Nov 26, 2008

Nov 24, 2008


"Kiwi" Erin just yelled at me for not putting her craft jewelry gems on my fact she said, "put me on your blog so Californian hotties can buy my jewelry"
Erin might be my daughter, i'm still in love with her mother but she won't speak to me, support family!

Nov 21, 2008


Thanks Logan for sending this my way...hilarious.

pshares (by way of HTML) blog meme

i think they've got me figured out..."poetry blog" as euphemism for what?

"John Sakkis: Lives in SF area, blogs mostly about parties, shows, hot chicks. Lots of pictures of hipsters holding plastic cups. I.e., cooler than you. "

i'm on this panel at Mills College this Sunday

November 23rd, 2008

Mills Hall, Mills College

What To Do With What Is Made: Poetry Publishing

10:00-11:00 (Moderator: Kati Knox)

and 1:00-2:00 (Moderator: Allegra Chabay)

Description: working, published poets talk about how they got their work out into the world, various publishing avenues, the limits and freedoms of publishing, the differences between mainstream and independent publishers, community involvement, and the possibility of writing as a career in the current times. We will also explore the question of grant funding, the non-profit sector, and other funding options for poets.

Speakers: Mary Burger, poet, ed. Second Story Books, Narrativity

Steve Dickison, poet, exec. dir. Poetry Center at SFSU

John Sakkis, poet, Small Press Distribution

Anh-Hoa Nguyen, poet, dir. Pomelo Press


and Tamsyn are having a baby right now!!!

just got the text!

good luck're about to be a daddy...weird!


Nov 20, 2008

Chinese Democracy

(me c. 1987)

i streamed Chinese Democracy this morning on Myspace...

at it's best it sounds like a new Robert Plant album ("If The World") it's worst it sounds like Stone Temple Pilots post Purple ("Shackler's Revenge")...

still, there's something undeniably great about hearing new Axl matter how bland or over-produced or confusing (MLK samples?)...i'm rooting for the album (even though it's mediocre) and i'm rooting for Axl (even though he looks like Ice-T)...i don't know, maybe i'm the only one...but i get really excited when celebrities from my youth re-emerge older and weather-worn but better for Christian Slater, Scott Baio, Jason Bateman, Michelle Pfeiffer, Axl Rose, Michael Anthony Hall, Jeremy Piven, Flavor Flav, Corey Feldman, Patrick Dempsey, Ione Skye et me an idiot but i'm truly happy when these people are employed...maybe it's because when i think of Corey Feldman i think of Vision Street Wear and skating the Concord canals and craw dad fishing and peanut butter ice cream and horror movies and sleep overs and setting fires...and when i think of Flavor Flav i think of Summer camp and my cousin Manoli and Big John and cassettes and rivers and bb guns and Navaronne Way...and when i think of Christian Slater i think of Gleaming The Cube and Heathers which makes me think of painting rocks and my brother and Thrasher magazine and finding porno in the field at the end of the cul de sac and rubber band guns and building ramps and the Cupertino flea market...and when i think of Michelle Pfeiffer i think of Grease 2 and my sister and my cousin Vicki and birthday cake and Slip n' Slide (into the fence) and climbing trees and Taco Bell and Friday The 13th...and when i think of Axl Rose i think of the Benicia skatepark and wearing shorts and 957 San Simeon and Woodside and Toyota trucks and Nintendo and Tom Cruise in Legend and VHS and The Chronicles of Narnia and Moraga and "dip"...

i don't know, i think i root for 80's celebs because the 80's were magic...pre-internet pop culture ingrained in my little skater when i see Axl or the others in the news 20 years later i think "magic!!!" "the magic is still alive!!!" "carry on you beautiful creatures..."

i think what "Guns n Roses" needs to do is tour this album for 6 months or something and then get back to the studio and record a new, non-epic record for release in 2010...i want GnR to be sustainable...but Chinese Democracy isn't the album to keep people interested...they're certainly not going bring in any new fans with this release...i think the only reason why i sort of like the album is because i trust Axl's voice...i can "hear" it because i have the context to hear it...if i came of age in the oughts though...i would think "this shit is wack..."...i would think "this reminds me of what We Love The 90's says 1994 sounded like"...


last friday night Steve, me and Logan went to the D-Structure fashion snow, D-Stricts...we missed the cat-walk but found the dance party...Steve dove in...Steve is magic...all the girls (and boys) immediately gravitated toward his gyrating pelvis...the gaggle of barely legal bridge-n-tunnel blonds, the petite brunette psycho i named "ZUL," hip hop/hipster dudes, whoever/ one could resist the dance floor charms of Mr. ORTH...including apparently the photographers...Steve is in every single shot below...what follows is the Where's Waldo of the Lower Haight...can you spot ORTH in every shot?

