Jan 31, 2007



Bus Driver ripped it last night at The Great American. Bus Driver ripped it so hard we left mid Deerhoof. And we didn't feel bad about it. It wasn't that Deerhoof was bad, to the contrary, they were really good, it's just that Bus Driver set the bar energy-wise and Deerhoof was somewhat lacking in that brand of dancey silliness.

The three of us make great audience. I feel i can say that sincerely. We like to hop around and dance and laugh and joke and stuff. But all good audiences do that. In fact, the only complaint i have about last night was the lack of dancing, or moving, or arm waving on the audience's behalf in general. San Francisco didn't really represent last night.


okay, just got back from the show...but, more on that later...

so, my brother and i started up a bicycle gang...we're called The Concord Bike-Trail Boozers...it's pretty much the shit...

so far we have like 10 members. we're getting tee shirts made. i'm rooting for old english.


Jan 30, 2007

The PoolHouse Vol. 7

The PoolHouse Vol. 7

Side A

1. Saafir- Hit List
2. Del The Funky Homosapien- Phoney Phranchise
3. Foreign Legion- Overnightsuccess
4. LA Symphony- Heartfelt Rhymes
5. Sacred Hoop- Smokebomb
6. Fat Lip- What's Up Fat Lip?
7. Planet Asia + 427- Bringin It Back (original)
8. L'roneous- Castaway The Stowaways
9. BAAC- Test Pressing Song 1
10. Kirby Dominant- Selftitled
11. Sole- Bottle Of Humans

Side B

1. Blackalicious- A to G
2. G & E- Intro
3. The Grouch- Simple Man
4. Jurassic 5- Quality Control
5. Defari- Bionic
6. Eligh- Nightlife
7. Necro- Cockroaches
8. RUN DMC- Rock The House
9. Maris- Pump Up The Volume
10. Criminal Minded Instrumentals (KRS-ONE)- Poetry

Jan 28, 2007

Lady in the Water



Jan 27, 2007


"why you acting so complex, hush and peace Chinese???"


You and Allison Warren really liked this movie way more than the average viewer. You two are certainly far from average.

Jan 26, 2007


Friday, January 26, 2007 at 7:30 P.M.
Neo-Benshi Night: Sound Off!??

Beyond the flotsam of YouTube, and exceeding the drunken sentiments of karaoke, Neo-Benshi is live
narration and subversion of moving pictures.

In this evening’s eight episodes??

Mary Burger reanimates Michel Gondry;
Del Ray Cross cracks Kurt McDowell;
Amanda Davidson pirates Pippi;
Jen Hofer x-rays Robert Aldrich;
Colter Jacobsen duels Stephen Spielberg;
Jen Nellis poisons Alfred Hitchcock;
Wayne Smith parties with John Schlesinger;
and Konrad Steiner hosts “The Gamma People”

Jan 25, 2007

clap clap clap

The PoolHouse Vol. 6

The PoolHouse Vol. 6

Side A

1. Cali Kings- Cali Kings (Fresh Out The Box)
2. The Lost Hip Hop Instrumentals- Push It Along
3. Beats And Lyrics Vol. 1- Intro Are You Ready (Kool DJ EQ)
4. Socialistik- Hit And Run
5. Feenom Circle- Floatin
6. Beats And Lyrics Vol. 2- Get Ready (Kook DJ EQ)
7. Elusive/ Abstract Rude- The Bakery
8. Itai Doshin- Telepathik
9. G & E- The March
10. Eligh- Coincidence
11. Heiroglyphics- The Last One
12. Kemetic Suns- Pow Wow

Side B

1. Haiku De Tat- Los Dangerous
2. Peanut Butter Wolf- Styles, Crews, Flows, Beats
3. Mystik Journeymen- Passage Way
4. Sacred Hoop- Panhandle
5. Junior Boys Own- Dylan Rhymes
6. Sound Scientist- Take Flight
7. Elusive- Elements
8. Souls Of Mischief- Medication
9. Mountain Brothers- Paper Chase
10. Sunspot Jonz- Barefoot In Bollywood

