Of Palm Springs- John Brian King
  26.  Open Space #6
  27.  Open Space #7
  28.  Character And Opinion In The United States- George Santayana
  29.  Open Space #8
  30.  Mare Island- Brooks Roddan
  31.  G.I. Gurdjief: The War Against Sleep- Colin Wilson
  32.  Open Space #9
  33.  Nemo: River Of Ghosts- Alan Moore, Kevin O'Neil
  34.  Open Space # "Valentine"
  35.  Open Space #10
  36.  Open Space #11
  37.  Sulfur #43
  38.  Box #3
  39.  The Fire: Collected Essays Of Robin Blaser- Robin Blaser, edited by Miriam Nichols
  40.  Box #6
  41.  Box #7
  42.  Daily Bread #1
  43.  Good Game- Andrew K. Peterson
  44.  Tarot Psychology- Robert Wang
  45.  The Invisibles: Book Two- Grant Morrison
  46.  Daily Bread #4
  47.  Daily Bread #8
  48.  Daily Bread #10
  49.  The California Poem- Eleni Sikelianos
  50.  Daily Bread #11
  51.  Humans And Horses- Logan Ryan Smith
  52.  The God Of Salt And Light- Logan Ryan Smith
  53.  Daily Bread #12
  54.  Compeche- Joshua Edwards
  55.  Daily Bread #13
  56.  Men And Apes- Ramona Morris, Desmond Morris
  57.  Memoir And Essay- Michael Gottlieb
  58.  Daily Bread #14
  59.  Daily Bread #15
  60.  Daily Bread Vol. 9 #8
  61.  Promethea: Book Three- Alan Moore, J.H. Williams, Mick Gray
  62.  Daily Bread Vol. 10 #1
  63.  New Testament: New Living Translation
  64.  The Tommyknockers- Stephen King
  65.  I Dreamed I Was A Very Clean Tramp- Richard Hell
  66.  The Way Of Hermes: New Translations Of The Corpus Hermeticum And The Definitions Of Hermes Trismegistus To Asclepius- translated by Clement Salaman, Dorine Van Oyen, William D Wharton, Jean-Pierre Mahe
  67.  Daily Bread #50
  68.  Skip Boot Zine #2
  69.  Five Fingers Review #21
  70.  The Restaurant At The End Of The Universe- Douglas Adams
  71.  Condensed Chaos: An Introduction To Chaos Magic- Phil Hine
  72.  Daily Bread Vol. 10 #3
  73.  The Book Of Results- Ray Sherwin
  74.  Daily Bread Vol. 10 #4
  75.  The Recovery Of The Public World: Essays On Poetics In Honour Of Robin Blaser- edited by Charles Watts, Edward Byrne
  76.  YesThing NoThing- Edwin Torres
  77.  A Plate Of Chicken- Matthew Rohrer
  78.  Killing Kanoko- Hiromi Ito
  79.  Art Fraud- Jeffrey Schrader
  80.  The Greek Experience- C.M. Bowra
  81.  Made-Up Interviews With Imaginary Artists- Alex Stein
  82.  Promethea: Book Four- Alan Moore, J.H. Williams, Mick Gray
  83.  Jesus- Humphrey Carpenter
  84.  Lord Of The Flies- William Golding
  85.  Adam Robison And Other Poems- Adam Robinson
  86.  Rise Up- Matthew Rohrer
  87.  The Fast- Hannah Weiner
  88.  The Cow- Ariana Reines
  89.  The Life And Opinions Of DJ Spinoza- Eugene Ostashevsky
  90.  Muzzle/ Mushroom Blading zine
  91.  Sketch Of The Artist- Patrick James Dunagan
  92.  Mostly Clearing- Michael Gottlieb

