Sep 30, 2006


reading rundown

David Buuck introduces Jules

i can't write those kinds of introductions

Jules reads work i wish i had written

Kevin Killian introduces Judith Goldman for Brandon Brown who is out with the flu

Kevin's 'interpretation' of Brandon's intro was almost a Poet's Theater moment

Judith Goldman read work that worked very well on the stage

Sadie's bar for drinks

Jerrold and i talking about the perils of b-boy culture

Elise, Jocelyn and Kate chopping it up about astrology

Maggie Z. really starting to convince people to go to the AWP

watching the Giants blow it against the D-Devils

Sep 29, 2006


i just got done watching Rion Johnson's Brick. no joke one of the coolest movies i've seen in years. wow! i'd recomend this to anybody.

tonight at SPT.

Jules Boykoff and Judith Goldman
Small Press Traffic Reading Series
Friday, September 29, 7:30 pm

Timken Lecture Hall, San Francisco campus
Cost: $5–10; free to SPT members and CCA community
Info: 415.551.9278 or

Jules Boykoff joins us in honor of his first collection, Once Upon a Neoliberal Rocket Badge (Edge Books).

Tina Darragh says of reading it, "I want to echo Tom Hayden's comment on the 1999 Seattle anti-WTO demonstrations: 'I am glad to have lived long enough to see a new generation of rebels accomplish something bigger.'"

Judith Goldman joins us in honor of her new book, Death Star Rico-chet (O Books). Rod Smith says, "The implications of Goldman's work are immense."

Stephanie Young reads at The Poetry Center.

Stephanie's reading at The Poetry Center yesteday afternoon played out like a matinee. Stephanie read to a packed house of youngsters, the unemployed (me!), elders and maybe the homeless ("remember that microphone doesn't work!"). this was a very good reading. Stephanie read a "breakup" poem which she prefaced with possibly the longest epigraphic litany in poetry reading history.

Stephanie, were you quoting or was it you who said something like "breakup poems are necessarily serious"? i like that.

the poem itself, what's the title again? something like "Betty Page Stand Over There" is gorgeous. i didn't have my notebook to scribble in at the time but the poem gave me the feeling of walking into a room cluttered and crowded with collectibles. shiny and colorful things like cd's, clothes, television, exotic foods, the radio, pictures, people. like a refrigerator door covered with postcards, photos, magnets, fliers, notes etc. lot's of voices floating around, lot's of floating around in general.

the poem ends (or at least where Stephanie stopped) with the anaphoric "we shared" which is startling, and for a breakup poem couldn't be more numbing, devastating. if i remember, the last line of the poem is "and we were seperated/ at the airport". possibly not the line as it breaks on the page but definitly the line as i heard it breaking when read.

this was a good reading most of you missed. i guess being unemployed has some perks.

(ps. Michael Friedman read with Stephanie, but i saw Michael read the same chapters from the same book at Left Hand in Boulder last winter, good chapters from what seems like a good book that i don't feel like talking about, so there) okay, maybe one quote "blank and blank were like the Archie and Veronica of Naropa's Jack Kerouac School"

once again confirmation that we're living in the future...a "powersuit" a la Aliens that can enable humans to move super heavy objects...

Sep 26, 2006

on a different note, GG Allin

just got done watching Todd Phillips' documentary Hated about Murder Junkies frontman GG Allin...i almost got sick, well i don't really know what to say...really good documentary that is more graphic than than anything i've seen in a long long long time...make sure you Netflix it on an empty i'm not exagerating...

and congratulations to Kate Pringle and Maggie Zurawski who got domesticated in SF on Monday!

this is pretty much what i've looked like my whole life...

woke up this morning to the pungent smells of Podarikia smells like Easter, Christos Anesti Brandon!

stolen from Stephanie or i'm gonna try hard to go to this...

