Dec 31, 2006

Happy New Year or Books Read 2006

Books Read 2006 (chronological)

1. Streaming- Larry Kearney
2. Parade R ain- Michael Koshkin
3. Hot Whiskey #1
4. Sun- Michael Palmer
5. The Danish Notebook- Michael Palmer
6. The Circular Gates- Michael Palmer
7. Without Music- Michael Palmer
8. Fourteen Hills vol. 7 #1
9. bird-book- Jessica Smith
10. Wherever We Put Our Hats #2
11. Bombay Gin #28
12. Drawn And Quarterly Review #4
13. No Love Lost- Ariel Bordeaux
14. 1-800-Flowers- Robert Fitterman
15. Happy Endings- ed. Diana Schutz
16. Gypsy/Moth- Rachel Blau DuPlessis
17. The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner- Samuel Taylor Coleridge illustrated by Gustave Dore
18. Drill #7
19. Batman Evolution- Greg Rucka
20. Portraits From Life- David Collier
21. Bimbo Gun #1
22. The Extended Dream of Mr. D- Max
23. Nova- Standard Schaefer
24. House Of Raging Women- Los Bros Hernandez
25. Live Action Arcade 04.06
26. Petroleum Hat- Drew Gardner
27. Carrington- Elizabeth Robinson
28. Weird Star Thing- Michael Koshkin/ Jennifer Rogers/ Barbara Barg
29. Mirage #128
30. Effing Magazine #2
31. SPX 2002
32. Renga Draft 32- Rachel Blau DuPlessis
33. ACTS #3
34. Live Action Arcade 05.06
35. Duck Feet- Los Bros Hernandez
36. Water And Power- Standard Schaefer
37. Full-Figured Rhapsody- Sheila E. Murphy
38. Lyric Poetry After Auschwitz- Kent Johnson
39. A Line Drive To Left Field/ A New Hymn To The Old Night- Michael Friedman/ Noah Eli Gordon
40. Plantarchy #1
41. Magazine Cypress #4
42. Night Season- Mark Lamoureux
43. Caricature- Daniel Clowes
44. Young Gods and Friends- Barry Windsor Smith
45. The Bus- Lauren Kohne
46. Waiting For Food Number 3- Robert Crumb
47. Nova- Samuel R. Delany
48. Talschlusse- Hartmut Abendschein
49. Loud Soft Silent- Joseph Cooper/ Jared Hayes/ Liz Guthrie/ Andy Peterson
50. The Peripheral Space of Photography- Murat Nemet-Nejat
51. Cusp- Jocelyn Saidenberg
52. Tears From Heaven- Los Bros Hernandez
53. Flies on The Ceiling- Los Bros Hernandez
54. Ishmael Among The Bushes- William Allegrezza
55. Each In Neither- Michael Slosek
56. Signed Even As A Waiting- Paul Klinger
57. Life of The Party- Mary Fleener
58. A Poem- Cheryl Quimba
59. The Metal Sunset of Tomorrow’s Ascending Dissension- Jules Boykoff
60. In The Quells- Christopher Rizzo
61. Hernandez Satyricon- Los Bros Hernandez
62. Holiday In Tikrit- Keith Tuma/ jUStin! katKO
63. Batman Anarky- Alan Grant
64. Elsewhere- Gary Sullivan
65. Analfabeto/ An Alphabet- Ellen Baxt
66. Dusky- Jocelyn Saidenberg
67. RecollecTed- Jared Hayes
68. My Spaceship- ed Mark Lamoureux
69. Temper and Felicity Are Lovers- Kathryn L. Pringle
70. Summer Stock #1
71. 5 Is The Perfect Number- Igort
72. Bharat Jiva- kari edwards
73. Pete Hoffman Days- David Harrison Horton
74. Our Cancer Year- Harvey Pekar/ Joyce Brabner
75. Pink Steam- Dodie Bellamy
76. Tout Va Bien- Suzanne Stein
77. On Epistemology and Proposal For The Field of “Ortho-epistemics”- Matthew Arnone
78. Walk Don’t Walk- Chet Wiener
79. Runts- David Buuck vs. Sue Denom
80. Smolt- Nicole Pollentier
81. I know The Truth- Kevin Killian
82. Memoirs of my Nervous Illness- Brandon Brown
83. Ruts- David Buuck
84. The Daily Ursonian- Tanya Brolaski
85. Scrawl- Susana Gardner
86. Beat Roots- Anne Waldman
87. Non Eligible Respondent- Stefani Barber
88. Mirage #133
89. The Sandman Season of Mists- Neil Gaiman
90. Selected Amazon Reviews- Kevin Killian
91. On Writing a memoir on the craft- Stephen King
92. Everybody’s Autonomy Connective Reading and Collective Identity- Juliana Spahr
93. Hamilton Sketchbook- David Collier
94. Shuffle Boil 5/6
95. Summer Stock #4
96. Mirage #134
97. Mirage #132
98. Foursquare #1
99. Foursquare #2
100. Foursquare #4
101. Summer Stock #3
102. Summer Stock #2
103. Mirage #130
104. Mirage #129
105. Mirage #131
106. Kitchen Confidential- Anthony Bourdain
107. The Sandman A Game Of You- Neil Gaiman
108. Open Night- Aaron Lowinger
109. Small Town #PZA
110. Cousins- Alli Warren
111. Chicken With Plums- Marjane Satrapi
112. The Meat Book- ed. Michael Koshkin/ Jennifer Rogers
113. Forgo Rival- Erin Morrel
114. Barefoot Gen Out Of The Ashes A Cartoon Story of Hiroshima- Keiji Nakazawa
115. The Subtraction of Light (for a pig)- Michael Koshkin
116. Mirage #136
117. Giant Killer- Dan Brereton
118. Fiver Fingers Review #15
119. Foursquare #6
120. Certain Devotional Acts- Susan Pike
121. Insect Country(A)- Sawako Nakayasu
122. Selections From The Bruise- Magdalena Zurawski
123. Foursquare #3
124. Foursquare #5
125. Mirage #124
126. Paper Poem- Rick Snyder
127. Nothing Moving- Hazel Mcclure