Jan 14, 2021

Books Read 2019

  1.  One #8
  2.  One #9
  3.  Sulfur #18
  4.  One #11
  5.  Beastie Boys Book- Michael Diamond, Adam Horovitz
  6.  Anna Karenina- Leo Tolstoy, translated by The Maude Translation
  7.  One #13
  8.  New American Writing #22
  9.  Aerodrome Orion And Starry Messenger- Susan Gevirtz
  10.  Sulfur #19
  11.  The X-Files Season 10 Vol 3- Joe Harris, Dave Smith
  12.  A Tonalist- Laura Moriarty
  13.  Nakedness Is My End: Poems From The Greek Anthology- translated by Edmund Keeley
  14.  INTI- Brian Bina
  15.  In Love With Art: Francoise Mouly's Adventures In Comics With Art Spielgelman- Jeet Heer
  16.  Museum Of Thrown Objects- Andrew K. Peterson
  17.  One #15
  18.  30 Days Of Night: Eben And Stella- Steve Niles, Sue Deconnick, Justin Randall
  19.  30 Days Of Night: Three Tales- Steve Niles, Nat James, Ben Templesmith, Milx
  20.  Kick-Ass- Mark Millar, John Tomita Jr. 
  21.  Western Palaces- Logan Ryan Smith
  22.  Sulfur #23
  23.  Habibi- Craig Thompson
  24.  Promethea: Book Two- Alan Moore, J.H. Williams III
  25.  ... (Ellipsis)- Alaistar Johnston
  26.  The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy- Douglas Adams
  27.  One #16
  28.  Coeur De Lion- Ariana Reines
  29.  Denny Smith- Robert Gluck
  30.  The Punisher Max Vol One- Garth Ennis, Derick Robertson, Lewis LaRosa, Leandro Fernandez
  31.  Iovis- Anne Waldman
  32.  Reciprocal Distillations- Clayton Eshleman
  33.  Mercury- Ariana Reines
  34.  The X-Files: Ruins- Kevin J. Anderson
  35. Discourse 20.1 and 2
  36.  Last Night A DJ Saved My Life: The History Of The Disc Jockey- Bill Brewster, Frank Broughton
  37.  Looking Up Harryette Mullen: Interviews On Sleeping With The Dictionary And Other Works- Barbara Henning, Harryette Mullen
  38.  One #10
  39.  The Book Of The Law- Aleister Crowley
  40.  Nemo: Heart Of Ice- Alan Moore, Kevin O'Neill
  41.  On The Shining Screen Of The Eyelids- Josely Vianna Baptista, Francisco Faria, translated by Chris Daniels
  42.  The Mayor Of Casterbridge- Thomas Hardy
  43.  Old Growth: Selected Poems And Notebooks 1986-1994- Andrew Schelling
  44.  Nemo: The Roses Of Berlin- Alan Moore, Kevin O'Neill
  45.  Toy Fables- Cass McCombs
  46.  Sulfur #31
  47.  Bloomsbury Pie: The Making Of The Bloomsbury Boom- Regina Marler
  48.  Loverboys- Gilbert Hernandez
  49.  and now, a vineyard- Andrew K. Peterson
  50.  Mum Halo- John Coletti
  51.  Liber Null And Psychonaut- Peter J. Carroll
  52.  Moving Day- Ish Klein
  53.  Testamentality, Transcryption: An Emotional Memoir Of Jack Spicer- Larry Kearney
  54.  Aleister Crowley: The Nature Of The Beast- Colin Wilson
  55.  American Mischief- Alan Lelchuk
  56.  Skitch #5
  57.  Holy Daimon- Frater Archer
  58.  Rob The Plagerist- Robert Fitterman

Jan 5, 2021

hello, I have a new book out on Roof called Mirror Magic, 

if you're so inclined you can order a copy from SPD or Amazon

if you'd like to REVIEW the book please email me at john.sakkis@gmail.com and I'll get you a copy,

John Sakkis’ Mirror Magic offers us the riotous in the fullest sense of the word: rife with quick-wit and biting humor, these pages also riot against an ever-crumbling present as it dissolves a future teetering on the cusp of fantastical and apocalyptic; “I tic toc my minutes / NIMBY pansies get butterflies / ‘shadow pollution’ kills birds / so rents go up and over /you laugh at the needles /that stick to your meddling.”\” Bounding through space in Nike shoes, the tragi-comedy of the neoliberal state escalates as “ambition gets complicated” and muddies our horizons. Through Sakkis’ verses we live in a dynamic zone “floating and falling / and floating” in the overlapping absurdity and truth where still he leisurely and militantly demands more. From Vegas, to Californian ecosystems, to UFOs, the moon and beyond, the blossoming of childhood magic collides with adulthood’s brutal realism, daring to hone our critical apparatus and dream harder.

and from the backcover of the book:

"Irresistible and ebullient as your Saturday plans look midweek, John Sakkis’ Mirror Magic is a reflective and necromantic gathering that gives back what it asks of a day lived both online and off the wall: “please leave/this sweet light/and render me/phosphorescent tubeway splatter genome.” Sakkis’ spunky challenge to the popular poetics of our time (stuffed armor or ardor) make me wonder what Cocteau might be up to in the 21st Century; maybe directing straight-to-VHS skater videos, scanning the Bay’s convex parking bumpers for the myth of the perfect ollie. “’The millennium’ is a confusing term/and you are a headless oracle mumbling/‘this generation shall not pass/directly or indirectly/into the abyss’.” With grime and pop and savvy, these poems’ tricks grind along the silver internet’s omnipresences, a gleaming cube of instruction and wise-assed possibility. Enter here, into Sakkis’ “kinky time warp,” a humid mirror where humor and found magic are the blades for the body to open through.

