Apr 30, 2008

last Saturday

i visited Lauren Kohne at her studio in SOMA. she was having an open house, showing new work etc. she's currently in the midst of her big "MUNI" project. we spoke a little about showing at alternative spaces etc, mentioned BOTH BOTH etc. so, i'm really excited to announce that Lauren will be joining the May 16th BOTH BOTH Reading bill along with Julian Brolaski and Tracy Grinell. she'll be doing some kind of installation in my apartment the night of the reading.

Apr 24, 2008


Apr 23, 2008

couple poetry related things...and another BOTH BOTH shoutout...

Artifact presents:

Rae "Kilgore" ARMANTROUT
Alli "Warren G" WARREN

are reading this

Saturday, April 26, 2008


Cormac McCarthy writes of Rae Armantrout's recent work "...the book establishes Armantrout as a bad ass who will not hesitate to kill you and then go shopping with your boyfriend. She's brash, cocky, and not afraid to offend. "Gun Shots" and "Prevent Lies" further expand upon her skills with the glock in a way that seems more fantasy than reality, as if Rakim was flirting with gangsta rap with his microphone assassin rhymes. Despite all of her talk of flossin' and mayhem, Armantrout comes off more like Kool Keith than 50 Cent." Rae Armantrout has owned a dog, a goldfish and 4 succulent plants within the last 7 1/2 months.

C.S Giscombe recently bought a house in Walnut Creek, CA. He enjoys yoga and turntablism. He loves to shop at Upper Playground. His most recent tattoo, a belly piece done by Doug Hansen of IDLE HAND reads "East Of The Caldecott." His book Giscombe Road is largely based on Tolkien's Silmarillion.

Alli Warren is currently excited about the word "antipodes." Her work has appeared in Complex, Swindle and 7x7. Parts of her book, I Prefer Shiraz, was anthologized in The Best American Poetry 2002 edited by David Lehman. Warren is 19 years old and lives in a condo with two dogs and one chain-smoking Uncle overlooking San Francisco's scenic, foggy Ocean Beach.

***New Location:
Oakland Art Gallery
Frank Ogawa Plaza
199 Kahn’s Alley
Oakland CA 94612

HOUSE PRESS is excited to be publishing Book 6, by Alan Davies. Printed in a run of 200 with navy blue or gray linen covers. While we have them, we'll include an Alan Davies broadside with each purchase. $6 via paypal, includes shipping.

Michael "Keaton" Slosek passed this sucker off to me at the last BOTH BOTH...it's a beaut...go order that shit.

also, as a shameless promotion for BOTH BOTH, Slosek says of the last reading "John got super drunk at the reading and started cursing out David Larsen, and making inappropriate gestures at all the girls. It was awesome. And the poetry was pretty good too."

...this is mostly true, LRSN and i actually got into a fist fight, but we're cool now...i mean, we're cool right LRSN?...so, next BOTH BOTH debauchery is on Friday May 16th, 7pm w/ Julian Brolaski and Tracy Grinnell...when in Rome and all that rigmarole...

Apr 22, 2008



dreamt that i had a fungus growing on my right foot...was scratching the fungus out so hard that i had basically torn out the bottom of my foot...my bones were mossy and yellow, my tendons were dry and stretched...i had picked away so much of the rot that i had burrowed a penny sized hole through my foot...i couldn't walk, my foot would collapse under the weight...

Apr 20, 2008

reading report

JACK MORGAN has some nice things to say about the Pegasus reading

BOTH BOTH last night...

was a blast (pictures attest)...it was especially cool having so many new people/poets in my house for the first time...thanks so much to Aaron Tieger and Michael Carr for reading, and to David Brazil and Michael Slosek for introducing...you guys all rock...

if you didn't make BOTH BOTH last night (and shame on you) make sure to come to the next one on Friday May 16th w/ Julian Brolaski and E. Tracy Grinnell visiting from NYC for a rare (sadly) Bay Area reading...same time (7pm), same place (my apartment), same vibes (good ones)...

Apr 19, 2008


BOTH BOTH w/ Aaron Tieger and Michael Carr

415 Pierce St. #3 (between Oak and Fell), Lower Haight

7:00pm...come whenever though, i'll be here drinking beers and watching baseball

Apr 18, 2008

SPD Catalog copyediting...

poets are always calling into question:

A: gender

B: race

C. class

D. identity

E. all of the above

Apr 17, 2008

reading tomorrow for National Poetry Month at Pegasus...

w/ Amanda Nadelberg...7:30pm!

Apr 16, 2008

for Armand C....

SF will miss you...

Apr 14, 2008

oh and...

things are pretty nice right now...beautiful girl, new job, reading on Friday (Pegasus 7pm), hosting a reading on Saturday (BOTH BOTH), the Giants are actually fun to watch lately, countdown to Greece begins...yeah, things are pretty okay.

oh jeez or, modeling stuff...