i hate Blogger...

can someone send me their links, all mine are gone, i want your links.

Dec 29, 2006


i've been watching Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man's Chest for the last 7 1/2 hours straight with no end in sight. this is the most painfully long movie i've ever seen. this is worse than Barry Lyndon (sorry Andy Peterson). i just took a break and went downstairs to eat peanuts and watch the History Channel. after finishing Hitler And The Occult i came back upstairs to find the same sword fight still raging. i want to vomit.

F.B.I."are you staring at my books" or "my 'Pharrell Doesn't Skate' t-shirt"

F.B.I. feeblegrind





1. house-sitting for Brett
2. Budweisers and 'sleazy electro pop' in a triangle shaped Victorian (Steiner at Fullhouse houses)
3. 'bear' bar at the corner of Market and what?
4. Hush Hush is closed but our friends from Whiskey Thieves just bought the place
5. drinking more Budweisers with the WT dudes who are pulling an all nighter frantically working to get the bar ready to open the following night (no way is it gonna happen) while reminiscing about ye' old Fulton Street Bar (RIP)
6. heading over to Valencia and 16th for schwerma and drinks
7. heading to BART heading East Bay bound
8. catch a cab home from station
9. chatting with middle eastern cabbie about Sadam's pending execution
10. attempt at eating hella homemade tamales with sourcream
11. waking up on hurt

Dec 28, 2006

if the party sucks this still made my new year!!!

Barry Zito signs contract with SF Giants!!!

The Descent

contrary to the opinion of some of my friends (Armand) this is not a very good movie. after the first 30 minutes (when the monsters arrive) this is not a very scary movie.

two things that sucked about this movie:
1. when out of nowhere two of our heroines go all Ripley and start snapping necks like Schwarzeneggr from Commando.
2. too much monster and not enough cave.

four things that i liked about this movie:
1. that the monsters (Crawlers) were biological. that they weren't EVIL. that they were just sort of defending their territory like any animal would.
2. that scene where the dikey girl's bone shoots out of her leg. (there hasn't been a better compound fracture scene since Deliverance...)
3. a cast of really beautiful white-water-rafting-bouldering-spelunking English hippy girls (which when you think about it, is more fantastic (in the "phantastikos" sense of the word) than the salamander/bat-like monsters, i went to Naropa, there's no such thing as attractive granola)
4. that this movie had nothing to do with overweight redneck cannibals...or zombies...cause that shit's played out like silk screened t-shirts yo.

Dec 27, 2006


i dreamt that i was Saudi Road Skating on a cement path following the American River.

Dec 26, 2006

Thira 21

Anti Nazi

Kill AntiChrist Spain

Dec 23, 2006



one last night and then just now at 9:30 AM.

Dec 20, 2006

yay area...

we just had a little 3.7 earthquake...


this is my boss Tim. he does neat things like paint famous San Franciscan's on giant hearts.

new Tin Tin museum opens in France

Dec 19, 2006

poetry virus.

Susana Gardner tagged me


the first poem I remember reading was:

tons of poems from Shel Silverstein's Where The Sidewalk Ends. my sister and i would flip through the book reading poems aloud trying to out gross each other. and it's such a cliche but Silverstein was a revelation to me as a small kid.

I was forced to memorize numerous poems in school and:

i got over. the teacher never specified length or period so i chose WCW's This Is Just To Say. she laughed and passed me.

My first 'publication' was: a letter to the editor of a skate magazine. i was 15 and high on Jim Morrison. the letter was about the price of skate parts (too much!), religion and sex. they published it and made fun of me. first poetry published was in Diablo Valley College's literary Magazine Magnum Opus. they published three poems, one of them being a poem called Beets And Gasoline. I misspelled "Beets" as "Beats" which relegated the poem to the "Urban Art" section.

here's another poem they published in their "General Art Section" (i wrote the poem while walking through the John Cage show at the Legion Of Honor. i was probably 19 or 20)


Score for 17 drawings
of Thoreau
OK to print.
Trial proof.
Parch Surface.
Crown Point
Press. Oakland 78'.
"It is a bubble
on the surface
which straight away
Scrap copper.
Press bed
Veil of plate.
Italian paper.
Reverb engraving.
(Where R equals
Rock Garden
indicated within.
Drypoint on
frame; antique.
Soft jute,
subject to
Felt, batting in
Claimed from nature.
Weathered panels
at first balcony
Twin rocker paper
circles meaning
stained panel.
Mauve without
horizon borrowing
in the corner.

