Jan 30, 2009

Most Popular first Names for Sakkis

1. John 5 listings
2. Emanuel 2 listings
3. Gus 2 listings
4. Maria 2 listings
5. Nick 2 listings
T O N I G H T ! ! !

This Friday 1/30: Poets Theater Inter-Media Night!


Please join us Friday Jan 30th for the last night of PT09, with several inter-media works from local & national writers, artists, musicians, & filmmakers, along with our huge raffle & other festivities! Program includes:

Karla Milosevich: "My Past Life" & "29 Palms" (video)
two new videos by Bay Area arts legend & Poets Theater starlet!

Amanda Davidson & Cassie Riger: "A-Verbal" (video & performance)
The Doctors Feelings present preliminary research on the emerging averbal condition.
( see the preview at http://partedinthemiddle.com/averbal )

Paolo Javier: "FYEO" (text & images), performed by Dennis Somera
live cross-cultural de(tour)nement & comix!

Linh Dinh: "A Smooth Life" (video)
The unconscious of online visual culture whispers its (per)verses into our ears.

Ariana Reines: "Your Mother & I" (audio & performance)
"Now son, you know we are not perverse individuals..."

Heriberto YĆ©pez: "Voice Exchange Rates" (video)
What happens when our machines begin to translate us back into the feedback loop.

Bill Luoma: "The Concept of Ass" (speech & video)
baseball bloopers meet diamond gem poetics...

Henry Hills: "Money" (film)
a classic cut-up featuring John Zorn, Abby Child, Bruce Andrews, Charles Bernstein, Sally Silvers, and dozens more....

Dillon Westbrook: "pan(Oa)ic(k)land" (video, text & live music)
A multi-media investigation of Oakland & its hidden rhythms.

Claudia Rankine & John Lucas: "Provenance" (video essay)
On the head-butt heard 'round the world...

Konrad Steiner: "Suite for Face" (video & live music)
Improvising movie musicians pull the masks of actors into new affective directions.

Friday 1/30, 730 pm. $10 donation.
Timken Hall, CCA
1111 8th Street, San Francisco

Jan 29, 2009

some publishing industry dorkitude...

really sad to learn that Sara Nelson has been let go from Publisher's Weekly only to be replaced by fucking Brian Kenney

say it ain't so PW!!!

Jan 28, 2009

this whole Flarf vs. Conceptual thing is just precious...in a Creative Writing adjunct says "i don't know, i think this line is a bit precious..." kind of way

Demosthenes's Maribor is done

Logan and Cat and Sondra and James and Steve and Justin and Pat are coming over for the Super Bowl

i don't know who's in the Super Bowl

Brent and Clay flew to Utah this morning

i'm currently watching Entourage Season 3 and The West Wing Season 1 and Battlestar Galactica Season 4

and Six Feet Under Season 2 with Cat and Battlestar Galactica Season 3 with my brother

i'm currently reading The New American Poetry anthology and the Feb/Mar issue of BookForum and The Poetry Project Newletter #218 in the bathroom

i'm currently reading Kerouac's On The Road and Johnson's The Lives Of The Poet's in my car

i'm currently reading Gaiman's The Kindly Ones in bed

Mission Hill Saloon is the new Sadie's

i'm looking forward to the AV night at Poet's Theater this Friday

and then maybe going to the Giants Fan Fest event at the ballpark on Saturday

or maybe going to the Boykoff/ Sand talk about Landscapes of Dissent

people want to watch The OC with me and i'm somewhat resistant, it sounds like a drunk "hell yeah, and we can all dress up and and and..." and a sober "uh, i think i'm busy tonight...maybe next week?"

