Jul 31, 2006

Dan Wade

Bay Area Slang...

An Abridged Guide to Yay Area Slang
From Bammer to Zat, feel me?

Bammer (adj.): Low-grade marijuana (cf. RBL Posse, "Don't Give Me No Bammer Weed," 1993)

B-Town (n.): Berkeley, California

Baller (n.): A player, pimp, or hustler; a game-related rap artist; a dope-dealer; a ghetto celebrity (cf. D-Shot et al, Boss Ballin', 1994)

Ballin' (v.): The act of being a baller; one who engages in street-level activities of questionable legality (cf. E-40, "Ballin' Out of Control," 1993; the Whoridas, "Shot Callin' and Big Ballin'," 1995)

Barney (n.): Purple-colored marijuana considered to be of extremely high potency (cf. Mistah Fab); see also Yurple

Batch (n.): See Biiiiiiiiiitch (cf. E-40, B-Legit, the Click)

Bluebird (n.): An annoying, bothersome person or thing (cf. RBL Posse, "Bluebird," 1994)

Blockbustah (n.): See Buster (cf. E-40)

Biiiiiiiiiitch (n.): An epithet of disdain. Can be used to describe either a male or a female (cf. Too $hort, "Dope Fiend Beat," 1987)

Bitch-ass (n.): A man who displays characteristics associated with women ("You'se a Bitch-ass nigga")

Bomb (n.): Potent marijuana; anything considered excellent ("Bomb-ass beats"); an SF hip-hop label founded by David Paul

Bootsie (adj.): Fake, wack, or otherwise held in low esteem (cf. E-40, "Bootsie," 1995)

Boss baller (n.): A high-level ghetto celebrity of enviable economic status (cf. D-Shot et al, Boss Ballin', 1994)

Bootch (n.): See Biiiiiiiiiitch (cf. E-40, B-Legit, the Click)

Breezy (n.): A slightly less offensive variant of Biiiiiiiiiitch. Generally refers only to women

Broccoli (n.): Marijuana (cf. E-40)

Bubbling (v.): Hustling with a measure of economic success; a Baller on the Come-Up; see also Grinding

'Burban (n.): A Chevrolet Suburban automobile

Burg, the (n.): Pittsburg, California

Buster (n.): A person who comes off as less than credible

Burner (n.): A handgun

Cabbage (n.): Money (cf. E-40) Cali (n.): California

Captain (n.): A man who supports women both financially and emotionally (cf. E-40, "Captain Save-a-Ho," 1993)

Candy paint (n.): Shiny finish applied to automobiles (cf. Ill-Mannered Posse, "Shinin' Star," 1995)

C-Town (n.): Concord, California

Cheddar: (n.) see Cabbage

Chip (n.): A cloned microchip used in unlicensed cellular telephones (cf. E-40, "Chip in da Phone," 1995)

Chopper (n.): Automatic weapon such as an AR-15 or AK-47 (cf. E-40)

Choppin' it up: To process drugs, usually cocaine; to converse with one's peers

Come-up (v.): To advance one's economic status, sometimes through illegal activities such as selling drugs or committing armed robberies

Crackin' (v.): A happening event; a respectful greeting ("What's crackin', playboy?")

Crackalackin' or Crackulatin' (v.): See Crackin' (cf. E-40) Crib (n.): One's place of residence.

Cuddie (n.): A close friend or relative, derived from "Cousin"; anyone from Vallejo's Crestside neighborhood (cf. Mac Mall, Illegal Business?, 1993)

Dank (n.): Potent strain of Indo that causes sluggishness, first originated in East Oakland (cf. MC Pooh, "Fuckin' wit Dank," 1989)

D-boy (n.): A drug dealer specializing in crack (cf. Young D-Boyz, "Selling Cocaine as Usual," c. 1994 or E-40, I Got Love for D-Boys)