I read poetry because:

i'm pretty compulsive. lately i haven't been able to get through any poetry books exceeding 30 pages. since Naropa (since thesis!) i've been on a pretty steady diet of chapbooks, comics, lit journals and nonfiction. i've been trudging through Alice Notley's Mysteries of Small Houses since August, i can't seem to make a dent in that book. on the other hand i'm burning through nonfiction. in the last couple weeks finished Stephen King's On Writing A Memoir On The Craft (don't ask...short explanation, it has to do with The Order, did i mention i'm compulsive?) Anthony Bourdain's Kitchen Confidential, and am now cutting my way through David Sedaris's Naked.

A poem I'm likely to think about when asked about a favorite poem is:

Benjamin Hollander's Vigilance (DETECTIVE POETRY!), Michael Palmer's Sun (ANALYTIC LYRIC POETRY!), S.T.C.'s The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner (SEAFARER POETRY!), George Seferis's Thrush (DISASTER POETRY), William Blake's Major Prophecies (MYSTICAL MENAGERIE POETRY!). i guess i have a sort of Lord Of The Rings view of poetry. i'm into quest-poetry (Quepo?).

My experience with reading poetry differs from my experience with reading other types of literature:

i agree. all my other reading, predominately graphic novels (comix), prose (news, science fiction, poetics, biography) goes into the poetry. i seem to binge-read for half the year, then purge-write for the other half of the year. right now i'm in the binge-reading stage. i wish i was working on my book The Islands but i can't even look at the thing right now.

I find poetry frustrating:

when it's the only thing poet's know how to talk about at parties. if you think i'm talking about you i'm probably not. the people who i'm talking about don't read this blog.

I think poetry is: just like Dungeons & Dragons with more cute girls.

i tag my brother James, i tag Spank Rock, i tag my Theo Peter, i tag Dose One, i tag the self portrait version of me

Dec 18, 2006


okay yeah, New Yipes last night...yeah.

and then taking my brother to readings is my new favorite thing.

Dec 17, 2006

Dec 15, 2006

Dec 14, 2006


happy birthday/ birfday Brent Cunningham...let's get hip hop!

also, happy birthday to Cynthia Sailers.

in other non birthday news:

i'm going to start a new comic strip. it's going to be called Skateboard & Monkey.


  • Benefit Magazine
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    when did everyone get so hip hop?

    Dec 12, 2006


    if Naropa taught me one thing it's to say "prose"

    Dec 9, 2006


    how come Oliver Stone wasn't the Zach Braff of soundtracks for Natural Born Killers?

    Dec 7, 2006


    Saudi road skating

    is Joanna Newsom a bad word? or, This Is Not A Review...

    some people seem really concerned about some people praising her new album...which is just weird.

    Y's (new album) has been on repeat for me since it was released. Y's freaks me out. Y's makes me really happy, makes me smile, makes me smile in my car, makes me want to chew gum while smiling in my car. Y's makes me smile so hard i tear up. Y's reminds me of reading The Wind In The Willows and Aesop's Fables for the first time. Y's reminds me of my old neighborhood on San Simeon. Y's reminds me of my mom's lullabies. Y's reminds me of my old neighborhood at Fulton and Masonic. Y's reminds me of 2001. Y's makes you lament the "i'll just download it" culture because Y's is only that much better when following along with the lyrics/ liner notes.

    is it an ownership thing? i sense it is. some people seem angry that Joanna is sort of breaking out (could it be that Jimmy Kimmel appearance?). i don't know, underground/ independent snobbery gets you nowhere, and you look ridiculous posing it. "you" being "some people"...

    i think i can honestly say that Y's is one of the most stunning pieces of lyric composition i've heard in a long long long time. hyperbole? maybe, but it's hard talking about the record without using it.



    photo by Armand

    Dec 6, 2006

    Gates Of Fire

    "About 100 Partizan fans (Serbs) and a few dozen PAOK supporters (Greeks) fought several hundred Red Star fans in the stands and on the court at the Pionir Sports Hall in the Serbian capital. Fans also tossed flares and plastic seats."

    Dec 5, 2006


    if it was up to me i'd watch The Fellowship Of The Ring everyday on repeat eating pizza...


    just realized yesterday that my old building was between Geary and Alice B. Toklas street/ alley/ way (whatever it is)

    from my brother in Fiji.

    "Total coup. Total peaceful coup. Actually I was in Suva the other night, Monday. Nobody seemed to notice...gotta load the truck...more later."

    ...currently listening to Josiah The Josiah EP...

    Dec 3, 2006


    just got the terrible news that kari passed away this weekend from cardiac arrest. rest in peace kari edwards.

  • kari's Bharat jiva
  • Dec 1, 2006