Jul 31, 2008

"isn't Dasani just tap water"

last night i drank a bottle of wine and watched some DVDs

i listened to Rogue Wave loudly and tapped my feet

i read Jon's blog

i talked with Stephanie who is in NYC for the week, i couldn't answer the phone because she called me when i was peeing, so i called her back when i was done

she read The Moveable Ones on the plane and now she wants to talk about it, this is hot

i finished Dana Ward's Goodnight Voice on my lunch break as well as Try and a couple issues of Mirage

today on my lunch break i'll read You Better Ask Somebody by Young Brandon Brown and maybe put a dent in Alan Davies's Book 6

i like reading chapbooks on my lunch break, either poetry chapbooks or Sci-Fi novels

i eat italian dry salami and nice cheeses and pistachio nuts and a carrot and 4 pieces of fruit everyday

last night i dreamt that i was skateboarding and then rollerblading at Woodside, and that honey bees were crawling out of Chad Stock's ears, i think honey bees or wasps might be my spirit animal, i also dreamt that i was walking with Joanna Newsom in NYC and that i could leap maybe 15 feet into the air...leaping or running dreams are my version of flying dreams...i'm usually leaping, like Toby McGuire in Spider Man 1 where he's just figuring out his powers leaping from building to building, it feels exactly like it looked like it felt to do that in the movie

i woke up and had strong coffee and listened to Cass McCombs

on the way to work i listened to Alice In Chains Unplugged, i threw it out the window once i got to work, i'm just done with it, i don't hate it or anything, i just have no interest in ever listening to it again

tonight i'm going to watch Bully, i'm a little worried that i'll get anxious watching it, like watching a Larry Clark movie, i hate/ love Larry Clark movies, i feel like Bully might be like that

my mom recently gave me a box of Ice Breakers Cool Mint chewing gum, i mean a case of it, i don't really chew gum but i've been chewing gum since she gave it to me

my brother is alone is SF i think, he hasn't called me in days

i never see my old friends anymore because they never call me, but that's okay, i figure i'll see my old friends again when they feel like calling me and making plans, they probably feel like i'm ditching them for new friends which isn't the case at all, i'm just sick of being the one texting "what's up tonight?," cause that shit gets old

i'm listening to a neato post-punk station at www.postpunk.com, it's my 'quiet storm'

i got paid today

and then Saturday

Rob Halpern and Michael Cross at Taylor and Tanya's house...

"Please join me and Tanya Hollis on Saturday, August 2nd, at our apartment in SF's Mission District, as we host a reading by Michael Cross and Rob Halpern. Michael is in town for an all-too-rare visit from Seattle, and Rob is celebrating the publication of his new chapbook, Imaginary Politics, from Taproot Editions.

There will be a reception beginning at 7pm, with the readings to begin at 8.

Please email if you need directions to my place, and please feel free to forward this announcement far and wide.

Best regards,
Taylor Brady"

tomorrow night in the Lower Haight...


i will be here...i will be bartending again...i will serve you lot's of free drinks...there will be music and art and booze and girls and boys...please try to make it...

Jul 30, 2008

my belly was full of grace...

skated over to Stephanie's in Nob Hill after work...i was going to skate to Clay and then catch the 1 up to her neighborhood...but i was having too much fun bombing the hills pre-Van Ness so i ended up getting sweaty and skating the whole way...

arrived to find S. dashing about the kitchen mashing potatoes, spicing fish, tossing salad, drinking wine...

put on her friends band The Pierces...i like it, i guess they had a song on Gossip Girl recently...hi Logan.

i think we chatted a lot about celebrities, vacations, escapism's, shows, relationships, apartments, carpets, foods...

dinner time, the food is amazing, and i'm hungry, buttery baked salmon, mashed (but more smashed) potatoes, Cesar Salad, wine...like i said, i don't think i've ever had a girl make me dinner before, maybe a tuna-melt once, but not a Dinner-with-a-capital-D dinner...it's kind of the best, i mean duh, but still, i've been missing out...S. says "i'll make you lot's of meals..."...swooners.

and then more wine and then the blueberry pie is done baking...oh yeah, i forgot to mention that she also baked a blueberry pie for dessert...so, more wine and piping hot pie and fresh whipped cream and oh Jesus Christ this is just a very decadent and savory Tuesday night...

...currently listening to Fanfarlo Sand And Ice Demo...

Jul 29, 2008

recently read...