Dirt (n.): Activities of an illegal nature

Dogtown (n.): Neighborhood in West Oakland known for high crime rates

Doja (n.): Vallejo-originated equivalent of Dank (cf. Mac Mall, "Sic wit This," 1993)

Eastside O (n.): East Oakland (cf. Dru Down, "Pimp of the Year," 1994)

Elroy (n.): Police officer (cf. E-40, "Show and Prove," 2003)

EPA City (n.): East Palo Alto

Fa sheezy (excl.): Affirmation meaning "For sure" (cf. 3 X Krazy, E-40)

Fa shiggedy (excl.): See Fa sheezy

Fa shizzle (excl.): See Fa sheezy

Fa sho (excl.): See Fa sheezy

Fa shoo (excl.): See Fa sheezy (cf. Richie Rich, "You'se my boo Fa Shoo")

Fed (n.): Derived from "Federal"; a government agent; a high-powered Boss Baller (cf. E-40, "Fed-X," 1995)

Fetti (n.): Money (cf. Young Lay, "All About My Fetti," 1995)

Flambostulatin' (v.): Acting overly ostentatious (cf. E-40)

Five (n.): One-fourth of the amount needed to purchase a twenty-sack of marijuana (cf. the Luniz, "I Got Five on It," 1995)

Folkers (n.): Friends or close associates

For reals? (excl.): Expression used to express disbelief at what someone has just said

Frisco (n.): San Francisco

G (n.): Gangster

Game related: To affiliate with criminal elements (cf. the Click, Game Related, 1995)

Good: Optimistic outlook, as in "It's All Good"

Gravy: See Good (cf. the Coup, And they tell you it's all gravy).

Gravity: See Good (cf. E-40)

Grinding (v.): The act of selling drugs on street corners; making money through illegal activities (cf. the Click, "Hustler on the Grind," 1995)

Grip (n.): Money (cf. Digital Underground, "Packet Man," 1989)

Gurpin' (n.): A state of intoxication, whether from liquor, marijuana, or hallucinogens; irrational or paranoid behavior (cf. Hieroglyphics)

Haystack (n.) Hayward, California

Hella (adj.): Derived from "Hell of a lot" Henny (n.): Hennessy cognac

Ho (n.): A whore or prostitute; someone who can be pimped; a rap artist signed to a major label

Hoo-ride (v.): Driving without regard for traffic laws; to be unconcerned with the effect of one's actions upon others

Hot ones (n.): Shots fired (cf. the Click, "Hot Ones Echo Through the Ghetto," 1995)

HP (n.): Neighborhood in San Francisco known for high murder rates and producing rap artists (cf. Kevin Epps' film Straight Outta Hunters Point, 2000)

Hyphy (adj.) Derived from "Hype" and "Fly"

Ice cream (n.): Cocaine (cf. the Luniz, "Ice Cream Man," 1994)

Indo (n.): Marijuana of the Indica variety (cf. Dru Down, For myself, I keep Indo!)

Janky (adj.): Flawed, fake, or otherwise lacking in quality

Keyed (v.): Intoxicated on something other than alcohol

Kill-a-hoes (n.): Rap collective from SF's Hunters Point-Bayview area popular in mid- to late-'90s

Killing Fields: Area of East Oakland comparable to Cambodia under Pol Pot because of its high murder rate (cf. Black Dynasty, "Deep East Oakland," 1995)

L.I.P.s (n.): Rhymes said by a rapper ("Lemme go into the studio and spit these L.I.P.s")

LV (n.): Lakeview neighborhood in San Francisco

Ma nigga (n.): Affectionate term only used for one's closest associates

Mac (n.): Title given to succession of Vallejo rappers, such as the Mac, Mac Dre, and Mac Mall

Mail (n.): Money

Mailman (n.): Someone who makes a lot of money (cf. E-40, The Mailman, 1993)

Mobbin' (v.): To organize as a collective entity; to drive at a high speed

Mobb music: Funk-based sound invented by producers Studio Ton and Mike Mosely, widely copied throughout the Bay Area