The PoolHouse Vol. 5

The PoolHouse Vol.5

Side A

1. Mystik Journeymen- Revenge
2. Ambush- Human Torch
3. Latyrix- Lady Don't Tek No
4. Beastie Boys- Body Movin (Album Version)
5. Zion I- Inner Light
6. Souls Of Mischief- Shooting Star
7. Dubtribe- Holler!
8. Mr. Complex- I'm Rhymin
9. Mystik Journeymen- Mercury Rising
10. Bizzaro- My Collection Of Tapes

Side B

1. Mos Def- The Universal Magnetic
2. Kid Capri- Unify
3. Kirby Dominant- Microphone
4. L'Roneous- "L"chemy
5. Kemetic Suns- Science Must Progress
6. Busta Rhymes- Woo-hah! Got You All In Check
7. Organized Confusion- Somehow Someway
8. Defari- Never Loose Touch
9. The Roots- Adrenaline
10. Jurassic 5- Concrete Schoolyard

Jan 24, 2007

Friday Night Lights


i'm super deadliney today.

Jan 21, 2007

i hated this movie but Ray Charles at the final scene was totally weird, amazingly unexpected and completely brilliant...

Jan 20, 2007


Jan 19, 2007


after a near miss with Koshkin, Francois tagged me:

5 Things You Might Not Know About Me

1. i've appeared on Greek television

2. my favorite nut is the pistachio nut

3. in the mid-late 90's i promoted huge awful warehouse parties with the Nexus Crew

4. back when i used to DJ with All Aspects Crew (AAC) and The Headquarters Collective (THC) i opened up for many rap artists including but not limited to: Heiroglyphics, Outkast, Living Legends, Black Eyed Peas, The Earthlings, Melky Sedek, Anticon.

5. i still carry my The X-Files Fan Club membership card in my wallet.



All seats $10 -- no reservations -- arrive early

FRIDAY, JANUARY 19, 2007 at 7:30 P.M.
“Tarantula” / Written & Directed by Marc Arthur.

“Orgasm” / Written by Dodie Bellamy / Directed by Margaret Tedesco

“Bowl, Cat and Broomstick” (1917) / Written by Wallace Stevens / Directed by Dana Teen Lomax & Danna Lomax

“The Haunted House” / Written & Directed by Brandon Downing

“Pig Angels of the Americlypse” & “Spine” Written by Rodrigo Toscano / Directed by Stephanie Young

“The Party” / Written by Lisa Jarnot / Directed by Kevin Killian


TAXT invites you to come hear Eleni Stecopoulos [AUTOIMMUNITY] &

David Buuck [RUTS] read on January 20th, 7:30 p.m.

East Side of the Bay, graciously hosted chez Spahr, Weigl, Luoma:


Jan 18, 2007


Jan 17, 2007

Jan 16, 2007

mypace bulletin posted by brother last night after ingesting lot's of beer and meat


My mouth tastes like cajun cement. Total padestrian, shoe lace spice.

Jan 15, 2007


Jan 14, 2007


1. met francois luong last night
2. that new white rapper show on VHI is a sad thing for white rappers
3. happy birthday truman
4. trapped in the closet in the mail yesterday afternoon
5. miranda mellis last night at artfact

Jan 13, 2007


Jan 12, 2007

It's Dante!

Jan 11, 2007


Let's Pretend it's Week Three Of The SWP!

C. Rankine 7/18/05:

Robert Lowell as the “new knight” of the modernists until he had a mental breakdown.

C. Rankine’s one rule for writing Don’t Let Me Be Lonely “don't lie to yourself” (if you find yourself being tricky cross it out!)

Week Three Panel 7/18/05:

L. Robertson- buildings in Vancouver last on average 15 years before they are torn down/ “i got off the bus in a neighborhood that i believed i knew like the back of my hand and had no idea where i was."
R. Toscano- an other-world problematic/ a poem with more than one word in it/ what lies on the other side of a singular word?/ target audience (postmodern promissory notes).
M. Delatorre- has really cool glasses.
A. Hollo- “words words as if all the worlds were there” R. Creeley/ poetry-don’t write for an audience.

a translation of Rodrigo Toscano
“Juliana Spahr has taken this perspective that I have been talking about and applied it in her book, Response. In Response, she supposes the strategies that television talk shows apply are literary strategies, that is, literary methodologies. And so if television talk shows are actively employing literary strategies to reach their viewers, I ask, who is this fabled general population (audience) that we as artists are supposedly talking down to?"