1. Plasticville- David Trinidad

2. Au Lit Holy or Transgressions of the Maghred- Anne Waldman/ Eleni Sikelianos/ Laird Hunt

3. Clone School- Joanna Fuhrman

4. Small Kingdom- Sandra Beasley

5. Voice Notes: Fox + Three Daughters- Adam Golaski

6. Beerspit #1

7. Site Cite City SF Works: Jan-June 2007- David Buuck

8. Comp.- Kevin Davies

9. Meat Is Murder: An Illustrated Guide To Cannibal Culture- Mikita Brottman

10. Beyond Good And Evil- Fredrick Nietzsche

11. The San Francisco Sound- David Larsen

12. Disembodied Poetics- ed. Andrew Schelling/ Anne Waldman

13. The Age Of Reason- Jean-Paul Satre

14. Five Fingers Review #20

15. The Adventures Of Huckleberry Fin- Mark Twain

16. Disposed- Steve Dickison

17. Plot- Claudia Rankine

18. Academonia- Dodie Bellamy

19. Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets- J.K. Rowling

20. Transpiration/ Transpiring Minnesota- Robert Grenier

21. Mirage #149

22. Mirage #150

23. Work #3

24. Work #4

25. Work #5

26. Try- July 2008 issue

27. The Grand Piano #4

28. Wanders- Robin Blaser/ Meredith Quartermain

30. Work #6

...currently listening to Philip Glass The Hours

Jul 28, 2008

aha! and then ugh...

this weekend was amazing (aha!), but i'm sick with food poisoning today (ugh...)...

food poisoning: i think it was the month 1/2 old bread...bread i bought before i went to Greece, forgot about it in the fridge, and ate last night with some mac and cheese...i think there must have been some serious microbes building some serious microbe colonies in the bread cause i've been on hurt since last night...ouchy, my stomach lining feels like it's being pounded/pinched/tickled by a hundred angry midget hands...i called in sick to work...food poisoning is like the default bullshit call-in-to-work-sick excuse right? but it's true...IT'S TRUE SMALL PRESS DISTRIBUTION i swear!

this weekend was sort of the best...it started on Thursday...went to Adaye and Lance and Natalie's costume party Assassins at Deco Lounge, hadn't been there before, it's a cute little gay bar/ dance venue at Turk and Larkin...i'm a fan. so met up with Stephanie and Brittany for a date...it was kind of supposed to be a double date but my dude friend couldn't make it, so it was just me, boo hoo right?...the girls are rad, just falling into that comfortable rhythm immediately (my date is Stephanie by the way)..so we drink lot's of drinks and dance a little dance, suddenly it's close to 1am so we decide to walk up to Whiskey Thieves for last call...Stephanie and Brittany and me triple team that naked lady Pictionary game on the bar touch-screen console thingy...we get a 3rd place all time score (peep "DODES")...bar closes, we eat pizza and say our "i had funs/ let's do it agains" and head home...it's really late but i go to bed happy. work isn't so bad the next day...i'm glad i did it, now i know i can do it (stay out till past 2am on a school night) if the occasion is worth it...first date with fun girl definitely qualifies as a worthy occasion no?

Friday after work played a set at D-Structure, brother rolled down with beers and vibes, we drank the beers and spread the vibes...decided we should go on a pub crawl outside the neighborhood...headed down to the Transfer for free pool and vodkas, James beat me three games in a row because i scratched the 8 ball three times in a row, chatted with Brandon Brown who called from NYC post St. Mark's OMG reading, he said it went really well, he sounded really happy ...bounced to Dirty Thieves for jukebox and vodkas, watched the Giants get killed by the Brewers...cabbed it to Mighty (in the "Design District"...what the hell?) for a show "Mighty was dubbed the "best new club in America" by URB magazine soon after it opened"...eh, i guess...but Mighty was closed so we walked to a bar up the street for vodkas and beers...i forget what the bar was called but it was weird, didn't feel like SF...i don't know, maybe it felt like Kansas City...or Fresno or something. there were lot's of TVs in the place, lot's of really good looking black people on dates...everyone seemed really local, it was comfortable and strange, it was a city-warp bar, i want to go back. and then we tried Mighty again and they were open this time around...paid 15 bucks to get in (oof)...watched half of the show but i was seeing double at this point so i ditched my brother and grabbed a cab back to the neighborhood. got a call from Stephanie who wanted to meet up at Molotov's, decided i was too crashy to meet up, so like a little punk i passed out on the couch watching Alien 3 full of grilled cheese sandwiches...note to self: next time a group of cute girls wants to meet up with you at a bar 3 blocks from your house you should go...skip the goddamn sandwiches and meet the cute girls!