Marinatin' (v.): Relaxing at leisure; kicking back (cf. E-40)

Moe (pl.): SF's Fillmore neighborhood

Nade (n.): Marijuana laced with bug spray (cf. 11/5, Kill-a-Hoe niggas smoke Nade, we don't even care that it's sprayed)

Nathan (n.): Nothing; null and void (cf. E-40)

Nathaniel (n.): See Nathan (As in, "What's crackalackin'?" "Nathaniel")

O, the (pl.): Oakland, California

Off the chain (exc.): Variant of "off the hook"; an exciting event

Off da heezy: See Off the chain

Off the hinges: See Off the chain

Off the Richter: See Off the chain

Paper (n.): Money

Paper route (n.): Any method of making money, either legal or illegal

Penelopes (n.): Police (cf. E-40, "Fed-X," 1995)

Pervin' (v.): Drunk or intoxicated

PH (n.) : Player hater; one who envies another's success (cf. Mac Mall, "Suckers PH," 1995)

PG (n.): The pimp game

Pimpin' (v.): To handle oneself in a dominant, controlling manner; affectionate greeting ("What's up, Pimpin'?")

Pimp skillet: Term of respectful endearment (cf. E-40)

Po-pos (n.): Police (cf. E-40, "Outsmart the Po-pos," 1991)

San Jo (pl.): San Jose, California

Saucy (adj.): Impressive or desirable ("That car is Hella Saucy")

Scratch (n.): Money

Scrilla (n.): See Scratch

SFC (pl.): San Francisco City (cf. RBL Posse)

Sideshow (n.): Illegal exhibition of cars held on public streets (cf. 415, "Sideshow," 1989)

Sidewayz (v.): To drive in a reckless manner at high speeds (cf. E-40, "Sidewayz," 1995) Smebbin' (v.): see Smobbin' (cf. E-40)

Smobbin' (v.): See Mobbin' (cf. IMP, Smobbin' the backstreets, no registration, no pink slip, 1995)

Sohab (n.): Individual from Hillside neighborhood of Vallejo (cf. E-40, the Click)

Sucka Free (n. pl.): San Francisco

Telly (n.): Hotel room (cf. Mac Mall, "Let's Get a Telly," 1995)

Twomp (n.): Twenty-dollar bag of marijuana

Twomps, the (n. pl.): Neighborhood in Oaklandbetween 20th and 29th avenues

V, the (n.): Vallejo, California

Vega (n.): Garcia y Vega cigar used in rolling blunts (cf. 11/5, Everybody light your Vega)

Wesssiiide (pl.): The West Coast

Yay Area (pl.): The Bay Area (cf. E-40, I represent the Yay Area)

Yayo (n.): Cocaine

Yola (n.): See Yayo (cf. 11/5, A-1 Yola, 1995)

Zat (n.): A gun, derived from "gat" (cf. Conscious Daughters, "Fonky Expedition," 1994)

Zip (n.): An ounce of marijuana

Jul 30, 2006


currently watching The Perfect Man with Hilary Duff and Heather Locklear...

i asked my mom what she thinks Hilary Duff will look like when she gets older...my mom said "she'll get more pointy"...i thought that was a really good response...

Ocean's blah blah blah...

i think "heist" movies are the worst...

blah blah blah...repartee...blah blah blah...repartee...blah blah blah...suits...blah blah...repartee...blah...

Jul 29, 2006

Dennis Miller: Conservative Libertarian?

when the fuck did that happen? watched his new HBO special last night and couldn't believe me ears...Miller is now a total douche bag...which sucks because i've always loved him...

Jul 28, 2006

Jul 27, 2006


i just heard that anorexic gorgon Ann Coulter call Al Gore a "fag" on Chris Matthews' Hardball...it wen't something like this "okay maybe Bill Clinton isn't gay but Al Gore is definitly a fag"...

Jul 25, 2006

Dusie Kollektiv...