C. Rankine 7/19/05:

newmediapoets.com (claudia’s website)

A. Waldman Socratic Rap 7/ 19/ 05:

“coefficient of weirdness” (J. Rothenberg) the strangeness of language re: oral poetic traditions/ Antonin Artaud “we are listening to him!”

C. Rankine 7/20/05:

the image in a book or poem needs to extend the weight of the text/ keep the space active/ check Hejinian’s The Language of Inquiry for “Happily”.../ phosphene reaction-the stars you see when you push on your eyes.

E. Robinson 7/25/05:

send us out!/ let’s try a perceptual, exploratory experiment/ a scavenger hunt for language/ bibliomancy/ in what ways is this continuos with my work? in what way is it dissimilar? if it were a person being forced to talk what would it reveal about me as a writer/ recent or long term preoccupation?/ RE-BARBITIVE...(how come i hear A. Waldman's voice while typing this?)

L. Mullen Lecture 7/25/05:

saying you hate Gertrude Stein is like saying you hate Saturn/ art is fact/ agit-prop- agitation propaganda (i still haven't a clue what this means)


and now, that deathmetal band HATEBEAK that has a parrot as its lead singer...my favorite song “God Of An Empty Nest”...and then Caninus that has two pitt bull’s for their lead singers...this all reminds me of Stacy Szymaszek’s “parrot watching, parrot-friends, parrots the century”/ “lot’s of female poet’s with GREAT BODIES of work” J. Yao (for shame mr. Yao...for shame)

two revelations

Barry Bonds tested positive for amphetamines last season, and then blamed it on teammate Mark Sweeny. (not surprising/ bad for MLB)

David Beckham is moving to the states to play with the LA Galaxy. (sort of not surprising/ good, nay, really good for MLS)

Jan 9, 2007

S.F. Values

excuse me, i'm trying to have a romantic conversation right now, could you please stop talking about drugs?

Jan 8, 2007

Let's Pretend it's Week Two Of The SWP!

J. Spahr 7/11/05:

form as social practice/ political, persuasion, love poem as activist poem, how does poetry make us do things?/ what types of community do “other” forms make-up?/ what kind of poem does the Ghazal want to hold, what do we need to be decadent about?/ P. Diddy to Biggie Smalls “every breath you take” at VHI awards as a form of public mourning (this seems a bit cute, yes, this is a little bit cute).../ people in Oakland getting killed going to shrines (yes, in SF too...a cousin being shot for visiting the shrine of her cousin who was mistakenly shot at the same location a week earlier...this is in front of a club i used to play at, THE TOP in the Lower Haight)/ the politics of public mourning/ gov. controlled mourning/ Maya Lin’s v. nam war memorial was originally designed with a parallel wall with all the Vietnamese casulties...didn’t happen...

Panel (The New American Writing) 7/11/05:

A. Glover- Howl as antisocial behavior (in high school)/ “Olson entered the room and my sense of direction was changed forever”/ “didn’t know what the New American Poetry was then, the book hadn’t come out yet”/ “a curriculum of the soul”/ to continue studying Olson’s work (at St. Lawrence) or what he was doing.
L. Warsh- Oscar Williams’ edited anthology “ “ was an original inspiration for Warsh/ Spicer: what do you do? Warsh: I’m a writer...(wrong answer)/ Heads of the Town Up To The Aether caused a row in SF when first published, “everyone was talking about it though I had a hard time understanding it”/ “maybe the New American Poets are one big community and they don’t know it yet”/ Anne Waldman was R. Duncan’s house guest at Berkeley Po. Conferance...two weeks later Anne and Lewis were off to Mexico.
A. Waldman- Macdougal Street in Greenwich Village was a bohemian mecca

J Spahr 7/12/05:

ex. wow “peace in the middle east” Abreu said. / write a Ghazal/ share the Ghazal/ Ghazal (one of the original definitions) is a gazelle cornered in the hunt, the noise the animal makes is the Ghazal.
consider these questions:
1. what sort of political community, what sort of world does this form possess/ suggest?
2. what sort of responsibility does it suggest?
3. how does it define a grievable life? what is it grieving?