Saturday i woke up kind of late...drank coffee and watched a baseball game...ate some orzo salad and double stuffed Oreo cookies...got a call from Stephanie who was in the neighborhood drinking mojitos at Brittany's place, got the "come drink mojitos with us!" um, hell yes...so i skated over to Brittany's to meet up with the girls and drink mojitos in the warm Saturday sun...met S.'s friend Julie, talked about ghosts and stalkers with Julie, find out everyone is going to see The Breakfast Club at Dolores that night...i'm totally in...went to Papolote's for burritos...the other girls left...Stephanie and i finish up, walk back to my place for pre movie-in-the-park drinks...my roommate wakes up from his nap, hangs out with me and Stephanie in the kitchen drinking vodka sodas talking NYC vs. SFC (S. is from New York), politics, Conceptual Art/ Poetry communities, raves, drugs, parks, neighborhoods etc...Stephanie and i walk to the liquor store to get some budzos for the walk to the park...we arrive at the park and it's packed, just totally packed, crammed with people from Dolores St. side to the "gay shelf"...we find Brittany and the others, they mixed like 2 liters of mojitos for the movie (way to go S.'s friends!), we drink that and watch The Breakfast Club, it's a fun cuddly evening...on our way out we meet up with my brother and Dempsey...we all head to 500 club...it's insane inside...too crowded to move...somehow someone in the group nabs a booth...this is good because my brother has a 12 pack of Newcastle in his backpack...i say to the bartender "do you guys serve Newcastle?" he says "yeah, just one?" and i say "oh no thanks i was just wondering..." so now we can crack my brother's beers under the table and not worry about getting kicked out for drinking beers they don't carry...so now there's like this group of 15 of us...Stephanie knows of a party at some kind of mansion in the Lower Haight, somebody she goes to school with, she says "let's crash the party..." viola...me and Stephanie catch a cab, most of the others are on bikes...we head to the party, the party host looked pissed...not happy at all...but i think that was the expected reaction, maybe even desired reaction?...we're not worried about it...dicks...some girl gives me google eyes, Stephanie kind of checks her, i like that...so i'm meeting a ton of new fun wasted people...the host says "when are you guys going to leave?"...we stay maybe an hour longer...and then about 15 of us walk/skate/bike up to Scott and Haight for an after party at some dudes house (the guy works for Fecal Face?)...good group of people, very drunk group of people...by the end of the night (i think S. and i left around 4am) the house is a disaster... dog poop all over the place (or human poop depending on who you ask, i think it was dog poop, got trailed in from the street, it was freaking nasty, kind of got on everything, including my new jeans, laundry day today!), a naked man tied up with duct tape to the staircase, bottles and cans and trash, makeout sessions, bikes and skateboards and smiles...beautiful Sat. night...

Sunday i was really hungover. i watched Failure To Launch and some episodes of Queer As Folk. and then i ate some mac and cheese and bread and butter...and then i went to the bathroom all night.

Stephanie was going to cook me dinner tonight. called her this morning and told her about the rot gut...bummer! so, rain check on the dinner until tomorrow...i'm not sure if a girl's ever cooked me dinner before.

today i will eat bananas and drink lots of water and watch more episodes of Queer As Folk and do laundry...

...sorry if this post kind of sucks and is rambling and whatever...i'm having a hard time thinking straight, my synapses aren't connecting, they're dehydrated...linking sentences together right now is difficult...maybe this is just a list post.

...currently listening to Boom Bip Blue Eyed In The Red Room...

Jul 25, 2008

I, X-Phile

The Dark Knight? honestly, whatever...the more i think about it, the more i dislike it...excepting Heath it was just kind of blah, right?


this weekend...i will weep while watching Mulder and Scully...i wept watching the Duchovny and Anderson WonderCon interview on YouTube ...

going to see it maybe on Sunday? all are welcome to join my crew of one...

Jul 24, 2008

last night...

skated out to Rob Halpern and Lee's place for Thom Donovan's talk on disability, poetics, and form. i arrived sweaty and eager, i left cool and satiated. and it's always nice to see Jen Hofer, hi Jen Hofer! i have this fantasy where me and Jen Hofer are riding bikes, well she's riding a bike, i'm on a skateboard, around LA...we're probably wearing tank tops and shorts...it's hot out. we drink beers and laugh and laugh...Jocelyn Saidenberg meets up with us and we go swimming in the ocean, a family of sea otters probably makes friends with us while we're swimming laps, we name them Herbert (Dad), Sherbert (Mom) and Yogurt (Little Kid), we laugh and laugh about this as we pat the stupid little otters on the head...and then we probably get sandwiches and Kettle Chips and more beer and head to a park...we end the day picnicking in the park playing dominoes with our shoes off...the thing is, i think this is totally feasible. JEN HOFER LET'S RIDE BIKES!!!