  • Coast

  • Dusie Kollektiv '06:

    dana ward * john sakkis * scott glassman * sawako nakayasu * hartmut abendshein * k lorraine graham * jonathan skinner * lauren levin * elisabeth workman * sheila murphy * betsy fagin * nicole mauro * jill magi * rick snyder * susan pike * sarah mangold * david goldstein * philip jenks * logan ryan smith * jill stengel * aaron anstett * jules boykoff * paul klinger * christopher rizzo * jared hayes * amy king * kari edwards * greg fuchs * william allegrezza * jen hofer * kaia sand * mark lamoureaux * jon leon * susana gardner * ellen baxt * cheryl quimba * jane sprague * mackenzie carignan * jared stanley * catherine theis * marci nelligan * boyd spahr *

    (i stole the list from Reb Livingston's blog saving me much finger ache...thanks Reb!)

    prose up poetry down...

    "nerds are kind of magical--like witches"
    --Dodie Bellamy (Pink Steam)

    picked up Pink Steam this morning and couldn't put it down...

    it was great reading Tony Hicks' (Co Co Times music critic) review of the Sonic Youth/ Pearl Jam show last weekend...it was great seeing the term "Pink Steam" in print in a major "family" newspaper even if it was used in reference to the Sonic Youth song and not the Bellamy book because i/ we know the Sonic Youth song is named after the Bellamy book and that's all that matters...(side note: Kathy Acker was mentioned in last week's Sunday Times as one of the "100 authors you must read before you die"...go Contra Costa County Newspapers!!!)

    currently drinking white wine and sweating...

    i had the epiphany this week that i have zero tolerance for poetry in the hot seasons (as far as reading goes)...so, as of today i'm switching exclusively to prose (as far as reading goes) until the hot season is over...up next, The Last Temptation Of Christ by N.K....

    JUST over being gross so i might try to run tomorrow...anyone game can meet me at the Concord High track at around 9:00 AM...

    missed the DB Taxt release party because i got lost in Oakland...well, not really lost...i never had directions...entirely my fault...and the blackouts...i heard it was good though...

    cabin feverin' it with JW this coming weekend...i promised myself that i wouldn't get gross...stick to the facts jack!

    Jul 24, 2006

    last weekend.

    i got gross. and am still paying for it.

    112 yesterday evening. power went out for second day straight. reading Harvey Pekar by candlelight. trying to recover from being gross in the dark in 112 degree heat is difficult.

    never got that Bound To Get Fuller mic.

    i need to get to work. haven't written anything since leaving Boulder. barely read anything. got plenty gross though. that's the last time i'm getting gross for a while. i need to write something. or at least i should write something. i can't figure out what to do with my bookshelves. i'm just going to eat fruit today. maybe i'll eat fruit and listen to Boards of Canada today. i think i might go to the bar and work on Mouf this evening. i'll ride my bike over to the bar and work on Mouf later on.

    i'll get that Bound To Get Fuller mic later on this week.

    Jul 23, 2006



    had a dream last night that Michael Nicoloff was the new VJ on MTV's TRL...(this is totally true)

    Jul 21, 2006

    some work.

  • Stay tuned, White Male Poet's going to hook me up with the Bound To Get Fuller mic tonight for recording.
  • workout!

    gravity is gonna make me swoll.

    manufactured labor will give me a six pack.


    "is it rancor or rancor"

    i'm going to attempt a run this morning. i'm feeling 98% better this morning.

    David Buuck's tonight for Taxt goodness.

    "i'm just saying, for someone playing Mary she's got a pretty nice body"

    finished season 1 of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

    San Francisco chic doesn't necessarily translate to Concord. especially when riding a bike through the Monument corridor.