–Andrew Peterson

Mirror Magic’s poems live simultaneously in uncomfortable realities and joy, gathering snippets of experience as if they were wildflower bouquets for detonating in language like miniature fireworks. Violence and violence collide. Violence and exaltation collide. Sometimes you get burned. Sometimes you get to take a bath. This bad boy is full of life.
–Eleni Sikelianos"

Feb 21, 2020

Jan 15, 2019

Books Read 2018

  1. The Front- K. Silem Mohammad
  2. Port Trakl- Jamie Luis Huenun, translated Daniel Borzutsky
  3. Swamp Thing: The Curse- Alan Moore, Stephen Bissette, John Totleben
  4. Foreign Policy- Julien Poirier
  5. Swamp Thing: A Murder Of Crows- Alan Moore, Stephen Bissette, John Totleben
  6. Uncle Tom's Cabin- Harriet Beacher Stowe
  7. Anonymous Bouquet- Andrew K. Peterson
  8. Providence: Act 2- Alan Moore, Jacen Burrows
  9. Swamp Thing: Earth To Earth- Alan Moore, Rick Veitch
  10. Beats At Naropa- edited Anne Waldman, Laura Wright
  11. Felonies Of Illusion- Mark Wallace
  12. The Collages Of Helen Adam- edited Alison Fraser
  13. Fast Speaking Woman- Anne Waldman 
  14. Haitian #2
  15. Lust For Life- Steve Orth
  16. Benching With Virgil- Gad Hollander
  17. Haitian #3
  18. Providence: Act 3- Alan Moore, Jaceyn Burrows
  19. Terminal Humming- K. Lorainne Graham
  20. Haitian #4
  21. Bay Poetics- edited Stephanie Young
  22. Swamp Thing: Reunion- Alan Moore, Rich Veitch
  23. The Four Seasons- Brandon Brown
  24. Notes On Conceptualisms- Vanessa Place, Robert Fitterman
  25. Bed. The Naropa Summer Writing Program Magazine 2004
  26. The Idiot- Fyodor Dostoyevsky
  27. A Book Of Prophecies- John Wieners
  28. California II- Julien Poirier
  29. The Wasp- Jack Spicer
  30. What's Going On- Sunnylyn Thibodeaux
  31. Eclipse Babel- Brian Lucas
  32. From Our Hearts To Yours: New Narrative As Contemporary Practice- editied Rob Halpern, Robin Tremblay-Mcgaw
  33. Secrets Of My Prison House-Geoffrey Gatza
  34. The Book Of Frank- CA Conrad
  35. Seven Gothic Tales- Isak Dinesen
  36. Nothing Happened And Besides I wasn't There- Mark Wallace
  37. The Tiger And The Butterfly- Geoffrey Gatza
  38. This Isa Nice Neighborhood- Farid Matuk
  39. Satellite- Matthew Rohrer
  40. Formosa- Dominik Wagner
  41. Haecceities- Michael Cross
  42. Smear Jelly Dreaming A Goo Daughter Time Travel And Friendship- Oki Sogumi 
  43. Composition Book (an edit)- Matvei Yankelevich
  44. Big Bell #9
  45. Peregrine- Caroline Goodwin
  46. Tropic Of Cancer- Henry Miller
  47. Life Is A Rip Off Part II- John "Inzane" Olson
  48. Today I Wrote Nothing: The Selected Writings Of Daniil Kharms- translated/ edited Matvei Yankelevich
  49. One #24
  50. Them newsprint zine
  51. The Winner- Karl Stevens
  52. Answer Me!- Jim and Debbie Goad
  53. Ten Walks/ Two Talks- Jon Cotner, Andy Fitch
  54. One Vol 2 #4
  55. Neighbor- Rachel Levitsy
  56. Our Friends Will Pass Among You Silently- Bill Berkson
  57. One Vol 2 #2
  58. Skitch #4
  59. Lyrical Interference: Essays On Poetics- Norman Finkelstein