Apr 13, 2008

BOTH BOTH Reading Series returns!

i'm very excited to be hosting two fantastic visiting poets (Cambridge, MA), Michael Carr and Aaron Tieger, for the next BOTH BOTH Reading Series. spread the Good News! g'bless...


what: BOTH BOTH Reading Series w/ Michael Carr and Aaron Tieger

where: my apartment, 415 Pierce St. #3 (between Oak and Fell) Lower Haight, SF

when: this Saturday April 19th, 7pm

extras: boozy (i'll provide some but please feel free to bring more), dancey, loungy, foody (if you bring it yourself'y), record'y, flirty, late night'ish'y

Michael Carr is the author of Softer White, published in 2007 by House Press, and Platinum Blonde, a chapbook of poems and collages (Fewer & Further Press, 2006). He has edited a manuscript journal of John Wieners' called A book of PROPHECIES. He co-edits Katalanché Press, and lives in Cambridge, Mass.

Aaron Tieger's most recent book is Spring Poems (Big Game Books). Others include February (Fewer & Further) and After Rilke (Anchorite Press). Forthcoming work includes Anxiety Chant (Skysill Press) and Secret Donut (Pressed Wafer). He is also the editor of the first American edition of Richard Caddel's Uncertain Time (Pressed Wafer). A native New Englander, he lives and
writes in Cambridge, MA, where he edits CARVE Poems and feeds a very fat cat.

Apr 12, 2008

D. Harrison Horton's WORK no. 3 is just out!

featuring some Agrafiotis, and lot's more goodies...

Apr 9, 2008

where i'll be Saturday afternoon...

Small Press Distribution Spring Open Stacks Browsing Party

you should come through, buy some books, drink some wine, listen to some poetry...

oh shit...

modeling again today, go ahead, call me a dweeb.

Apr 4, 2008

i <3 David Horton

Union Herald


are weird. like last night i'm having an erotic dream about a girl i'm not particularly attracted to in real life when out of nowhere a monstrous scabby dreadlocked "lady" emerges from the bushes outside my parent's house and just stares at me. this is incredibly scary. she looks a little like the weird homeless lady-thing from David Lynch's Mulholland Drive.

i woke up, checked my room for anything weird, made sure humanoid shapes were just "shapes"...but still couldn't get back to sleep.

last day at Empir3...

Apr 3, 2008

i mean...

i know it's retarded to take pride in something as retarded as counting t-shirts...but man, i just counted 1,248 t-shirts in under 25 minutes...i mean, that's freaking awesome! i'm awesome!

Apr 2, 2008

Paul's Boutique

just pulled an order for Paul's Boutique...word.

block party

D-Structure and Upper Playground and Lower Haters and Edo Salon all have openings/ events this friday...we're all within a block of each other, Fillmore to Steiner on Haight St. this will be a block party, lot's of free music and booze, you should stop on by. 

Friday 8pm—————————

Apr 1, 2008

SFist linked my photo!

Cosco Busan in front of D-Structure


so, i got great news last week...i was offered the position i interviewed for at Small Press Distribution...i accepted! very very excited about this transition..."SPD, this is John speaking..." yes!

my time at Empire has been great, Azikiwee (boss) really saved my ass in a time when it needed saving, big time...leaving the dungeon (D-Structure warehouses) is going to be bitter sweet...i've grown to really enjoy the seclusion and space that running a warehouse provides...this will be my last week, bye Empir3...thanks to you my biceps are toned (lifting boxes!) and my counting skills are unsurpassed (3 t-shirts at a time while holding a conversation!)

in other news, i'm either on the cusp of a gnarly cold or my immune system just beat the hell out of a pansy ass virus...i was feeling a bit itchy in the throat all day yesterday, usually the first sign that i'm about to get sick...i drank orange juice and ate Flinstones vitamins until i wanted to vomit pastel...i ate a nice big lamb and skorthalya dinner, i didn't drink last night, i didn't smoke, i AIM'd with Julia for a bit then read some Harry Potter then watched 16 Blocks then went to bed...tangental movie review: 16 Blocks, suspense-cop-doohicky thing with Bruce Willis and Mos Def...it was a real stinker...Mos Def had this really dumb accent where i couldn't tell if he was supposed to be mildly retarded or just mildly ghetto, honestly i'm still not sure, it was really distracting...also, they kept referring to his character as "the kid" as in "you're going to risk your life for this kid?" which made no sense...mos def looks like he's in his mid 30's...i think they casted the part a bit older than they should have...anyway, waste of time, end of movie review...so, i woke up in the middle of the night with a nose full of sickness, but then i blew it out and it didn't return...i woke up this morning not feeling great but not feeling immobile either...i think the virus lay siege to my immune system late last night, and lost...booya!

but maybe not, maybe i'll be really sick in a few hours...and i have to do laundry today, boono!

D-Structure is hosting the big Aaron Nagel opening this Friday...should be a really good show, Aaron is an amazing figurative artist, a bit of a departure for D-Structure, i think in a good way...the work looks very gallery ready, the work is super confident...and in a neighborhood over saturated with character heavy "street art" (BORING, can street art just die already please?) it'll be nice to see something different showcased in the Lower Haight...also, you can just come to the party to see me, i'm going to pretend it's my going away party anyway, so come pretend with me "bon voyage Johnny," "won't be the same without you buddy," "you da man, man," "look at all these people, they all love you!," etc...we'll get shitty.

i'm on Claritin D and feeling loopy, my palms are sweating a lot.

the only thing that i can remember from my dream last night was that i was a freelance journalist for Vogue magazine...we were brainstorming the layout for our upcoming issue, i was taking notes on bubble wrap.