More PFA not to be missed / Wed. Sept. 27

Copyright infringement is your best entertainment value,” chimes Negativland, still reeling from their defeat in the notorious U2 lawsuit. Montage-meister Craig Baldwin begins with the controversial copyright-commandeering case, then surges forward to touch upon issues of fair use, parody versus piracy, and culture-jamming in general. His “sonic outlaws” have a sound investment in inventing an “electronic folk culture” built upon free foraging in the trough of aural artifacts. Those great repurposers Negativland aren’t the only ones to mouth off: Baldwin mashes in testimony from John Oswald, The Tape Beatles, the Emergency Broadcast Network, and the Barbie Liberation Organization, all the while anchoring these aural activists in tactics related to Marcel Duchamp, John Cage, and the Situationists. Baldwin practices what he preaches: Sonic Outlaws is itself a charged montage of movie lifts, quirky quotation, and prankster pastiche, drawn from his legendary archive of cultural loose ends. In this way, Sonic Outlaws is a ripping resistance to the escalating control over our collective sampling reservoir.

Preceded by short:
Uso Justo (Fair Practice) (Coleman Miller) seizes a late-fifties Mexican hospital drama and twists it into a hilarious and existential riff on experimental filmmaking. (22 mins)

Sep 25, 2006


Stockton is probably the grossest city i've ever been to in my entire life.

i always like to imagine those "end construction" signs you see on the highway were put up by protesters.

Sep 24, 2006


currently going through this i'm-forgetting-how-to-eat-thing.


  • Koshkin's new book available from our friends at Wyrd Tree
  • ...

    some kids went through a Japanese candy phase, i went through a Ninja phase, i went through a Stephen K. Hayes phase...

    my mom bought me mad shurikens...

    we went to China Town and bought throwing spikes together...

    i still have a Tonfa under my bed...

    my brother just got rid of his black bokken...

    it was either skateboarding or Kata for me...

    my whole philosophy was "give me a gi or give me Vision Street Wear"...

    Sep 23, 2006


    when do you think cheesy Hip Hop t-shirts will become the new vintage?

    i'm rocking an awful Beat Freaks muscle shirt from 1999 and i feel pretty cool.

    three degrees of facial identity...

    i think Rodney Koeneke looks like my brother. and i think both Rodney and my brother look like Liev Schreiber...

    and the winner of 'Most Dubious Rap Lyric' goes to?

    "and i dare a motherfucker to come in my face..."


    Maggie and Conrad have a posse. lot's and lot's of drinking at Saidie's afterwards. a barrage of digi flashes from designated photog peeps, i.e. Stephanie, Brandon, Suzanne and me. ridiculous flickr stuff forthcoming (tons of "dueling camera" and extreeeme closeup shots). i like Taylor for a lot of reasons, one of them being that he's a runner. Conrad is a really sweet man, i was happy to finally meet him. more drinking with Brandon and Alli after Saidie's. vaguely remember Brandon playing me the new Too Short song and Alli going "ugh." in bed by 4 AM. up at 9:30 AM. currently listening to N.E.R.D. drinking strong black coffee trying to muster the energy to redevous with friends and mimosa in san francisco.

    also, new favorite MC...Baltimore rapper Spank Rock. his album yoyoyoyoyo is bound to be a classic. unabashed sex rhymes a la early 90's Bass/ late 90's Ghettotech/ Booty with some DJ Screw thrown in for good measure. yoyoyoyoyo sounds like a Luke Skywalker record recorded in the bathroom at 3 in the morning.

    Sep 22, 2006

    tomorrow is LoveParade.

    a group of us are meeting up at my friend Colette's house in the Lower Haight for pre-party morning mimosas...if you think you'd like to drink/ walk/ dance with us hit me up on my cell and we'll make plans.

    some of the performers: Paul Oakenfold, Massive Attack, Grandmaster Flash, Bad Boy Bill, Christopher Lawrence, Rennie Pilgrem, Lee Burridge, Junkie XL (Live), DJ Dan, Kaskade, Lee Coombs, Miss Kitten, Donald Glaude, Richard Vission, DJ Rap, Darude, DJ Shadow, D:Fuse, Hyper, Dieselboy, Andy Moor, Aphrodite, Dyloot, John Howard, Steve Porter, Luke Fair, Penta, General Midi, Simply Jeff, Deekline & Wizard, Jahbo, Nick Thayer, and much much more to be announced!

    personally i'm really excited for Donald Glaude (haven't seen him play since 97'), Miss Kitten ('being famous is so nice"), DJ Shadow (The Outsider might be the best Hyphy record this side of My Ghetto Report Card) and DJ Dan (one of my first and and most passionate DJ crushes)...