Home Run Derby Ghazal

“The people got to know,” Abreu said.
“They’re going to talk about me,” Abreu said.
He knows he made a name for himself.
“This is a beautiful night,” Abreu said.
In fact, the ball carried very well to right field.
“I don’t know if I can sleep tonight,” Abreu said.
Santana placed a call back to his father.
“The country was paralyzed,” Abreu said.
Abreu picked up right where he left off.
“My arm got a little tired and stiff,” Abreu said.
With water fountains shooting high.
“Didn’t make it any easier,” Abreu said.
Players were tossed special gold baseballs.
“Hitting long bombs,” Abreu said.
The standing-room crowd went scurrying for a souvenir.
“It’s too easy getting the ball out of this park,” Abreu said.
And maybe a bit intimidating for the other competitors.
“I made it farther than I expected to,” Abreu said.
And he was good enough to advance.
“And I just kept doing it all night,” Abreu said.

A. Oliver Lecture (Harlem Renaissance) 7/13/05:

H. Ren was a conscious critical approach to MOVE into history/ to create a counter discourse to the popular attitude of the black people/ Lynch-named after a general “ “ Lynch, he enacted the first official hanging/ H. Ren started 1919(20) and ended 1938(39/40)/ H. Ren as “The New Negro Movement”/ Dubois originally thought of it/ called it that way. The New Negro was a taking back of race/ culture that was being killed off/ Elaine Locke “the old Negro has become more of a myth than a man.”

J. Spahr 7/12/05:

“operatic tilt” of weeping, textured in varying pitch as birds weep in a drama of ascending and descending melody.
“does something have to be familiar to be lamentable?” (R. West)...

C. Bernstein Lecture (Objectivest Blues) 7/15/05:

WOW...this lecture really polarized the student body...the best event of the summer...hands down...

I want my poetry to have both a poetics and an aesthetic/ where’s the orientation? how do we remain grounded?/ how do we understand future works in the present?/ the “now” of poetry is more than likely to be found on the web rather than in books/ “innovation” as a vexed term, the suspicion of the new valued over any other aesthetic style/ innovation comes from the spark of necessity/ it can be admirable to succeed at nothing...of which i had made a point of.../ form follows not function but failure rather/ disruptive innovation (who is the audience) vs. refinement (writing for the “best readers”)/ reconstitute the field of distribution/ not make it new but make it LIVE/ the poem is not finished even when it is completed/ poems that we reread become cultural time capsules/ inspiration is not what comes before the poem is written, it is what happens when the poem is read/ P.S.I. Poetry Scene Investigators/ a poetics of poetics/ to reveal history of poetics we need to be strong with our values.

Jan 7, 2007


it was my name day today...happy name day to all the Ioannis' out there...go us and or, go Baptists, and or go the Divine, and or go all my Spartan ancestors named John!

Blessed Art Thou

Jan 6, 2007


and then anyone notice that new store in the Lower Haight called Lower Haters which is like the retarded little cousin of Upper Playground?

like Upper Playground with a hairlip.


i want to start a t-shirt line called San Francisco Values


Jan 5, 2007


"nada gordon got a song" was my fakhr in a Qasidah i once wrote.


Let's Pretend It's Week One Of The SWP!

L. Moriarity 7/4/05:

{Hamlet: The Rest is Silence/ writing is space in collaboration with reader

(on video) Norma at rest at California Historical Society show in San Francisco/ Norma on the staricase/ Norma laying at the base of the staircase.

a short exercise: scout, scissors, unavowable, nicole brossard speaks of homogeneity when she speaks, I said the same, I met a man who was Laura’s husband who plays blue grass, in fact I recently saw him in the new SPD catalog playing what looked like bluegrass.
—to read the space

Faculty Panel 7/4/05:

L. Moriarity- (don’t except the horse trojan)/ Blake’s “without unceasing practice nothing can be done”/ the writer of self-destruction.
S. Bitsui- practice crossing borders/ bringing places together/ irrational places/ computers changing the way we see the written word (digital age conversions)/ Navaho Nation lacking a “written language” but families compensating by inventing “code” to communicate with each other.
B. Scheffel- writing is a force (this is a judgment, but why was bill invited to speak on this panel?...he didn’t say ANYTHING)/ Trumpa as “inventor” of Naropa/ Jared Hayes says “totally old school Naropa.”
J. Kyger- not practicing to win but practicing Ikebana as an “everyday”/ self is overrated/ write down the date/ time while writing a journal/ poem...what’s going on right now/ “get it while it’s hot!”