David Brazil said "you pulled a 'Sakkis,' you know, ditch the reading and head straight to the bar..."

this is not the reputation i want?

poet's think Cat is hella fine, natch

i still call Mission Hill Saloon, "Sadie's"

besides, MHS is in Potrero Hill, which is kind of insulting to PH no?

but i get to see Caesar every Friday

he says "it's 'Say-Sar,' not 'See-Zer' like the fucking salad"

oh Caesar, you lovable greaser you

Kissing Booth Taxt Benefit was fun, i tried to kiss Suzanne Stein without a ticket and she walked away

people seemed to like to my piece 'post-bulletin,' i think the piece worked really well as a slide projection, and then i read proxy for Eleni Stecopoulos

i started a press, it's called BOTH BOTH Editions

i'll publish a couple perfect bound books a year with distribution through SPD

the first book will be Logan Ryan Smith's Humans & Horses

much more news on the press to come

i was invited to read at Books & Bookshelves in Feb with Cynthia Sailers, but then there hasn't been any follow up, so i don't think that's happening

i'm going to talk about translation at SFSU for Gevirtz's Craft Of Translation class

this will be my 4th University "talk" in so many months

maybe i'm starting to get the hang of it, and they pay

went to see Josh play with his band The Moonlight at Bottom Of The Hill on Sunday

they were good, he took off his pants

my brother is trying to convince me to go to the Matt & Kim show next Monday "in the hood" at Cafe Du Nord

i say Cafe Du Nord def ain't in the hood

he says "yeah huh..."

midway through the crosswalk Cat pulled me back to the bar so she could dance with me to Beyonce's Single Ladies (a song i love)

i need to get out of here, i have a lot of vacation time coming, anybody want to offer me a reading? Portland, LA, NYC, fuck, SF???

i've been eating too much rotisserie chicken lately

i want to get back to whiskey and vodka sodas

and running

the Bay Guardian has been doing a great job reviewing new poetry books lately thanks to Johnny Ray Houston

i've been eating smelly Italian salami all week, i think it's bad, i'm surprised i'm not sick, i've been drowning it with Jack Daniel's mustard, but the economy, yeah, the economy necessitates

i watched Romper Stomper the other night...i really like the skin-punk songs in it, does this make me a bad person? more to the point, i could care less about lyrics, it's all about the beat baby

"Pulling on the boots and tightening up the laces Shaving their heads and strapping on the braces
There you have a skinhead, looking for a fight Skinhead, skinhead, running through the night"

i had a dream that a Lower Haight thug walked up to me and Cat at a party and gestured to me and said to Cat "lick him..."...i got up and beat the hell out of him

i had a dream that Kevin Killian was sick, i woke up sobbing

i had a dream that i was skateboarding at the Oakland Greek Church, i was helping Father Tom take down the icons above the alter

i was popping sloppy kickflips right and left

Jon bailed on his bike again, broke the front fork

i went to Safeway on Sunday, all i bought was cheese and coffee

Magie is visiting SF this week, really excited about that

just read a Yahoo headline "boys with unpopular names more likely to break the law"

i'm glad i don't go by Constantine

found this today on a blog called Real Star:

"(1) the use of the slash in this poem seemed to create ambiguity between the poet’s and the computer programmer’s use of the mark; it evokes computer language, the atmosphere of an internet address, but also poetic language (a line break); punctuation but also a piece of scenery or a trapping; it tilts the reader of a zine into his experience of being a reader of computer screens; it also lends rythmic direction to the lines:

making the rounds
they require
declarations/ and
in fixed/ temporal

~Demosthenes Agrafiotis (Trans. John and Angelos Sakkis)."

i went fruit shopping last night, i bought 24 Fuji apples and a bunch of figs for 16.00, corner of Divis and Page...mean Koreans, nice prices

Agrafiotis's Now 1/3 is done, anybody want to publish it?

yes Logan, my brother blogs more than me these days

Jan 25, 2009

today...Puryear, Cole, Palmer, Shurin, Levi Strauss, Thackrey at SFMOMA...

Phyllis Wattis Theater

Interviewing Martin Puryear last year, David Levi Strauss described the sculptor’s work in terms of poetry: “I was taught poetics . . . as the study of how things are made, and I also think that much of poetics is about joinery. The place where things are cut and joined together or where they touch is really where meaning is made. And that holds true for poetry or writing as well as for sculptural objects.”

Join Strauss along with poets Norma Cole, Michael Palmer, Aaron Shurin, and Susan Thackrey as they explore arts that take up joinery and consider this intersection of matter and meaning.

Jan 22, 2009

Jan 21, 2009

2 ethnic things...

Ethiopian food was gross 10 years ago and it was still gross Monday night...

vato's kind of sound like Canadians...