so Thom's talk was really interesting. the discussion tht followed was really interesting. Brazil passed off the new issue of his mag Try. Eleni S. and i talked about Bruce Springsteen and collaboration. Brandon ignored my phone calls. i petted Jocelyn's dog (David Bowie pretty) while admiring Thom's shoes (David Bowie pretty). i drank lot's of red and white wine. i skated home even though i promised people i wouldn't. i didn't break my knee.

tonight is Adaye and Lance and Natalie's party Assassins at Deco Lounge. i'll go to that.

my mom bought me new jeans. they're beautiful. i went down a size. 33 34!

last night i read Wanders by Robin Blaser and Meredith Quartermain, also made a big dent in The Grand Piano #4. i've been reading like crazy the last couple weeks. feels good...something's brewing.

the baseball game with James and Emma was fun. we had crazy good tickets. i could reach out and touch the visitors dugout. baseball that close is a whole 'nother game. if i was rich i would buy season tickets in that section. easy peezy decision'ezy...no rich though.

Megan texted me "i went to a George Michael show last night...for some reason it reminded me of you...," which is just totally awesome.

i got speakers for my computer at work. or, speakers were given to me for my computer at work. currently bumping Strangers Die Everyday...thanks Art!

okay, back to work for now...

it's nice out today, it feels good out today...

Jul 22, 2008


GIANTS vs. The Nationals

w/ my brother and his work

free tix!

...currently listening to The Streets A Grand Don't Come For Free

Jul 21, 2008

this weekend i...

saw The Dark Knight with Adaye, we sapped vodka and cried for Heath. Aaron Eckhart sucks as Twoface by the way...otherwise the movie was fantastic, i mean, it was just a movie, but it was good...

met up with Hannah
and James and Emma at Dirty Thieves for drinks...James and i talked about eating out, we want to do an every-Thursday-night-we-go-out-to-a-new-restaurant thing...anybody want in? talked with Hannah a bit about her recent move to LA. i guess i should visit Echo Park? i want to visit LA soon anyway, go see the Poetic Research Bureau, maybe do a reading. anybody want to split gas? i'm down for serious, let's get out of the Bay for a weekend.

watched Cloverfield, i liked the ending a lot, i liked Cloverfield...i don't know about JJ Abrams's "i wanted to create a Godzilla for America..." bullshit...i think it's pretty obvious that America's Godzilla is Jason Vorhees, Jaws, Michael Myers, King Kong, LeatherFace and Freddy Krueger et al...duh.

ate tuna salad and burritos and pizza...regretted all of it but the tuna salad.

went to that post-punk show at The Peacock Lounge with Adaye and Natalie and Lance...Repeater and Veil Veil Vanish were my favs...The Prigs rocked too, and now they're in a hospital in Fresno after getting into a car accident on their way back down to LA, bummer...but seriously, Repeater blew me away...yeah they're kind of Joy Division by way of Interpol (but who isn't these days?) but they pull it off well...look them up on myspace.

my sister came over for a brief visit. we talked about ex-boyfriends and jobs and The Watchmen and Greece...i love my sis.

woke up all fucked in the head on Sunday...did laundry and visited Azikiwee for a while...came back to the apartment and watched Sigur Ros's Heima...finished Bellamy's Academonia and went to bed. woke up feeling better. decided that it's time to take some psychological amoxicillin...get rid of those pesky parasites currently annoying me...

this week i have a date with pretty girl and then Adaye and Natalie and Lance's party Assassins is on Thursday night at Deco Lounge and then my friend Dutchface's Saturday sloshball birthday party jam...

i'm looking forward to resting up a bit this week. my mom bought me new jeans.

Jul 20, 2008


Anna Moschovakis and Dennis Somera

LIVE! // 6:30PM

21 Grand
416 25th St
Oakland CA 94612

$3--$infinity sliding scale

Jul 19, 2008


Post-Punk Block Party - Veil Veil Vanish, The Prids, Repeater, & EXITMUSIC at THE PEACOCK LOUNGE (Lower Haight)...7pm BBQ then show...

Glass, Concrete, and Stone

Jul 18, 2008

after the movie...

Caitlin is having an "i got laid off" party...i actually don't know if that's the occasion...but why not? and then maybe meeting up with Armand at some Grime night thing at a mysterious club called Anu...holy cats it's going to be a fun night...