    Jul 19, 2006

    Sabrina Calle...


    my shower keeps getting all over Bay Poetics...

    read Temper and Felicity Are Lovers- Kathryn L. Pringle (Taxt) (strong as Sugar Ray)
    Summer Stock #1- ed. Jared Hayes and Andy Peterson (Summer Stock) (i just graduated with these people!)
    5 Is The Perfect Number- Igort (Drawn & Quarterly) (Italian comic noir cum duotone masterpiece)

    finished Grizzly Man...it got better. but not much.

    i'm still sick though not sweating as much. maybe i'm feeling better. maybe this cold has turned into a sinus infection. maybe i'll call Kaiser today for amoxicillin.

    the new issue of BOTH BOTH is out. issue features VisPo from Derek Beaulieu and jUStin!katKO. if you'd like a copy ask Jessica.

    i have some poems in the new issue of New American Writing. Support your local Borders or Barnes And Noble and buy a copy.

  • The Spirit. This is bound to be the shit.

  • just when i'm up and running i catch cold. maybe i'm a complainer. taking seriously that old adage "cut off the nose to spite the face" seems like a good idea at this point.

    currently listening to The Buzzcocks Operators Manual...

    Jul 18, 2006


    i'm sick. i have an uffin' cold. this uffin' sucks.
    i can't stop sweating. i can't stop sneezing. i can't stop blowing. but mostly i can't stop sweating. who the uf' gets a cold in the middle of a heatwave?!

    Suzanne's New Yipes reading was fantastic. Suzanne is fantastic. if i'm well, David B.'s this friday night for a Taxt release party...but i need to stop sweating first.

    i'm really sick of watching television. you can only watch so much CNN (war!) or VH1 (that Brady marriage show!) or History Channel (Stalin!) or My Life On The D-List (Griffen!) or ESPN (The Contender) (actually there's no too much of The Contender. i spent two straight days on the couch watching the Season 1 marathon. i conclude that The Contender is one of the coolest shows ever produced. i haven't cried that much since the Mulder/ Scully "kiss" episode of The X-Files)...started Grizzly Man, got half hour into it, got really bored, turned it off, noticed the doc clocks in at over 2 hours long! does it get better? does Herzog pull a bunny out of the dead-hat? seems like the story is pretty much over at 33 minutes...jackass spends 13 summer's with grizzly bears in Alaska, jackass takes some amazing footage of Alaskan wilderness, jackass (and girlfriend) get eaten by grizzly bear...boom, okay fine. what else?...and that's 33 minutes into the flick. what else could Herzog possibly have to say? i call hype-foul...

    read some stuff here and there blah blah...

    i got a cell phone blah blah...

    i have a myspace date blah blah. haha!

    i can't stop sweating and i'm listening to Bon Jovi and i just ate a plate of Kentucky Fried Chicken...

    "i've got somthin' to believe in"
    —Bon Jovi

    Jul 14, 2006


    Jul 13, 2006

    this blog...

    are people having trouble reading/ loading this blog? my computer downstairs won't load the page (mac) but my computer upstairs (pc) will...i'm wondering if anyone else is having issues?

    anyone know how to fix the blog?

    Jul 12, 2006

    i have nothing poetry related to say...

    read The Return Of Lum Urusei Yatsura by Rumiko Takahashi (Viz Graphic Novel)

    Jul 11, 2006

    from Santino Rice...

    i think maybe Santino just came on to me...

    "I've always wanted to fuck myself, maybe you can fulfil this dream of mine?"

    and that's the real deal...

    Jul 9, 2006

    Project Doppleganger...

    Mr. Santino Rice (not self portrait)

    Mr. John "sweaty as all hell because it was 100 degrees out today and like an asshole i decided to go for a run" Sakkis (self portrait)

    so, today i told my sister that i finally caught the finale to last season's Project Runway...i was like "Santino is such a dick..." my sister is like "i think Santino sort of looks like you..." i was all "whaa!? how?" she was all "definitly the eyes but more the way he holds himself, the way he stands, the way he folds his arms and stuff..." i was like "THAT'S what it is, yeah you're right..." she was like "yeah, Truman thinks so too...and so does Gina...and so does Arlene...and so does Kristina..." i was all "ha..."


    a few things:

