Sep 29, 2010

Comp Day Tuesday: breakfast with Persephone, Steve and Lindsey. trip to Ocean Beach for swimming. trip to Alamo Square for picnic. trip to my house for records. trip to Molotov's for jukebox. sandwiches wines blankets and weather.

Sep 28, 2010

from Pisha

"Johnny, I hope it's not totally creepy that this made me think of you. Yeah, it's a urinal. But that's not why. Oh, and I saw MERK MERK MERK tagged all over the subway in Brooklyn. Hmmm?"

Sep 21, 2010

Demosthenes Agrafiotis with John Sakkis

Wed Oct 6, 7:00 PM

Demosthenes Agrafiotis with John Sakkis

at Poets House, 10 River Terrace, Manhattan

AgrafiotisThis evening marks the publication of new English translations of two books by experimental Greek poet and visual artist Demosthenes Agrafiotis: Chinese Notebook and Maribor. Michail Palaiologou, a composer who has collaborated with Agrafiotis, and John Sakkis, one of Agrafiotis's English-language translators, join the poet for a performance and discussion of his work.

Also featuring a screening of the short film "Chinese Notebook" by Michail Palaiologou with Demosthenes Agraftiotis.

$10, $7 for students and seniors, free to Poets House Members

Cosponsored by UDP and Veer Books

Sep 20, 2010

Dear friends
from Demothenes...

"The Ugly Duckling Press will publish my book "Chinese notebook" in september 2010.
We are going to celebrate the publication with a poetry action in the POETS HOUSE in NY
(see site below),on 6th of October ,at 07.00 pm.
John Sakkis (one of the translators -the other translator is Angelos Sakkis) will be present.
The event includes :video projections,readings in greek,english,french,performance,debate..
I will be happy to invite you for this <>.
If you distribute this information to your friends and collegues,I will be extremely grateful.
I will be in NY from the 2nd until the 10th of October .
I will stay in Brooklyn .
Thanks in advance for your attention.
all the best

Sep 13, 2010

Brandon Brown was hosting

Lindsey Boldt was sleeping

Steve Orth was walking and lap dancing

Stian Rasmussen was music'ing and eating

Lauren Richards was dirty talking

Jason Morris was tending and baseball'ing

Matthew Arnone was haunted housing

Andrew Kenower was band'ing and clothes shopping

Amy Berkowitz was BART'ing

Cedar Sigo was hugging

this weekend was fun'ning

BB's "boat house," Stian's friend Adam's music studio, The Gold Cane, The Lookout, The Knockout, the Mission to Lower Haight trek, my apartment, Molotov's...

Sep 10, 2010

finger boards...

Sep 7, 2010

amazing Brian Wilson interview..."they based a movie on my life, it's called went well."

Sep 6, 2010

hey hey! look what i did on Sunday...hung out and BBQ'd with my familia in the East Bay! played ping pong with the weirdest and most quotable and cutest and hilarious nieces this side of the Bay.

Sep 5, 2010

met Hell Hole Rat Race yesterday in Dolores

watched rollerblade videos at Justin's

talked about cut/uncut penis hygiene

talked about bladder shyness

James cooked meats and drank red wine

walked to Zeitgeist and texted Steve

Steve texted back "so not into Zeitgeist" or some such

Zeitgeist was empty

walked home with Jessie and his lady

talked about menstruation

tagged all over a discarded queen sized mattress

ran into Norma Cole walking down the street

gave her a hug then tagged all over my brother's belly

saw Karla Milosevich on the corner of Divis and Oak

she was on her bike and shouted at me " you going

to the zine festival?!" and i shouted back "no i'm

going to buy some apples!!!"

got home and made myself a refried beans dinner

watched a couple episodes of BSG Season 4

went to bed, then

woke up and made myself coffee then

listened to The Weather, and finished reading

Ted: A Memoir by Ron Padgett, then

read Alice Notley's introduction to The Collected

Poetry of Ted Berrigan, then read half of The Sonnets

and listened to a John Dowland record

took a shower and went to the Apple store

downtown to buy a new power cord for $75

now i'm going to watch Train and eat a tuna salad

and then head to the East Bay for my cousin

Lily's college graduation party

Sep 3, 2010

don't worry, i think self portraits are as pathetic as the next guy

but my hair is getting long and i'm not 24 anymore

i wish i had gray hair like my little brother

his mustache looks like Magnum P.I.

i paid $6 for a tall can of Bud tonight

and the kicker is that i did that in my own neighborhood

did you know there is an Escape From New York Pizza

in the Upper Haight, cause i usually just order from farty-Volarie's

Dutchface might be my favorite neighbor

i was talking to her about girls with big asses

like that new Levi's billboard around 101 North

and i was like "she's mounted like a centaur..."

and Dutchface didn't need an explanation

she said that mounted girls remind her of

her friend Julia from NYC, that Julia would sit on dudes'

foreheads and make scrill/chedder, and that made me happy

Stian made beats, then we watched that

video by The Morning Benders

and others like Planningtorock

someone requested Ant Banks

and then i took a photo of DF on her stoop

and she was all worried about her hair

and we all made plans to BBQ on Labor Day

Sep 2, 2010


BBQ last night over at Brandon's house. Evan Kennedy, Amy Berkowitz, Lindsey Boldt, Steve Orth and Cronin. it's warm, it's skateboard, it's sit/lie law, it's creepy dudes, it's "bust" meaning bust not "bust" meaning tits, it's a boozy walk home.

SF summer is starting.

Sep 1, 2010

i met James Franco's brother yesterday

i drank 40ozs with Kenower on his back porch

met Andrew's friend Jordon from Tres Lingerie

he described Boogie music, then played me some Boogie music

i said "this sounds cocaine'y"

mashed over to Jackqueline's house for Condensery

had a nice chat with Bob Gluck

and Ted Rees, and Even Kennedy, and Sean Manzano

watched Lisa Robertson read translations

had a nice chat with Kelsa Trom and the 'Lectric Collective girls

and Alan Bernheimer

drove home to concord and cooked myself an egg McMuffin

watched a History Channel program about Dust Bowls (the non-congress created kind, natch)

slept in my parent's room because they are in Reno

woke up and drank coffee and watched the news with my sister

arrived late to work and it's going to be a heatwave today

i'm wearing my sister's apricot deodorant