...currently full of peaches given to SPD by the music buyer from Rasputin's...yum...i just cut a bunch of peaches up for the interns...i said "i grew up Greek, i'm a professional fruit cutter..." they all watched me in action hovering over the sink...when they saw my skills they went "daayuuuummmmm....!!!"...oh interns, how you brighten my day...


i've decided that i need to stop eating so much salami and cheese...i think i'm ulcerus. i feel like if i drink the orange juice in the fridge it'll burn a nickel sized hole in my stomach...coffee is the only acid for me. can "rot gut" give you an ulcer?

the new SPD Website has just launched...we love it, we hope you use it, and love it too...

watched Green St. Hooligans last night, it ruled...seriously good movie...now i want to watch Gary Oldman in The Firm...football hooliganism is the beat.

watched Die Hard With A Vengence last night, it blew...seriously don't know what people were talking about...i kept waiting for the movie to start...and then it was over, and i was bored...

the SPD Blog is now live, the SPD staff will be blogging Book Stuff there semi-regularly, check us out!

went to bed last night at 9pm! reading The Grand Piano Vol. 4...gotta love those zany L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E Poets...

tonight after work...

me and Adaye are going to see Batman...

Jul 16, 2008

The Knockout

Steve played a great show. Brandon hosted the ball game. i talked about Dungeons and Dragons. Seth made a 7 inch. we all drank lots of Ham's and Budzos and Tecate.

...currently listening to Alias and Tarsier...

oh no Brian, say ain't so!!!

Andy Keaton reps the 3oh3 ridiculously

this is Brian, there was once a time when i was in grad school, this was in Boulder, CO, i used to frequent a bar called The Sundowner ("the downer"), good ol' Brian Bonsall (of Family Ties fame) used to as well (you ever tried to get your perk on with a huge film crew from VH1 filming in the bar? sucks...)...Brian play(ed)s in a band called Thruster, we used to party at Brian's house, we called him "Family Ties," it was fun if a bit reckless, you remember the meth house from Point Break, or the Mexican gangbangers house from Training Day? his house was like that...but funner. anyway, LRS just informed me that Brian is on the lam...good VH1 Where Are They Now fodder if anything...stay tuned.

Jul 15, 2008

baseball and babes!


Steve Orth (the babe) plays a show at The Knockout(Mission & Valencia) with Pope of Yes, Boat, Alright Class. 9pm me thinks...

but before that, the All-Star Game (the baseball, natch) with the boys at either Dirty Thieves or Thieves Tavern or Brandon's Living Room...brown bags and boys and ballywag...tis bully!

...currently listening to something Jesse is playing...

Jul 14, 2008


i'm going to finish watching Freedom Land (boo so far, i'm about 2/3 through) and then Memoirs Of A Geisha...i will eat some hearty food and not have any beers or wine. i will not go out. i will go to bed before 11pm. tonight is Monday and i'm treating it that way. i will maybe gmail chat with people. but that's it. i look forward to dreaming tonight.

here's to new friends, here's to Sunday night fun...

"i meant every word. and for the record, you're the best company i've had in weeks...i'm already having a good day :)"

Jul 13, 2008

on track

Friday, Rodney Koeneke and Stas Feldman read poems and played accordion respectfully at BOTH BOTH. maybe i sound like a chump because it's my own reading series, but i think it went really well...i would book Rodney to read every month if i could...hands down my favorite reader on the circuit. Stas played accordion and sang some Leonard Cohen songs...people laughed and sang along...David Highsmith gave me an original The Grand Piano flier that he designed in the 70's. Rodney gave me a bottle of beautiful Hendrick's Gin...hosting a series has perks. everyone drank a lot of drinks and talked a lot of talk...i met Ronald Palmer for the first time, he's the beat...thanks to the BOTH BOTH regulars for making it to every one of these little things...you guys make me want to keep doing it...that's like Robin, Michael, Logan, Francois, Brandon, Sara, Alli, David, David, Carrie, Brent et al. ...i apologize to everyone for leaving early. it was rude, but my friend Tory, who i see maybe twice a year, was having his last night out in SF before returning to Salt Lake the next day...so, thanks Brandon and the rest of you beauts for shutting off the turntable and turning out the lights...

so me and Adaye (cutie on the left) bounced from my apartment to Edo for an opening. it was bad, per usual. don't know why their shows seem to consistently suck. well it's bad curating obvs. but seriously, they need to put something worth looking at on the walls...cause the San Gria only goes so far. walked Adaye to her bike, met up with the crew at Molotov's...cut to next day...

went to University Falls with my brother and Dempsey...supposed to leave at 7:30am but we were all still pretty drunk from the night before...on the road at 10am...hike the hike to the falls, about an hour deep into the woods outside of Coloma...meet up with a bunch of drunk college girls who are super flirty, and young, and fun...i asked one of them what year they were (meaning college) and she said "'06"...meaning the year she graduated high school...i almost shot river water out of my ears...made me laugh...these girls were aggressive. but they were cute so what are you going do?