    the moonshine!

    tonight at 7:30 (SPT)

    CA Conrad & Magdalena Zurawski

    Philadelphia legend CA Conrad joins us in celebration of his first book, Deviant Propulsion (Soft Skull Press). Eileen Myles says “I'm a huge fan of CAConrad's poems--he's Gay Sunshine anew. Plus George Herbert & Harold Norse, Creeley and early Judy Grahn. Soupy Sales too! His fairy love poem to George W. Bush should be read aloud to every high school assembly in the world. Watch out, I think he has an agenda! CAConrad is boldly recruiting all of us to commit the/muscle/ to love. Is the opposite of a hate crime a love crime? Well, this is it.”

    Magdalena Zurawski was born in Newark, NJ in 1972 to Polish immigrants. Her work has been published in American Poet: The Journal of the Academy of American Poets, The Poetry Project Newsletter, Rattapallax, and other magazines. Her chapbooks include Bruised Nickelodeon (Hophophop Press). She lives in San Francisco, blogs as minoramerican, and recently finished writing her first novel, The Bruise.

    Sep 21, 2006

    Justin Sirois (pictured center)

    is a very cool man. Justin is from Baltimore. The Wire is from Baltimore. The Wire is a very cool show. alas, coincidence?. i don't know. i do know that i had the pleasure of introducing Justin at his Artifact reading the other night in SF. Justin wrote a kick ass book called Silver Standard that's been getting a lot of deserved buzz. Justin is into rock and roll.

    Garrett Caples (pictured left) is a very cool man. Brian Strang introduced Garrett Caples at the same Artifact reading. you can read Brian's very cool introduction over at A Tonalist Notes. Garrett made a really cool record called Surrealism's Bad Rap. Garrett is into Bay Area Hip Hop.

    Justin has a poetry record label called Narrow House Recordings. Narrow House Recordings is a kick ass label/ press. Narrow House Recordings is one of my favorite label/ presses. Justin produced Garrett's record Surrealism's Bad Rap and released it on Narrow House Recordings. Justin and Garrett are very cool men with very good taste.

    and here's a small bit from my very small introduction:

    "Justin Sirois is a dangerous man. Justin Sirois’ book wants to beat up your book. The book in question is Silver Standard. If we are to believe Ron Silliman the book jacket is made up of “374 staples, 96 vertical staples (8 columns of 12 each) both front & back and 91 horizontal staples (7 columns of 13 each) again both front and back, thus 187 staples for the front, 187 for the back.” We’ll trust Silliman on the math, Sirois’ book wants to beat up your book. And I’m into that."

    Nicole Brossard

    hey, Ron is talking about her. one of the best visiting profs i had at Naropa. i think everyone in the class agreed.


    though i mostly don't agree with it sometimes my name is BOOM BOOM...

    ...currently listening to Blockhead Music By Cavelight...

    Sep 20, 2006

    movie for Jared Hayes

    how do you like that?

    my ex-girlfriend Megan Marlena wins the prize for being the only person to offer a place to po kids are suckers...

    thanks megers!

    Los Angeles

    maybe my brother and i will be in LA on monday. maybe we need a place to stay monday night. maybe you know where we can stay?

    my brother is going to Fiji to work for 3 months! i'm an Excel class drop out! life is fair!

    Sep 19, 2006

    Fergi <3's M.I.A. no?

    Fergi is to M.I.A. as M.I.A. is to Missy Eliot.

    in a bad way.

    movie for Suzanne Stein...

    Sep 18, 2006

    New American Writing

    Dear Friends of New American Writing:

    Issue 24 (2006) was published in July and is now available at bookstores and newstands for $15 or $36 for a three-issue subscription. You can also order from NAW, 369 Molino Avenue, Mill Valley, CA 94941. Online orders using a credit card:

