Nov 19, 2012

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego!

another thing I hate in movies: actor shaving, sudden emergency, wiping off half shaved face with cloth, running out of the house. 

2 things in movies I hate: actor brushing teeth then walking away before properly washing out mouth, people in cars shouting "VEGAS!"...

John Donne is really hard, and he kind of looks like Andrew Schelling. 

these almonds taste like sprinkled donuts.

consolidated diversity programs. 

Hail satanic Santana.

it's impossible for me to think of pink jogging pants without thinking of huge breathy farts trapped in those pink jogging pants. 

Mulder would have blown the lid off the Rendlesham Forest Incident.

skateboarding evolved from rollerskating.

y'all seem to like Theory a whole lot, tell me about it! 

elementary schools as a kid were good for arithmetic and not knowing what to do with boners, as an adult they are good for skateboarding.

that shit was "savage." 

in the 90s we said "a minute" and depending on the inflection it meant less than a second.

in the 90s we said "a second" and that meant a very long time.

in reading BLASER's earlier work, it's like he was from the future, c. 1988.

in all seriousness, Robin BLASER was on some next level shit. 

rappers who "overstand" are in danger.

people who say "next level shit" and mean it. 

don't forget to VOTE!


it's so odd, I don't even think of Casper Van Dien anymore?

I miss the simpler days, Wu-Tang Clan name generator and American Apparel hoodies. 

insect epitaphs were very popular.

all [ancient] Greek bogies are female. 

I woke up with a clove of garlic in my vagina/ Brent Cunningham says "thank your lucky stars"

oh whyo whyo whyo, did I ever leave Ohio? 

a Blue-bird just few into the SPD warehouse. I am Greek therefore I am an Oracle. Ron PAUL Wins!

the next person who Tweet shouts "VOTE!" fuck facefuckalkjsd.fsjdlj. GO GIANTS! 

however, Rip Van Winkle is perfectly horrifying. I might even go so far as to say "unheimlich"...

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, the short story is worse than the terrible Tim Burton adaptation Sleepy Hollow, the movie. 

we celebrate Christmas not because of Jesus, but because of Washington Irving.

"the almighty dollar" TMd Washington Irving. 

Washington Irving was the first person to call NYC "Gotham"...

the New York Knicks are named after Washington Iving.

"I say someone in another time will remember us" --Sappho 68 

bloggers overusing "amirite"...

live Tweeting contributes to climate change. 

"Twitter" and "Prattling On" (Verb:) are synonyms meaning to Twitter or prattle on.

"vainglorious" reveals its definition as it's being spoken. "vainglorious" is a word for lazy people. 

the word "terrific" was trademarked by Robert Creeley in 1971.

if you can use "divers" in a sentence without sounding like a dick, I'll give you a kiss. 

"pissour" is my safe word.

I'm going to be a San Franciscan moving to Oakland for Halloween. 

Giants reference "you're going to jail now!!!" at World Series Parade/ Celebration. Can't wait to read the Jezebel "sparks outrage" post!

Pablo's red pants, Romo's "I only look illegal t-shirt," Bochy's Rolls Royce out of gas as he hoists the World Series trophy above his head 

"The singing is beautiful (Elzbieta Towarnicka is the vocalist) and Irene Jacob is lovely and has very nice breasts."

however, Invective Poetry was not actually expected to kill its victims.  

going to be that internet commenter who complains about "cultural appropriation" via Halloween costumes for Halloween.

going to be The Huffington Post's "SPARKS OUTRAGE," for Halloween.  

text message from Steve Orth just now "this is going pretty good..."

text message from Brent Cunningham just now "hum baby, it's crooked inning time..." 

text from Cedar Sigo just now "Adios Pelota II"

help the Feminist Unicorn smash the Patriarchy!

you know that guy, favorite bands: Van Halen, Dave Matthew's Band, Tool. that guy... 

the sociological definition of "pizza" is disenfranchisement.

In the early 1990s, Ringwald reportedly turned down the female lead roles in Pretty Woman and Ghost. 

vinegar will only dissolve limestone.

the word "remedy" will forever remind me of Braveheart. 

"pahking the cah in Hahvad Yahd." hilarious right?

we are all Marco Scutaro. 

I'd rather be driving Rush's 2112. My other car is RUSH's 2112. He who dies with the most RUSH's 2112 wins. Honeydew.