got back from University Falls around 7pm smelling like horse manure. showered and text chatted with Wendy
for a bit (Wendy and i used to be tight, we cool like that). she said "merk/ meow/ mucho" i said "watkins/ waterfalls/ whoa"...i like Wendy. she was almost in the Olympics. she plays tennis a lot and has an awesome face and eats lots of take out Chinese, she also wears awesome clothes and her apartment is round, as in circular, she lives in one of those "big dicks in the sky" off of Geary, you know, those really weird LA looking white round apartment building (i have a photo lying around somewhere taken from her balcony). i haven't seen Wendy for a minute, but i missed her. i used to hang out with Wendy last summer. we danced a lot and laughed a lot and sent each other drunk photo texts a lot. we will drink drinks this week. preferably not at her work, Mas Sake. Mas Sake is full of sushi and fly girls but also rowdy Marina bros. i will propose someplace else.

and then i drank beers with Jon watching Lock Up on MSNBC...Jon and i both agree that we would probably commit suicide if we ever wound up in prison....and then a program about Hillbillies on The History Channel. did you know that the term "redneck" comes from Union seeking miners in West Virginia at the turn of the century who sported red bandannas as a sign of protest solidarity. it made me sad that this really noble thing, being a "redneck" (and it was/is noble to them) has been perverted to mean ignorant, racist, hillbilly...i had no idea that "redneck" had it's roots in union organizing..."rednecks" were labor movement heroes...contrary to what me and Jon both thought, "redneck" has nothing to do with "working out in the sun"...

and then i went out to The Knockout to meet up with Adaye for an old school Ska night, dancing ensued...bed time.

today i walked around my neighborhood a bit, ate lunch, watched an episode of The Shield and then headed over to D-Structure to play an afternoon set. I don't know, i might be playing the next D-Structure opening...so if i am i'll post the flier and you should come out and drink free drinks and look at art and see me rock some whatever...

heading back to D-Struc in a sec for the Beck listening party...not sure what's it's all about but i know they will be playing the new Beck album and giving away a bunch of shit, including drinks. UPDATE! just got back from the Beck listening party, i was pretty much the only one there so the label reps took lots of photos of me holding the new Beck CD, holding Beck posters, looking pensive with Beck memorabilia in the backdrop...i am the new face of Beck fandom, that's word! i guess...

Monday will be hard but Tuesday will be easier because Steve O. is playing a set at The Knockout after we all watch The All-Star Game in the Mission.

you might have noticed that i post a lot more pictures of girlfriends than dudefriends...i'm hetero and single, sue me...

let's do stuff this week okay?

University Falls photos to come...Bill Luoma commented on that corny no shirt self portrait. it's all so oblique.

...currently listening to Daedelus Love To Make Music To...(he's playing Elbo Room in August, i'm fucking there for sure)


Jul 11, 2008


with Rodney Koeneke (on books!) and Stas Feldman (on accordian!)...

415 Pierce St. #3 between Oak and Fell (Lower Haight)

7pm per usual but we'll get started a little after per usual.

spread the word please.

see you tonight!

Jul 10, 2008

Dolores, Bill Murray, Beers, Summer!

it's movie night tonight at Dolores, and they're showing Stripes! a group of us are heading down around 7pm for pre-movie beers...wanna join? call or text dudes...

let's sit together in some urine soaked grass and enjoy the warm'ish night...pretend like you're still in college, Thursday is Friday so don't give me any excuses.

holler if you bother.

Jul 9, 2008

late last night when we were all in bed, old lady Leary left the lantern in the shed...

met up with Armand at Whiskey and talked about oranges and wrestling.

met up with Adaye and Natalie at Whiskey then walked over to Hemlock.

met up with Tory and Carl and Matt and Emma and Amber and some other girls.

i think Suzanne Stein once called me an exhibitionist in an introduction.

i made out with a girl at Hemlock. haven't madeout in a bar in a while. on a Tuesday. summer is fun.

went home and thought about smoking a cigarette but just went to bed instead.

i've been dreaming about water lately. i've been dreaming about boats lately. these are anxiety dreams.

tonight i'm going to watch The Shield and eat soup and go to bed before 11pm.

Tory is in town until Saturday. this makes me happy.

i think i'm going to University Falls to swim on Saturday. you should come with. it's amazing.

Jul 8, 2008

my roommate is the man!

it's that time of the month again, Friday 7/11/08 BOTH BOTH SERIES!!!

w/ Rodney "Triple Lindee" Koeneke and Stas "The Calculator" Feldman...

same time (7pm) same place (415 Pierce St. #3 between Oak and Fell, Lower Haight SF)

bring booze, bring vibes, bring ears and eyes, bring smiles and whatupers...see you there lovelies!

