Jan 31, 2011

come out to Lake Gallery (NOPA)this Friday for Dunagan's book release party...
 Book Release Party for Patrick James Dunagan's A GUSTONBOOK
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Friday, February 4 · 7:00pm - 9:30pm

Location661 Divisadero @ Grove, San Francisco, CA 94117 * Entrance on Grove

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More InfoCome one! Come all! and join us in celebrating the publication of Patrick James Dunagan's "There Are People Who Say That Painters Shouldn't Talk : A GUSTONBOOK".

Happily and fittingly, we will be celebrating the book's release in conjunction with the opening reception of Lake Gallery's latest exhibition, which features work by Corey French and Ryan Coffey.

Please help us welcome these artworks into the world!

For more information about "There Are People Who Say That Painter's Shouldn't Talk: A GUSTONBOOK, visit our blog here: http://postapollopress.blogspot.com/2011/01/now-available-from-post-apollo-press.html

For more information about Lake Gallery, visit their website here: http://www.lakegallerysf.com/

Jan 30, 2011

Jan 28, 2011

hey my friend Brett made a video. Brett is pretty much the peanut butter and chocolate. and if you need any healing work done you should go see her. she's legit. in fact, i think i'm going to text her in a lil' bit because she's also good with hair, and i've decided my hair needs a little healing.


Jan 27, 2011

Senior Year YVHS class of '98 party with my two best friends, Billy Jacks and Jon Wright. I think we brought 7-11 slushies onto the bus with us filled with vodka. this is like this most brilliant high school 'drinking alcohol inconspicuously in public' thing ever. seems like every high school kid did this, seems like this is sort of a Jungian 'how to get perked without anybody knowing' high school Collective Unconscious thing...

Happy New Year greetings from Demosthenes Agrafiotis...

order Chinese Notebook from SPD

order Maribor from SPD

Jan 25, 2011

Vicki James Yiannias from Greek News reports on my and Demosthenes's recent Poet's House book release party in Lower Manhattan.

Thanks Greek News for covering the event...

Jan 24, 2011

Jan 23, 2011

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Jan 22, 2011

Dark Jason Morris with Dark Michael Carr visiting from Boston

Dark Patrick Dunagan and Dark John Sakkis

Dark Cedar Sigo with Dark friend

Dark Steve Orth with Dark Lindsey Boldt

yay for everybody meeting up at Lake Gallery and then heading over to Wazeima for cocktails. Michael Carr brings out the best in people. and then Steve and Lindsey back to my apartment where we enjoyed beers and records and shit talking and then we all took turns doing stand up routines for each other reading from Milton Berle's big book of jokes, e.g. "your boobs are so small you have to carry your nipples in your pocket!"...my short set was pretty much titty based. i couldn't stop crying i was laughing so hard. Steve boo'd me off the stage...

Jan 19, 2011

from RAVE ON!

(510) 676-1111

There is a rock n’ roll concert between us
And I couldn’t believe I got you baby, because
Big ups and all of that small press dist.

Aging B-Birls look like lesbians
In gaudy flat billed caps
In NYC matching your RICO ACT
I’m singing sonatas because
B-Boys look like toddlers

At the moan the time will be…
The 90’s as a movie
Based on the book by
Michael Chrichton

Bee-boying down Minna St.
I’m Superman in a Christmas Carol
Cheeks pulled over my ears
My skin is a cape hovering over SF

I’ve never known anyone who doesn’t
Hate a baby baby on an airplane
A black whale with blue paint on its back

“DP” means Dolores Park not
Double Penetration
And we’re all fine until someone screams
“Stag Night” wearing war metals