May 14, 2018

Books Read 2017

  1. Your Wilderness Or Mine- David Highsmith
  2. Everything As Expected- James Herndon
  3. Sin City: Hell And Back- Frank Miller
  4. Enjoy Me- Logan Ryan Smith
  5. Sulfur #16
  6. Suicide Of A Superpower- Patrick J. Buchannan
  7. Big Agenda: President Trump's Plan To Save America- David Horowitz
  8. In Trump We Trust- Ann Coulter
  9. To After That (Toaf)- Renee Gladman
  10. The Letters Of Carla, the letter b. A Mystery In Poetry With A Foreword By The Future Guardian Of The Letters And An Afterword By Benjamin Hollander- Benjamin Hollander
  11. Alternative Set Of Procedures- Carlos Soto Romain
  12. Complete Minimal Poems- Aram Saroyan
  13. The Grapes Of Wrath- John Steinbeck
  14. The Palm Trees Of San Quentin- Julien Poirier
  15. The Road To Ocosingo- Andrew Schelling
  16. A Perfect Day For Scottie Pippen- Steve Orth
  17. A Semblance: Selected And New Poems 1975-2007- Laura Moriarty
  18. Letters: Poems 1953-1956- Robert Duncan
  19. Irresponsibility- Chris Vitiello
  20. The Age Of McCarthyism: A Brief History With Documents- Ellen Schrecker
  21. The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century (Volume 3)- Alan Moore, Kevin O'neill
  22. An Anthology Of New (American) Poets- edited Lisa Jarnot, Leonard Schwartz, Chris Stroffolino
  23. Lowest Common Denominator- Jacob Kahn
  24. Mucus In My Pineal Gland- Juliana Huxtable
  25. Crisis In The Humanities- edited J.H. Plumb
  26. The Consequence Of Innovation: 21st Century Poetics- edited Craig Dworkin
  27. The Girl Next Door- Jack Ketchum
  28. Skitch Vol. 3
  29. Growing Up- Russell Baker
  30. Dear Kathleen: On The Occasion Of Kathleen Fraser's 80th Birthday- edited Susan Gevirtz, Stephen Motika
  31. Bomb The Suburbs- William Upski Wimsatt
  32. Wild Form, Savage Grammar: Poetry, Ecology, Asia- Andrew Schelling
  33. Duties Of An English Foreign Secretary- Macregor Card
  34. Promethea- Alan Moore, J.H. Williams, Mick Gray
  35. Behind The Barbed Wire: History Of Naval Weapons Station Concord- John A. Keibel
  36. The Misanthrope And Other Plays- Moliere
  37. Where You're At: Poetics And Visual Art- Kevin Power
  38. Parallel Realism- Paul Ebenkamp
  39. Leaving The Atocha Station- Ben Lerner
  40. View Askew: Postmodern Investigation- Steve Abbott
  41. Lisa Robertson's Magenta Soul Whip- Lisa Robertson
  42. The Tragedy Of King Richard II- Shakespeare
  43. The Hound Of The Baskervilles- Arthur Conan Doyle
  44. Dear Sandy, Hello: Letters From Ted To Sandy Berrigan- Ted Berrigan, edited Ron Padgett, Sandy Berrigan
  45. Long Live You And Me- Jackson Meazle
  46. Two Books- CJ Martin
  47. The Difficult Farm- Heather Christle
  48. The Bigness Of Things: New Narrative And Visual Culture- Daniel Benjamin And Eric Sneathen
  49. Takes- Jason Morris
  50. Colony Of Whores- Matthew Stokoe
  51. Sulfur #17
  52. A Humument- Tom Phillips
  53. A Mouth In California- Graham Foust
  54. The Astral Projection Guidebook: Mastering The Art Of Astral Travel- Erin Pavlina
  55. Picture Palace- Stephanie Young
  56. Hey, Cowboy, Wanna Get Lucky- Baxter Black
  57. Crackpot- Jeremy Sigler
  58. The Redcoats- Ryan Murphy
  59. Cunt-Ups- Dodie Bellamy