    It contains a Nathaniel Mackey feature including a lengthy interview by Sarah Rosenthal; translations of poems by Pablo Neruda (Clayton Eshleman), Vladimir Holan (Josef Horacek and Lara Glenum), Pura Lopez-Colome (Jason Stumpf), Aase Berg (Johannes Gorannson), and Eugenio Montejo (Kirk Nesset), Yang Lian (Wang Ping and Alex Lemon), the ancient Vietnamese poet Nguyen Trai (Nguyen Do and Paul Hoover), and Yao Feng (Christopher Kelen); and poems by Pierre Joris, Rosmarie Waldrop, Nathaniel Mackey, Mac Wellman, Karen Garthe, Martine Bellen, Rusty Morrison, Joanna Klink, Edward Smallfield, Joseph Lease, Brian Teare, Denise Newman, G.C. Waldrep, John Olson, Campbell McGrath, Devin Johnston, Lisa Isaacson, Ethan Paquin, Caroline Knox, Douglas Messerli, Rachel Loden, Terence Winch, Todd Swift, Patrick Pritchett, Craig Watson, Stephen Vincent, Wang Ping, Barbara Jane Reyes, Maged Zaher, Noelle Kocot, Nathan Hauke, James Meetze, John Sakkis, and flarfists Michael Magee, Katie Degentesh, and Sharon Mesmer, among others.

    Cover art: Bill Viola, The Messenger, 1996. Sing-channel color video and stereo-sound installation. Photograph by Sally Ritts. By permission of Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, NYC. Cover design by Philip Krayna and Jason Snyder.

    Sep 17, 2006


    "For the hills in San Francisco, see Twin Peaks, San Francisco, California."


    Sep 16, 2006


    the pope and islam...

    awesome!!! Palestinians are fire bombing Greek Orthodox churches in the Gaza to protest the Pope's remarks about Islam...

    um, that's like fire bombing a Jack In The Box to protest Burger King...

    schism anyone...

    way to go assholes!

    Sep 15, 2006


    last night was refreshing. last night was good.

    later on i watched RoboCop 2, RC2 is a weird movie, a sort of horrifying movie.

    see you tonight.

    Sep 14, 2006

    holy crap it's a bionic arm!

    this and those explosives sniffers at SFO convince me that we're living in the future...

    Sep 13, 2006

    Lauren's feet and a self portrait...


    that i was at St. Mark's in the Bowery enrolling at Naropa. Anne Waldman was there, maybe Michael Koshkin was there, Jared Hayes was there, i think maybe Cat Tyc was started snowing and i remember thinking what a relief that was and then opening my mouth and my mouth filling with giant snowflakes and then thinking 'where are my bags' and 'where am i staying' and 'how do i use the subway'...

    Sep 12, 2006


    i started playing tennis.

    MTD #4 is out with cover art by Lauren Kohne.

    had a dream about velocity last night.

    when is winter again?

    i might buy a new suit today.

    Spoontonic might be the best bar in Concord.

    i was a little sad to see Buckwild leave Flavor of Love.

    Santino wants you to vote for Jeffery as "fan favorite."

    Sep 11, 2006

    Confessions of an Excel-class Dropout...

    i bought a macBook...

    i feel like NASA...

    there's a lot going on this week...

    ripped from Young's page...

    Thursday September 14
    Chris Stroffolino, Yonatan Gat, Julian Brolaski: acoustic music extravaganza. + possibly poets. Simple Pleasures Cafe, 8-10 pm, free. 3434 Balboa @ 35th St.

    Friday September 15
    SPT: World Premiere of THE WISHING WELL, a play by Kevin Killian & Larry Rinder, SF, 7:30, $10, it's a benefit, get there early, first come first served!

    Saturday September 16
    Artifact: Garrett Caples, Andrew Joron & Justin Sirois, 7:30PM (reading begins at 8PM) First come first served! 2921B Folsom St. @ 25th, SF CA 94110, $3 Donation, BYOB.


    Suite for Face
    by Konrad Steiner
    21 Grand, Oakland, 8:00.
    A project using video clips as a basis for improvising musicians to work w. Some examples can be found here. Musicians on the 16th include: Frank Gratowski, Phillip Greenlief, Jon Raskin, MaryClare Brzytwa, Matt Davingnon, Shayna Dunkleman, David Fenech, Matt Ingalls, Ava Mendoza, Kanoko Nishi, Suki O'Kane and Karen Stackpole.