    1. i didn't know Aesop Rock moved to San Francisco
    2. i didn't know we'd run into Aesop Rock last night leaving Zeitgeist
    3. i didn't know my boy Ben who works at Upper Playground (jealous) was friends with Aesop Rock
    4. ironically Aesop Rock doesn't like crowds (Zeitgeist is probably not the best place to go on a Saturday guy)

    and then me, Jon and Ben walk over to some new bar on Mission at 21st called Flavia (or something like that)...a group of girls approaches me as i'm sipping my whiskey sour, one of the girls holds out a deck of cards fanning them out so i can pick one...i pick a card, girl asks me to read card to group, i read card to group, card says "pick cute boy to dance with for duration of one song"...another girl walks up and introduces herself as Sylvia...i learn that Sylvia is a bride to be and is in the midst of her bachelorette party...Sylvia asks me to dance, i ask her if we can slow dance, she agrees, The Cure is on the juke...Sylvia and i begin to slow dance in the middle of a super crowded super trendy bar...Sylvia's friends are taking pictures (for the groom i presume) and laughing, i'm laughing, she's laughing, we're dancing...song ends, i wish Sylvia good luck, we hug, i continue drinking my whiskey sour...nothing like a group of drunk bridesmaids to give a guy a confidence booster...hooray for bridesmaids!

    then chat with Jon's girl Kay and Kay's girl Heather...and then we have a dinner date tonight that i'm totally going to flake on...but then the flake is probably mutual as we made the plans at 3:30 am on a cell phone...so it goes...Heather IS cute though...John IS hungover though..

    it feels really fucking good to be back home...to be back in this disgustingly filthy city of rampant homelessness and urine drenched sidewalks is euphoric to say the least...

    "smell me"

    Jul 7, 2006


    as some of you know the last issue (for a while at least) of BOTH BOTH will be guest edited by Jessica Smith. as far as i know the issue is formated and ready to print thus should be mailing within the next couple of weeks. i'll have copies in hand for all (well not all) the Bay Area folks when i see them.

    thanks to everyone who supported over the last year or so through encouragment/ subscriptions/ reviews/ art contributions/ literary contributions etc. it's been super fun doing a monthly and it was a super honor to publish the work of so many amazing people...

    Sucka Free City,

    reunion of the year!

    Jul 6, 2006

    open up your heart

    just when i think all is lost the homie Daniel calls me up...and just like that we're off to the club...

    ps. Giants won today!


    two quick things:

    1. i just ran down stairs to grab a beer and noticed that my dad is watching Donnie Darko...if you know my dad then you know this is an event...MY DAD DOESN'T WATCH DONNIE DARKO...tantamount to my dad listening to NWA...

    2. the MTV show Run's House about Rev. Run and his gorgeous family is one of the coolest shows i've ever seen

    2 1/2. i may have been stood up tonight...flakers are the worst no?


    i don't even know. still getting situated.

    i misplaced my skateboard. where's my career?

    Jul 4, 2006

    happy 4th of July...

    is anybody doing anything?

    learned a new word last night, "grapes," which refers to a new breed of Bay Area (Nor Cal) urb...

    "who's got the grapes, who's got the grapes?"

    Jul 2, 2006


    short posts...maybe i don't have the patience for blogging right now...

    Brandon Brown and Alli Warren are my third and fourth favorite people in SF (and maybe the cutest poetry super-couple of all time)...bro and sis are first and second...

    David Blanc is my favorite person in Concord...

    Captain's Chest is still the best bar in Concord...

    Rock The Bells is going off in Concord this year...not sure if i'll go but tempting as Wu-Tang, Mos Def, Living Legends, Aesop Rock and a cadre of other "independent" hip hoppers will be there...on the other hand, it could suck royally...

    day party today at Club Coccamo..think i'll skip it to eat KFC with my dad and finish the Giants/ Padres game on the tele...

    thank you Gina for sending issues of The Tiny and a chappy chap...

    hardly unpacked though well rested...

    KFC here i come...