Jul 6, 2017

Books Read 2016

1.    William Blake: His Life- James King
2.    The Velveteen Rabbit- Margery Williams, William Nicholson
3.    Names Of People- Robert Duncan, Jess
4.    Saga Volume Four- Brian K. Vaughn, Fiona Staples
5.    We3- Grant Morrison, Frank Quietly
6.    Don’t Know Much About History: Everything You Need To Know About American History But Never Learned- Kenneth C. Davis
7.    Magic Words: The Extraordinary Life Of Alan Moore- Lance Parkin
8.    Paying for It: A Comic Strip Memoir About Being A John- Chester Brown
9.    Ronin- Frank Miller
10.    Boxers- Gene Luen Yang
11.    Robert Duncan: The Ambassador From Venus- Lisa Jarnot
12.    30 Days Of Night- Steve Niles, Ben Temple Smith
13.    30 Days Of Night: Dark Days- Steve Niles, Ben Temple Smith
14.    30 Days Of Night: Return To Barrow- Steve Niles, Ben Temple Smith
15.    Saints- Gene Luen Yang
16.    I Never Liked You- Chester Brown
17.    Bumperhead- Gilbert Hernandez
18.    An Opening Of The Field: Jess, Robert Duncan, And Their Circle- Michael Duncan, Christopher Wagstagg
19.    Sixty Morning Talks- Andy Fitch
20.    Imperial San Francisco: Urban Power, Earthly Ruin- Gray Brechin
21.    Sin City: The Big Fat Kill- Frank Miller
22.    Squat- Sarah Menefee
23.    Vow To Poetry- Anne Waldman
24.    Props Of Rain/ Drops Of Wine- Patrick James Dunagan
25.    The Roots Of Coincidence: An Excursion Into Parapsychology- Arthur Koestler
26.    Lazio- Brandon Downing
27.    Crossing Paths- Diana Achegma, Hugo Garcia Marriquez, Nicole Trigg
28.    Discrete Series- George Oppen
29.    Acts #10: In Relation
30.    A Secret Location On The Lower East Side: Adventures In Writing 1960-1980- Steven Clay, Rodney Phillips
31.    Sin City: That Yellow Bastard- Frank Miller
32.    At Passages- Michael Palmer
33.    Old Father, Old Artificer: Charles Olson Memorial Lecture- Diane Di Prima
34.    Further Confessions Of A Small Press Racketeer- Stuart Ross
35.    Helen In Egypt- H.D.
36.    Charles Olson Memorial Lectures- Edward Dorn
37.    Unfinished Business- Michelangelo Antonioni
38.    Out Of Print- Julien Poirier
39.    Digging Up Mother: A Love Story- Doug Stanhope
40.    Hermeticities And Others- Derek Fenner
41.    SFAQ VOL. 2 #5
42.    Lost And Found: The Selected Correspondence Of John Wieners And Charles Olson Part I and II
43.    A Question Mark Above The Sun- Kent Johnson
44.    Slats- Nicole Trigg
45.    Portrait Of A Lesser Subject- E. Tracy Grinnell
46.    Pain: The Board Game- Sampson Startweather
47.    The Truth Is We Are Perfect- Janaka Stucky
48.    From Bughouse Square To The Beat Generation: Selected Ravings Of Slim Brundage Founder And Janitor Of The College Of Complexes- edited by Franklin Rosemont
49.    The Book Of Jon- Eleni Sikelianos
50.    Sin City: Family Values- Frank Miller
51.    Beggars Of Life- Andrew Maxwell, N Gelund
52.    Asterios Polyp- David Mazzucchelli
53.    Tea Shack Interior: New And Selected Poetry- Andrew Schelling
54.    Annoying Diabetic Bitch- Sharon Mesmer
55.    Black Mountain Days- Michael Rumaker
56.    The Sandman: Overture- Neil Gaiman, J.H. Williams III, Dave Steward
57.    Saga Volume 5- Brian K. Vaughn, Fiona Staples
58.    What We Do- Michael Gottlieb
59.    Sex Criminals Volume Three- Matt Fraction, Chip Zdarsky
60.    A Yellow Leaf- Julien Poirier
61.    You (And What Army)- Julien Poirier
62.    Witch Dialogue- Monica Redden
63.    V For Vendetta- Alan Moore, David Lloyd
64.    7213- Sue Sod
65.    Temblor #10
66.    Bladezine #1
67.    Lipstick Eleven #1
68.    Stirrings In The Jug: Black Politics In The Post Segregation Era- Adolph Reed Jr.
69.    The World Made Flesh: Literary Tattoos From Bookworms Worldwide- Eva Talmadge, Justin Taylor
70.    Cosmetology: A Manifesto- Micah Ballard
71.    Among The Thugs- Bill Buford
72.    A Poet’s Mind: Collected Interviews With Robert Duncan, 1960-1985- edited Christopher Wagstagg
73.    The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Black Dossier- Alan Moore, Kevin O’neill
74.    More Important Than The Object- Dodie Bellamy
75.    The Return Of Quetzalcoatl- Julien Poirier
76.    Sin City: Booze, Broads, And Bullets- Frank Miller
77.    Info Ration- Stan Apps
78.    Patience- Daniel Clowes
79.    Cross-Section: An Anthology Of Contemporary Greek Poetry- edited Jack Hirschman, Dinos Siotis
80.    Hotel ABC- Susan Gevirtz
81.    Dick Of The Dead- Rachel Loden
82.    Providence- Alan moore, Jacen  Burrows
83.    I, afterlife: Essay In Mourning Time- Kristin Prevallet

Apr 26, 2016

Apr 12, 2016