    Poetry Center: Adrienne Rich & Mark McMorris, 7:30 @ the Unitarian Center, 1187 Franklin (at Geary), $10

    Sunday September 17
    New Yipes: Ugly Duckling Presse presents Stan Apps & Elizabeth Reddin w. films by Kirthi Nath. 21 Grand, Oakland, 7:00, for lack of $4 none will be turned away

    see everyone at SOMETHING this weekend. ask me for a copy of the J. Smith edited issue of BOTH BOTH.

    Sep 10, 2006

    it's an American wedding!

    that is to say, i went to my friend Lauren's weddding yesterday evening and couldn't help feeling like Hugh Grant...

    just a few things:

    1. Jon and i being the "cutest gay couple" at the wedding with photographers taking lot's of couples photos of us

    2. my friend Katie who i hadn't seen in 8 years with her new beau Jason Jesse...Jason Jesse the legendery 80's
    Santa Cruz pro Skateboarder...he couldn't stay awake so he went to sleep in his car...anyway, you may remember one of his more famous decks, the Neptune God graphic (see also the Aztec Sun God graphic)...

    4. Lauren's cousin from Orange County who kept asking me for cigarettes and as soon as we would get outside would start feeling me up...meanwhile she was doing the same thing to Jon...and then suddenly there was an exposed breast and i was like "this is an American wedding!"...

    5. Jon and i realizing that if we were gay we would totally boyfriend each other...and then getting affirmative nods from the bride and groom...

    6. post wedding rendevous at the Duck Club in Lafayette...tapas and cheese plates and good scotch with the bride and groom (staying in the upstairs hotel) and the bride's sister (who i wanted to kiss but didn't) and the bride's sister's frind Pi from Australia...

    anyway, point of post is that before last night i'd never been to an American style wedding...only seen them in movies...last night seemed like a movie...Neruda Sonnet, non-priest officiating, 25 minute ceremony, crazy horny cousins, divorced parents, groping and irreverence, proffesional skateboarders, good food, being gay for the night, tapas, rock and roll dancing, sister crushing, politics and lot's of nap breaks in the car...

    last night was really really fun...

    Sep 8, 2006


    crowd count at first pitch of Marlins game last night: 50...

    Whiskey Thieves and the Castle last night with Armand and Von Iva...

    because of Whiskey Thieves and the Castle last night no Excel class this afternoon...

    you know that movie Little Miss Sunshine? the guy who wrote and directed is from Concord and went to my highschool...i guess that's a hometown brag...(have i already posted this?)...

    the Fremont A's? do A's fans actually care about their team? where's the stink? the Santa Clara A's? there's no Oakland in A's...

    i think it's my parents anniversary today though i can't be sure...

    my mom found figs...and i'm eating them...

    i'm watching Sling Blade, i think Grouch sampled Sling Blade on Nothing Changes...'alright then'...

    Sep 7, 2006


    just got out of Excel got sort of fun 3 1/2 hrs in...

    just ate some horioteki...that's 'greek salad' for the barbarians...

    currently watching the Tigers/ Twins game...go tigers...

    Oz Season 6 sucks so far, watched the first three episodes last night...boy o boy are they really trying...example, Jazz Hoyt may be possesed by Satan...uh huh...i remember when Marlena on Days Of Our Lives was possesed by Satan in the early 90's/ i think Stephano lead the exorcism...or something...anyway, i remember being really small and thinking "Satan?! this is wack!"...or something...

    forgot that i have a friend named Jim Hurrly...

    Von Iva (or at least 1/2 of Von Iva) is playing tonight at Bottom Of The Hill...i might go...

    funeral on friday wedding on saturday...

    Florida Marlins' rookie Anibal Sanchez pitched a no-hitter wednesday night...the first no-hitter in over 2 years...announced attendance was 12,551 but it's reported that the crowd was actually half of that...Marlins fans crack me up...


    had a dream last night that DJ Shadow and i were shopping for giant olives at a co-op in San Francisco.

    cashed my $6 AfterDay consignnment check from Cody's the other day. that was surreal.

    started Office Suite computer classes over at Pleasant Hill Adult Education yesterday morning. i feel like a ponce. but i know i need to be there. go go GO Excel!

    i suddenly have a renewed interest in reading poetry/ thinking about poetry. realizing i need structure in my life to do anything productive. right now structure is Excel/ Powerpoint classes. go figure.

    my hair is hella long. i don't know what to do with it. i like it and don't like it.

    i've been eating lot's of Greek pistachios and Deglet Noor dates.

    about to go for a run.