I'm wearing this amazing scarf my girlfriend bought me and I can't help feeling like Anne Waldman. 

I've to terms with the fact that I'll never, ever ever understand women's fascination with Target.

homerun PAGANISM! 

is KRS-One still going through his Gospel stage?

recent google searches: Rasputin's Dick, Geoduck, Al Alburquerque, Things Fall Apart is overrated, Ancient Sumerian Aliens, Chlayms. 

people who use the word "Anilingus" are the same kind of people who collect Disney toys.

things I don't understand and don't care enough about to look up: Why Jay-Z is called HOV. 

the way we looks a vaudeville is the way our grand kids will look at sitcoms.

Bysshe pleez... 

"...or you don't play skateboard toys."

is is just me or are there 5 people reading Jackson Mac Low poems by my desk? 

yellow denim penis heaven.

I hope you have a great Columbus Day everybody! 

"I remember when Temescal was a lake" --My Mom

I ate a gordito from Burrito Express. I talked dirty to the NLDS. I burped bombs and cigarettes. Go Giants. 

a silverfish crawled out of my Mac the other night; this silverfish...the devil himself.

I hate that I have "flora" in my "gut"... 

how come I can drink infinite amounts of champagne?

New Order is so much more fun in my head than on my stereo. 

I was mostly naked this weekend, and then intermittent sweaters.

I woke up at 4am shouting "charcuterie..."... 

Alexander Shulgin is my sister's next door neighbor. The cosmic consequences of this are COSMIC.

why can't outrage ever be "incited" anymore...

I woke up feeling a little disenfranchised today, but then suddenly like a wave, I was totally enfranchised.

one vote, one facia. 

There has never been a recorded death of a human by a wolf. NEVER.

sorry folks, no offense intended: degustibus non disputandum est... 

The closest this director has been to nature is Fair Oaks Sacramento!

I would have rather played Runescape then watch this, I could have gotten a drop at the Revenants Dungeon. 

I'm so sick of Hollywood demonizing wolves!

Crispin Glover should play Yves Saint Laurent in the biopic. 

Bruce Bochy in a 49ers hat.

my girlfriend would rather be driving a GYRO. 

going to write a poem about "the body" to end all poems about "the body"...

dreamt Laura Moriarty had me on the internet searching for urinals. 

Todos Somos lamestream media!

Will Smith hasn't aged since Bad Boys. 

coming at your harder than The Last Of The Mohicans theme...

the word "avuncular" was coined by NASA in 1968 to describe the unique calming affect Carl Sagan has on the brain. 

something about how the word "paprika" comes from the Hungarian word "paprika"...

I'd like to start playing D&D again. 

it's hilarious that we all have genitalia.

how come chimpanzees are always named "Virgil"? 

"He thrusts his fists against the posts and still insists he sees the ghosts."

Millepedes are horrifying Camping is unhealthy Vagina tastes like metal Sometimes cigarettes taste like raisins Persimmons smell like semen. 

as pretentious as it sounds, when I box I think of prosody.

now if only I could remember where I put my Starting Lineup action figures. 

technically it's not that everything "must go!" it's just that you would really prefer it if everything did.

super bummed that I'll accidentally break my wine glasses someday... 

I just wish NASA would stop retweeting Angry Birds.

thinking of going as Fred Savage dressed as Superman for Halloween. 

the problem with the name "Chico" as metonym for "BADASS" is that nobody has been named Chico since 1953.

the car mechanic stole my 100 Selected Poems E. E. Cummings. 

Lake Merritt and Echo Park, the chicken and the egg.

can't help feeling like the word "Oliver Wendell Holmes" is black magic. 

my Mom just called to tell me about Melky. :(:(:(

"Saudi Arabia To Build Women-Only Industrial City" 

I miss Shelly Long.

in the future everyone will "sparks outrage"... 

Philip Glass is like a gateway drug, he leads you to bigger and better things.

I forgot to curate my bed this morning. 

playful newscaster banter makes my testicles bleed.

Les Miserables > American Psycho. 

"You remind me of the talentless Puerto Ricans who step to Q-Tip on J-Train platforms in Queens."

I like to pretend "End Roadwork" signs are protest signs. 

Oceania is the most confusing place on earth.

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