MFA Meeting 7/4/05:

1. what does it mean to be raised in the Bay Area?
2. What organ do you write with? e.g., eyes, ear, mouth, body (not an organ but a unit of organs)
3. what does/ has family meant to your current occupation (poet/ career/ school etc.)?
4. how does community manifest? Could you function as a writer without community?
5. what are your reading habits?

L. Moriarity 7/5/05:

would tea?/ I’m/ that’s hyphy!/ post partum depression/ with vitamins/ and exercise/ in this/ room/ I like/ mostly red

L. Moriarity 7/7/05:

terrorist attacks in London/ subway/ double-decker bus (cut in half)
how does lineage change over time? what is lineage? where is lineage?// tea or BBQ? (BBQ I say emphatically)
“is Barbara Guest being ‘very Western Civ’”
lapidary-like jewelry (in relation to Barbara Guest)
Benjamin Hollander asks “can we still talk about the “L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E wars?”

E. Sanders Lecture (Olson/ Creeley) 7/7/05:

poet as investigator/ prophet without death
Creeley has more academic papers on him than Madonna (hardy har)
“the saturation job”- Olson’s notion of the first big research done by a poet/ Olson’s S.J. was his research on Melville, “Call Me Ishmael”
Pound encouraged Olson to be a writer of manifesto’s possibly leading Olson to his “Projective Verse.”

L. Moriarity 7/8/05:

rap vs. traditional song/ Alan Gilbert-----Aesop Rock
Laura says “poety” “stealy” “admiry”...words cyborged by “Y”...ex. “i am very admiry of this”/ i think this is great.
Laura as part of the Analytic Lyric movement/ Analytic Lyric/ though these books lower case, analytic lyric 1. call me ishmael 2. my emily dickinson 3. rituals of truce 4. my life 5. Benjamin Hollander, Norma Cole, Michael Palmer, Rachel Blau Duplessis, Laura Moriarity, David Levi Strauss, ACTS 7 (ordered today...hip hip hooray!!!)
the life of the book/ what the “poor book” goes through to get out of your head into the hands of the reader (...and then burned by the publisher...rip BOUT BOUT)

K. Abbott Lecture (kerouac and Haiku) 7/8/05:

Kerouac’s Book of Haiku as a book of contemplative practice (um...)/ “memorybabe” as Kerouac’s nickname as a child (um...)/ haiku is not figurative representations they are intuitive rather, they point to original intuitions (ah...yes!)

The PoolHouse Vol. 4

The Poolhouse Vol. 4

Side A

1. The Anonymous- Green And Gold
2. Mystik Journeymen- Oran + Sandstorm
3. A Tribe Called Quest- Bonita Applebum
4. Jurrasic 5- In The Flesh
5. Mental Music- Intro + Styles From Under
6. Eminem- Guilty Conscience
7. Beastie Boys- Body Movin (White Label EP)
8. Rubber Room- Sector Rush
9. 75 Degrees- This Christmas (In The Bay)
10. The Beatnuts- Watch Out Now

Side B

1. Mos Def/ Talib Kweli- Definition
2. Mystik Journeymen- Decades
3. Elusive- Intro (Red Label) (6 Degrees of Seperation)
4. Misfitz Ov Style- Focus
5. Sole- Dear Elpee
6. Orko- Love Triangle
7. Jurrasic 5- Jayou
8. Swollen Members- Strength
9. The Giant- Hidden Crate
10. Rules Of The Game/ Mystik Journeymen- So Much Soul
11. Sole- Banquet of Sarcasm (Fish Label)
12. Mad Skillz- Lick The Balls

Jan 4, 2007

Paul McCarthy


new from Blazevox...

Joe Cooper's Autobiography of a Stutterer is here!

"Autobiography of a Stutterer is a culmination of the past fifteen years of my life as a stutterer. The purpose of this text is to give readers the opportunity to experience a speech impediment first hand. By following the legend and mimicking the symptoms of a fluency disorder, difficulties in communication and comprehension will begin to surface. Although non-stutterers reading this text will naturally elude the psychological fears and inhibitions experienced by stutterers, they have the chance to discover the mechanics of a fluency disorder and its frustrating interruptions. The text is to be read aloud, preferably in front of others."