    Sep 6, 2006

    Wallace Stevens hearts Michael Palmer...


    New York, September 5th-Michael Palmer has been selected as the recipient of the 2006 Wallace Stevens Award from the Academy of American Poets. The $100,000 prize recognizes outstanding and proven mastery in the art of poetry. The judges for the award were poets Robert Hass, Fanny Howe, Susan Stewart, Arthur Sze, and Dean Young. Robert Hass, on selecting Palmer to receive the award, wrote:

    Michael Palmer is the foremost experimental poet of his generation and perhaps of the last several generations. A gorgeous writer who has taken cues from Wallace Stevens, the Black Mountain poets, John Ashbery, contemporary French poets, the poetics of Octavio Paz, and from language poetries. He is one of the most original craftsmen at work in English at the present time. His poetry is at once a dark and comic interrogation of the possibilities of representation in language, but its continuing surprise is its resourcefulness and its sheer beauty.

    Michael Palmer was born in New York City in 1943 and has lived in San Francisco for more than 30 years. He is the author of numerous books of poetry, including Company of Moths (New Directions, 2005), which was short-listed for the Canadian Griffin Poetry Prize; Codes Appearing: Poems 1979-1988 (2001); The Promises of Glass (2000); The Lion Bridge: Selected Poems 1972-1995 (1998); At Passages (1996); Sun (1988); First Figure (1984); Notes for Echo Lake (1981); Without Music (1977); The Circular Gates (1974); and Blake's Newton (1972). He is also the author of a prose work, The Danish Notebook (Avec Books, 1999).

    Palmer's work, which is both alluringly lyrical and intensely avant-garde, has inspired a wide range of poets working today. Palmer draws on many disparate poetic traditions to create a new voice, a voice that has opened up ways to write out of the confines of specific schools of poetry.

    Palmer has brought his powers for synthesis to his collaborations with artists in several mediums. For over 30 years he has collaborated with the Margaret Jenkins Dance Company, and he created the text for their piece "Danger Orange." Visual artists he has collaborated with include Gerhard Richter, Micaƫla Henich, Sandro Chia, Jess Collins, and Augusta Talbot. Palmer has also translated work from French, Russian and Portuguese. He edited and contributed translations to Nothing The Sun Could Not Explain: Twenty Contemporary Brazilian Poets (Sun & Moon Press, 1997), and Blue Vitriol (Avec Books, 1994), a collection of poetry by Alexei Parshchikov. He also translated Theory of Tables (1994), a book written by Emmanuel Hocquard, a project that grew out of Hocquard's translations of Palmer's "Baudelaire Series" into French.

    Palmer's honors include two grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, a Lila Wallace-Reader's Digest Writer's Award, a Guggenheim Foundation fellowship, and the Shelley Memorial Prize from the Poetry Society of America. In 1999, he was elected a Chancellor of the Academy of American Poets.

    Palmer will be the featured speaker at the Academy of American Poets Award Ceremony & Reading on November 8, 2006. This event, held in New York City and open to the public, will provide those on the East Coast a rare opportunity to hear a poet who has shaped American poetry for decades. For more information, visit

    About the Award
    The Wallace Stevens Award is given annually by the Academy of American Poets to recognize outstanding and proven mastery in the art of poetry. Established in 1994, the award carries a stipend of $100,000. The previous recipients are W. S. Merwin, James Tate, Adrienne Rich, Anthony Hecht, A. R. Ammons, Jackson Mac Low, Frank Bidart, John Ashbery, Ruth Stone, Richard Wilbur, Mark Strand, and Gerald Stern. Wallace Stevens, one of the major American poets of the twentieth century, was born in Reading, Pennsylvania, in 1879. After attending Harvard University, he received a law degree from New York Law School, and worked as a corporate lawyer at the Hartford Accident and Indemnity Company from 1916 until his death in 1955. Harmonium, his first collection of poems, was published in 1923, but it was only very late in his life, after the publication of The Collected Poems of Wallace Stevens (19! 54), that his work began to receive broad attention and critical acclaim.

    Sep 5, 2006


    is anybody else really tired of "based on a true story"...?