Jan 19, 2009

Jan 15, 2009

NEG mentions Transmission Press's 2008 chapbook endeavors in his Chapbook Corner Round-up 2008 for Rain Taxi

"Transmission Press published a handful of chapbooks by younger practitioners already making a name for themselves: Michael Slosek's Interdiction, Aaron Lowinger's Open Night, Dorothea Lasky’s Tourmaline, and John Sakkis’s The Moveable Ones. "

Jan 14, 2009

i've been eating huevos rancheros the whole time and i didn't even know it...

Jan 13, 2009

it's easier to copy and paste from Lindsey Boldt's blog than to generate original content...


1. F R I D A Y

SPT POET'S THEATER: Please join us for a full night of theater, performance, and other delights, at the first night of our annual Poets Theater Fest fundraiser. Featuring:


"Only the Money is Real" by Raymond Pettibon (directed by Kevin Killian)
"Perverted Virtue" by Tetra Balestri (directed by Milenko Skoknic)
"Rabbit Butoh, Bunny Butoh" by Bhanu Kapil (directed by Erin Morrill)"Elsa in Berlin" by Stan Apps (directed by David Brazil)

"Trademark Girls" by Wendy Kramer (directed by Mac McGinnes)

three short plays by Daniil Kharms, trans. Matvei Yankelevich (directed by Brent Cunningham)
intermission performances by Lindsey Boldt, Ariel Goldberg, Brandon Brown, Lara Durbeck, and others
as well as a huge raffle, with artworks, signed broadsides and more, from a variety of poets, artists, and presses.
wine & refreshments will be served.

see you then & there!
Show starts promptly at 730pm. $10
Timken Hall, California College of the Arts
1111 8th St., San Francisco


2. S A T U R D AY

Canessa Reading Series:

January 17, 8pm
curated by erica lewis

Featuring the works of Erika Staiti, Suzanne Stein, and Dodie Bellamy

Read more here.


3. S U N D A Y

Join us this Sunday, January 18, 2009 at 6:30pm for a very special ensemble performance, gala in spirit and cozy at heart.

In the intimate manner of carnival coin toss or old-school tents-of-wonder, a dozen poets will present their work fairground style, with all performances happening at once around the space. Expect real-time twitter feeds, slide shows & other sweet surprises! Listen in on headphones, have a poem whispered in your ear, observe in groups of two or three, or all at once or all alone. There might even be a REAL KISSING BOOTH.

Our star-studded TAXT cast of contributors and performers includes:

Stefani Barber
Jasper Bernes
Lindsey Boldt
David Brazil
David Buuck
Geneva Chao
Del Ray Cross
Chris Girard
Michael Nicoloff
Eleni Stecopoulos
John Sakkis
Jerrold Shiroma

This event is a TAXT FUNDRAISER. All proceeds will go towards the printing, stapling, & mailing of the 2009 series of TAXT chapbooks. TAXT appreciates your support!

About the press:

"TAXT works to make visible the work of contemporary Bay Area poets, writers, & artists previously under-represented in publication. The chapbooks are produced at home in Oakland, on an irregular but consistent basis & will continue to appear thus until I get tired of folding pages. This editor's role is to provide a physical space in which writers & artists may do whatever work they choose: the site is always 24pgs, in the 5.5 x 8.5 framework. This publisher's desire is to work with each contributor to produce a simple book that makes its consideration as both object and container.

TAXT chapbooks are ALWAYS FREE. Keep yours or pass it on. Share the wealth; there will never be more than 100 copies of each book. Sorry."
If you can't come to the KISSING BOOTH, but would still like to support TAXT, or would just like more information about the press, please visit http://www.taxtpress.blogspot.com/ or email the press directly: taxt@mindspring.com

Jan 12, 2009

celebrity MSNBC broadcaster doppelganger thingy




Jan 11, 2009

child celebrity crooked politician doppelganger thingy...




Jan 10, 2009

Jan 7, 2009

my adorable brother in his I <3 Flarf t-shirt, Big Sur

Jan 3, 2009

celebrity poet doppelganger thing...

Daniel Rossen


Joseph Mosconi

new issue of Working Class up