Jan 2, 2007

The PoolHouse Vol. 3

The PoolHouse Vol. 3

Side A

1. Project Blowed- Jurasik
2. Dose- Song One On O Side
3. Ghost Dog Soundtrack/ Sunz Of Man- Strange Eyes
4. Foxhole/ Mystik Journeymen- Foxhole
5. Shape Shifters- Prevail (Westside)
6. Shape Shifters- Triple Threat (Sideways)
7. The Freestyle Fellowship- Intro + My Fantasy
8. Murs/ El-P/ Shingo2/ Yeshua Da Poet- A Day Like Any Other
9. Mr. NoNo aka Saafir- Scandlous
10. Shingo2- Eedsys (Japanese Version)

Side B

1. Burnt Batch- As The World Burns
2. The Highlife Movement- History + The Difference Between You And Me
3. Quasimoto- Microphone Mathematics
4. LootPack- When I'm On Da Mic
5. Dr. Doom- No Chorus
6. Planet Asia- Place Of My Birth
7. Murs- For The Record
8. The Anonymous- When We Were Kings
9. Rasco- Sophiscated Mic Pros
10. The Cuf- Sacramento
11. Planet Asia- Perfection Is Done
12. Sun Moon Sekt- Do The Sun Moon

The PoolHouse Vol. 2

The PoolHouse Vol. 2

Side A

1. Buck 65- The Centaur original
2. Aphrodite/ N.W.A.- Mix Edit Gangsta Gangsta
3. Aphrodite/ Luniz- Urban Takeover Mix I Got 5 On It
4. Basquiat/ Ramel Zee/ K. Rob- Beat Bop
5. Kool Keith- Intro
6. Ultramagnetic MC's- Watch Me Now
7. Elephant Tracks- Rhettmatic (People Don't Know How Nice I Am)
8. Bored Stiff- Fallen Star
9. 75 Degrees- Heat Wave

Side B

1. Swollen Members- S and M On The Rocks
2. Nothin' But A Beat Thang- Hydro
3. Cali Agents- The Good Life
4. Zion I- Critical (featuring Planet Asia) original
5. People Under The Stairs- The Cat
6. Del The Funky Homosapien- If You Must (LP version)
7. Beastie Boys- Alive
8. Quannum- Concenration
9. Dose- Directions To My Special Place
10. Boac- 19 Ninty Now Theme Transmission original
11. Snoop Doggy Dog- G Funk Intro
12. The Cuf- Watcha Say?

The PoolHouse Vol. 1

i found my old Disc Jock notes in the garage this morning. i forgot that i had catologued the set list of each mixtape from my The PoolHouse Series. i think i ended the series with 29 volumes. i'll list them here, now and then.

all my vinyl is boxed up right now, lack of space combined with transitional living conditions warrent this, but i miss my records and these notes make me feel a lot closer to them, plus it's nice revisiting my mixtape days (roughly from 15 yrs old to 24)...i think the PoolHouse series spanned three years, while i was crewing with All Aspects Crew (AAC) and The Headquarters Collective.

The PoolHouse Vol. 1

Side A

1. Sole- Dismantling of Soles Ego
2. Double Life- Cycles of the Mind
3. Kool Keith- Test Press
4. Jay-Z- Anything
5. BAAC- Hip Hop on the Moon Song #1
6. Rasco- Me And My Crew
7. Dr. Octogon- Intro 3000
8. Jurassic 5- Unified Rebelution

Side B

1. Foreign Legion- Nowhere To Hide
2. Peanut Butter Wolf- Tale Of Five Cities
3. Eligh- The Crow
4. Zion I- Creation
5. Strength Magazine- Welcome To Strength Magazine (intro)
6. CMA- The Best
7. Anticon- Attack of The Post Modern Baboons
8. Fat Jack- You Know What I'm Saying?
9. Zion I- Revolution (B-Boy Anthem (Creation)) Armageddon Mix
10. Jizzm High Definition- Maintaining
11. Anticon- Deep Puddle Theme Song