    Sep 4, 2006

    BB from "Memoirs..."


    we're perverts
    history is thinking
    positively. Once I loved
    to kill animate beings
    i.e. fortune, beauty, art
    that existed in the field of probably-tactile beings...


    Sep 2, 2006

    Steve Evans' Attention Span...

    "Contributors to Attention Span are invited to provide a list of up to eleven titles (poetry and otherwise, recent and rediscovered) that have engaged their attention of late."

    i forgot to submit my list this year and the deadline has passed so i'll just post it here:
    (and i did 12 titles instead of 11)

  • just like last year

  • 1. Standard Schaefer | Water & Power | Agincourt | 2005

    2. Magazine Cypress Number 4 | ed. Dana Ward | 2006

    3. Los Bros Hernandez | Love And Rockets | Fantagraphics | early 80's- early 00's

    4. Kathryn L. Pringle | Temper And Felicity Are Lovers | Taxt | 2006

    5. Dodie Bellamy | Pink Steam | Suspect Thoughts | 2004

    6. Suzanne Stein | Tout Va Bien | self published | 2005

    7. Bombay Gin #32 | eds. W. Celeste Davis Luis Valadez Tim Hernandez JD Louis Nicholas B. Morris Heather Mueller and John Sakkis | 2006

    8. David Buuck vs. Sue Denom | Runts | Self-Punish or Parrot | 2006

    9. Kevin Killian | I Know The Truth | self published | 2005

    10. Benjamin Friedlander | Simulcast Four Experiments In Criticism | University Of Alabama Press | 2004

    11. Sabrina Calle and Feliz Molina |
  • Hair Flip
  • | Blogger | 2006

    12. Brandon Brown | Memoirs Of My Nervous Illness | Cy Press | 2006

    ...i could also add Susana Gardner's
  • Dusie project
  • , Didi Menendez and Amy King's
  • Mipoesias Project
  • , most of the Hot Whiskey catalog, David Larsen's The New Yipes reading series in Oakland, M.I.A.'s Arular, Naropa's Summer Writing Program, Eleni Sikelianos and Laird Hunt having a baby, E-40's My Ghetto Report Card, Melissa Benham's Artifact reading series in San Francisco, Stacy Doris and Chet Wiener having two babies, Brent Cunningham's Bird & Forest, Stephanie Young's Flickr blog, hipster "fixie" bikes, Armand C.'s
  • Detumescence project
  • , Alli Warren and Brandon Brown's talk series (though i prefer the dinners), and finally, the San Francisco Bay Area as THE first and renewed attention getter...

    RIP Gyorgy Faludy

    new favorite site.

  • Graffiti Research Project

    my new favorite person in the world, Sofoklis Schortsanitis...born and raised Hellene...otherwise known as "Baby-Shaq"...

    the bridge is closed eastbound.

    BART is free and running 24 hours.

    i think i'll stay in the East Bay tonight.

    James come home.

    David call me.

    bikes to BART to bikes to park to bikes to Zeitgeist to bikes to apartment to cab to Pac Heights to car to Madrone to feet to Fly Bar to feet to apartment to feet to store to bar to apartment to "realizing flirting was fun in the bar but not in a well lit apartment at 2 in the morning" to calling a cab to back upstairs to pullout bed to sleep...


    Smolt- Nicole Pollentier (Wings Press)
    Runts- David Buuck vs. Sue Denom (self-punish or parrot)

    oh yeah. Greece beats USA. take that Gina Myers (not that we've had a conversation about USA basketball or anything but i know you're into basketball and you live in this country so i thought i'd gloat...personally i could care less, only because basketball bores me, but i'm allowed to say that because i played 7 years of torturous Catholic School ball the whole time wishing i had my skateboard drooling over the ledges outside of St. Francis church, so yeah, basketball bores me but it also might make me a little mad, but mostly i think it's boring, like "i'd rather watch NASCAR than watch the NBA" boring)



    He came
    So hard
    That it
    Went Up
    And Down
    And Out
    My Nose

    But I

    All the way
    To the sperm
    Bank with his
    Money shot


    I gave in
    And Gave up

    Twenty bucks
    And a sassy
    Looking SASE


    --David Buuck vs. Sue Denom (from Runts)