Feb 11, 2013

he who dies with the most toys RAT BONES.

my other car is a SWAMP GAS.

young, white, and famous, with money hanging out the anus...

Lake Merritt is a Whip-poor-will whistling The Dove Shack.

the original Greeks were B-Boys standing in my B-Boy stance...

John Cusack's name is always "Rob"...

of course we can Corsican...

Cannonball Adder Snake.

the football season is just 16 games and who bit their tongues during the 2012 campaign, expect payback.

my atelier was full of sparks outrage this weekend.

my other car is a white girls complaining about white Girls on the internet.

what I'm saying, and what you're not hearing, is that this is basically a Mamwich.

your Mom is so fat that she, The X-Files.

honey baked seitan heaven hog on a pancake.

girls be sniffin'...

I have no sympathy for the devil but empathy for the pentagram.

I used to be better at dinosaurs.

prank calls are the new invective poetry, not intended to kill. 

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timarmentrout said...

Hey John! Somehow I've lost your email address and I was wondering if you wouldn't do me the tremendous fvor of reading a novel I've written and giving me some feedback so that I can determine where to send it off? Drop me a message at tim_armentrout[at]yahoo

hope yr well man!