RODNEY KOENEKE is the author of Musee Mechanique (BlazeVOX, 2006) and Rouge State (Pavement Saw, 2003). A new chapbook, Rules for Drinking Forties, is forthcoming from Dana Ward's Cy Press in early '09. After 20 years in or around San Francisco, he moved to Portland, OR in 2006, where he helps curate the Tangent Reading Series with Kaia Sand and Jules Boykoff. He's missed you all.

STAS FELDMAN Born in Baku in 1974/75, to a dislexic bartender and an uppity housewife.Relocated to Moscow after their unsuccesful immigration bid.
Converted to Roman Catholicism aftre high school so as to get laid more easily. R. E. M.'s Losing my Relgiion was the biggest hit in Moscow the summer of 92.
Almost fought on the barricades of the August 1991, but was two days late arriving to Moscow from the country.
Almost fought on the barricades of 1993, but was whisked away
to America to watch Russian Parliament ( where my cousin worked, while dating Ruslan Khazbulatov's driver) burn on CNN.
Learned English, lapsed from religion, dropped out of grad school, picked up an accordion.
Here I am.

Jul 7, 2008

i don't know...

the weekend was kind of amazing...it's sort of a blur at this point. but...

highlights maybe?

1. 4th of July...

Dolores Park was busted, cops kicking people out for BBQ'ing (on the 4th!) and drinking (on the 4th!). so my brother and i Alamo Square'd it with Emma and Steve H. and Brenda. Emma kept talking about some girl "who drank Drano and survived..." as an analogy for something, i didn't get it...it was cold, i was wearing shorts and it was cold. i showed off my ridiculously buff calf muscles. friends ooh and awwd...Steve O. had forgotten about the big black man at Aunt Charlie's who was yelling across the bar at him "no sex! i have a big bed! i need a 5 spot! take my money! i want a big bed! let me buy you beers!" Brenda got all fancy and pulled out the plastic ice cubes and a Bordeaux wine glass for her Cab. Holy Cats that's a lady! and then...

2. walked to James's new apartment with the Alamo Square crew for beers and patio'ing. some other girl came over but i forget her name. she was from Southern California by way of the mid-west. we talked about bicycles and underwear. James's roommate Mark came home, we talked about music and touristas. Mark has tables in his living room, Mark drinks a wonderful swampy looking tea and is British and is a scientist and knows a lot about fruit flies and alcoholism. Mark also DJ's, hence the tables, hence my joy. and then...

3. i bounced to Greg P.'s party on Haight and Pierce. Armand and Steve O. and a ghetto blaster awaited my arrival. i drank beers and snatched free rock pins and smiled and sang along as a gaggle of hefty chicks drunkenly belted Bon Jovi songs from the stoop. some girl came up to me and Armand and Steve O. on the street, she was flirting, Armand threw her a sour face and she ran off. i chastised Armand, Armand got pretty defensive for a moment, and then he relaxed. Steve O. and i went to the backyard by way of a subterranean tunnel filled with vampire bats and PVC pipes and dirt mounds and homeless women...when we finally emerged on the other side there were stale burger patties and stale burger buns and crusty catsup waiting for us. we ate them and some chips and half a hot dog, there were no utensils so we used corn chips as spoons to eat potato salad. hella gurp. i left the party...

4. to go to my friend Sharon's photo show at D-Structure. there was some kind of weird Alkaline Trio listening party going on when i got there and it sort of freaked me out and i was confused but i didn't really pay much attention to it so i was okay. and then the show got started, and i said what's up to Sharon and Kevin and Tory and Zik and Tamsen. i was pretty drunk at this point so i just sort of started pouring my own drinks behind the bar which soon led to me being mistaken for a bartender which led to me pouring drinks for other people as well. and then i never stopped and i became the bartender of the party. it was a lot of fun and it was packed and i got a lot of smiles and people were looking at me like i knew what i was doing, i felt like Matthew at the Castle only in a good mood with a good vibe. i think i'm a flirty bartender, very winky emoticon'y. when the supplies started running low i poured drinks like sake and ginger ale, blegh...i don't know, maybe this is an actual drink, but it was pretty foul. but anyway, once i started pouring "sake gingers" people started ordering sake gingers, people were shitty...i think stuff just tasted like liquid at this point, people didn't care what was in it, as long as it packed some Japanese-American punch...i was making them strong. the whole party was pretty swerved. Scott La Rockwell took lots of photos that i'm sure are forthcoming somewhere (D-Structure blog/ flickr). peolpe danced, people flirted, people looked at art, people watched videos, people hooked up, people met, people did the people'ish things people do on the 4th...oh yeah, Sharon's show is pretty fantastic. i didn't actually look at it the night of the opening, i forgot! but i went back yesterday to take a proper look and hang with Sharon for a while. it's a damn good show, you should go, it's up for a month. give her freelance work! she needs rent!

