Aug 22, 2012

I've seen Jose Canseco play baseball.

I own a Jose Canseco coffee mug. I used to keep movie ticket stubs in it. Now my girlfriend drinks coffee from it.

I once stuck an American Beauty ticket stub on someone's car.

I used to call wet dreams "thumpers."

My sister called me a Hog for eating too many Taco Bell tacos on my birthday.

I used to think I was fat.

I liked the idea of collecting toys more than playing with them.

Batman is my favorite superhero.

I wish my Pappou taught me how to play poker.

My Pappou was a boxer.

I've broken my left wrist, my right arm, my left elbow, my left and right pinky and thumbs.

When I have reoccurring dreams they are invariably about skateboarding, rollerblading, bridges, water and running/ jumping.

I enjoy compartmentalization.

Constraints appeal to me in the way that drinking a glass of wine in the closet for hours and hours appeals to me.

It's that feeling of having to go pee, of panicking that's erotic.

I once let a dog hump my leg because I thought it was playing with me.

I once let a tick crawl all over my hand because I thought it was a small spider.

I've never seen a UFO.

I haven't been to a baseball game in three years.

I should have been a composer/ producer.

Taste level is a real thing.

Jokes make me uncomfortable.

I've been to Wyoming.

I should have been an athlete.

I hated athletics when I was a kid.

I once shot for 36 points  in a basketball game after eating a Jack In The Box breakfast sandwich.

I played Catholic School basketball for 8 years.

I'm not Catholic. I never made the A Team.

My elementary school girlfriend was pregnant by 7th grade.

I just can't get into theory.

I like listening to Robin Blaser talk about Georgio Agamben.

Millepedes are horrifying.

Camping is unhealthy.

A healthy vagina should taste like metal.

Sometimes cigarettes taste like raisons.

Persimmons smell like semen.

My Mom once noticed a man fondling himself behind her on the bus. She told the driver to stop the bus, she walked the rest of the way home.

The bus if full of cretins and thugs rapping about Lebron's automobile.

I once signed a t-shirt after a skate competition, the kid thought I was somebody else.

I have no idea how to inscribe books.

I have no idea why I cross out my printed name before signing books.

I noticed Alice Notley cross out her name while signing my copy of The Decent Of Allette.   

Sometimes my pee smells like Cheerios.

I get embarrassed easily.

Sometimes I talk over people.

Loud people are selfish.

Crass people are too eager.

When I run Lime Ridge I think of the airport.

When I box I think of prosody.

I think our sense of smell is the closest we can get to time travel.

I've had nightmares of cats clawing at my arms.

I've had nightmares of humiliation and infidelity.

I miss too many friends living and dead.

I have no idea how landscape has affected me.

I dream of hills and Pacific Oceans.

I have no idea what my poetics is.

I know that music is primary, I wish I could make music. 


timarmentrout said...

i like this a lot john, especially the idea of smell as time travel. hope yr well man!

Magie said...

Johnny...I've degressed to getting a hold of you via So how do I get a hold of you?