D-Structure gets ups in the Bay Guardian guide to X-Mas Shopping

Nov 18, 2008

November 18, 1982- November 18, 2007

happy birthday sweetheart, happy birthday Beck

one year

Nov 14, 2008


Sondra turns 25 so i guess that means Karaoke at The Mint? that pic of Sondra is from the evite, so don't judge me...and someone else created the evite invitation so don't judge Sondra...
angelo & vicki - pastitsion and kid food, paper plates, plastic cups, plastic forks/knives/spoons
john & carolyn - desserts

manoli - an S -load of Loukanika for bbq-in

deme – Roasted vegetables from dimbolina

johnny and james - beers and cheese

louisa - bread, salad, and some vino

antoni & marissa - homebrew and something roasted w potatoes

julia -

Nov 13, 2008

save the date

Nov 12, 2008


= ton of SF fun...


Nov 11, 2008

celebrity poet doppelganger thing...

Loren Horsley


Lindsey Boldt

recently read...

1. Silver Standard- Justin Sirois

2. Weather- Richard Hell

3. The Particles- Randy Blasing

4. The Weatherman Turns Himself In- Leslie Scalapino

5. Our Beloved 26th- Riley Michael Parker

6. Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind: Alien Abductions, UFO's, And The Conference At M.I.T.- C.D.B. Bryan

7. The Secret Meaning Of Things- Lawrence Ferlinghetti

8. Necessary Stranger- Graham Foust

9. Real: The Letters Of Mina Harker and Sam D'allesandro- Dodie Bellamy/ Sam D'allesandro

10. The Blood About The Heart- Sarah Menefee

11. High Life- Matthew Stokoe

12. Sesions 1-62- Eli Goldblatt

13. The Philosopher's Club- Kim Addonizio

14. The Left Bank Gang- Jason

15. The Sandman World's End- Neil Gaiman

16. The Screwtape Letters- C.S. Lewis

17. Work #9

18. The Poker #4

19. Watchword #4


Nov 10, 2008


i'm in a carb coma

my eyes are puffy

yesterday i watched Saw V and The Assassination of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford and Prom Night

i dreamt that Snoop Dog was on a "the state of hip hop" panel...he said "and look at all these kids just now discovering Eazy-E..." and then an Eazy-E beat dropped, hard, in my dream...

yesterday i ate pizza and spanakopita and tomato soup and apples and peanut butter and a 40oz and coffee

what does the state of economy mean to you?

it means i drink 40oz all over again

i wanted to write a rap

in the rap i would have the line "so broke i soap with shampoo"

i'm currently reading On The Road for the first time...

and Acts #1 printed in Robert Duncan's basement in the early 80's

i think i'll send that picture of my boner to Try magazine

will you publish a picture of my boner Try magazine?

Lorelei Lee is very nice, she bought my book

Graham Foust is deadpan, like Fox Mulder's weird little brother, i like reading him more than hearing him

Sara Mumolo was a total gentlewoman, and thank you to "Ben" for introducing me

i read mostly from Rude Girl and a few Gary Gygax poems and sold a bunch of books...thank you nice East Bay crowd for actually buying books

and here's a nice photographic interlude by Drummond Buckley (Studio One Gallery Reading 11/7/08)(me, Lorelei Lee, Lorelei Lee, me and Logan Ryan Smith in front of The Avenue Bar)

"the poet's barter system has got to go"
--Eleni Sikelianos

Logan and me and Drummond went to The Avenue bar on Telegraph before the's a good bar, the only bar in Berkeley? anyway, it reminded us of Brawley, Livermore and Concord respectively

Drummond drove us back to the city debating the whole way about Kindle vs. Object

and then i read an article in Publisher's Weekly on the toilet the next day titled "Kindle vs. Object" and i thought of Carl Jung

if i were to start a poetry movement i would call it The New Paranoids and the above incident would be my poetics

dropped Logan off, dropped Drummond off, drove around for an hour looking for parking in the LH steadily getting a headache...

took 3 Excedrin

met up with my brother and Brett and Steve H. for a free show at The Independent...Vin Sol and some psychedelic rock bands...

met up with Brandon at Delerium for afternoon beers

watched Knocked Up

grabbed 40oz and walked to my brothers

played with little bathtub musical instruments while my brother got dressed while i drank the 40oz

40oz 40oz 40oz 40oz

grabbed cab to the Mission for Repeater/ Veil Veil Vanish show at The Knockout

Repeater killed it...maybe my favorite band live? this is possible?

there's something entirely charming about a lead singer who is so shy the bass player is the one for crowd interaction...

and then Veil Veil who i like but not as much as Repeater

and then back to the hotel

i got invited to read at The Rebel Reading Series at The Knockout

but they want me to read "drug poems" and i don't have any

and then Steven Trull wrote me a nice letter and sent me a poster of Farah Fosset

i have Tuesday off so tonight i'm going out with Matthew and maybe Brandon at maybe Lucky 13