5. and then the entire street was lit up in smoke and everyone on the block was in a good mood (except for those retards on the roof at Fillmore and Haight shooting bottle rockets at people's heads, well i guess *they* were in a good mood but not the people getting their eardrums popped). and then there's a really funny story about my roommate and crack cocaine but maybe i won't tell that one here. it's funny though, no one did crack, but there was crack involved. haha. ha. heh. and then the next day...

6. i woke up kind of late and went skating in GG Park at the De Young (acid drop stage!) and then the Panhandle basketball courts and then got a call from my friend Sophia who was down in Dolores Park with the homies drinking beers...so i rallied Brett and Reily and Mike and my Brother and we mashed down to Dolores for beers and sun and reunions. me and Brett and Reily talked a lot about butthole waxing and "skin flaps" and dirty scalps and Oklahoma...Sofia took a break from dominoes to show me her new "Until We Meet Again" tattoo and pretty soon the sun was setting and we were all in a great mood so we said our goodbyes to Sofia and friends and headed back to the neighborhood where we ran into Roxy and Theo and Nicole and Emma at Molotov's...this is the part where we lost James to Emma and Molotov's so onward Brett and me and Reily and Mike to Beanbag for more beers and pasta...and then Reily and Mike want to talk about girls so we talk about girls for a long time...and i think Reily has some questionable taste but whatever...and then we leave for my place and run into my roommate Jon (i love my hood, did i say that already?) who is on his way to some kind of show of some kind, Jon on the go...and then at my place...

7. we crack more beers and i put on a freaking sweatshirt cause now it's cold and i've been in a t-shirt the whole night and slap on records...and it's fun because i have a captive, attentive audience who wants a set...so i let Reily pick a bunch of records for me to mix and he chose some really good stuff like: Nas, Wu-Tang, Rogue Wave, The Beatles, Mos Def, The Mama's and the Papa's, Scarub, Diana Ross and some other stuff i can't remember that was really hard to mix into a set...so we had a nice late evening listening to records and smoking stogs and goofing off and talking about movies and burritos and girls again and San Francisco and horses and costumes and playing the drums and astral projection and North Beach and shrooms and then Mike grabbed the yoga ball and wouldn't put it down and knocked over some shit but i didn't mind because nothing broke or got spilled and then...

8. i bounced down to Molotov's to meet up with Tory and Justin and Jose for beers...ran into Kay who i think i kind of ignored, sorry Kay! and then i had had enough...my body was skateboard tired and beer/sun fatigued and i was sort of all talked out...so i went home for some shut eye...

9. Sunday morning was spent lazily at Bean There drinking coffee and reading Plot By Claudia Rankine...and then i skated around the neighborhood and ate a big beautiful ballsy tuna salad and then off to D-Structure to meet up with Sharon and take a look at her show. while i was D-Structure i read Kanye West's new self help book, no joke, he has a self help book (holler Brandon!)...it's a quick read, the font's in like 56 point, maybe 20 words (max) per page, maybe 40 pages max as a book...it was pretty funny, he talks a lot about "using people" vs.. ab-using/ mis-using people...it was retardedly amazing, Kanye's all about using people to get ahead, homeboy's honest...and then i ran into Nicole
again at Steiner and Haight who grabbed me off my skateboard and introduced me to her Greek dad
...i was all "yassou" and he said "yassou" and i said "santorini" and he said "beautiful" and i said "lot's of married women there" and he said "lot's of women there" and i said "nice to meet you" and then i was rolling down the street again heading home to drink white wine and watch The Constant Gardener (B+) and go to bed reading Dodie Bellamy's Academonia sort of anticipating my early morning wake up for SPD reunion (hello money again, hello salary again, i'm broke!)...it was a wonderful, flurry of a weekend...

tonight i'm meeting up with Brett and Reily and Mike and some people i don't know at Waziema's for pool playing and vodka sapping...and then Casanova's for Sharon's bon voyage back to Brooklyn send off...

...currently listening to Wilco Being There...

Jul 5, 2008


Sophia is visiting from far away.

i will have 40oz.'s with Sophia in Dolores Park.

last night i was bartender and there is a story there.

i will skate to Safeway to buy yogurt.

i will skate to the DMV parking lot for a quick session.

i will not go sailing, i will not eat pizza pockets.

Tonight i will go to The Transfer or The Endup.

i will not do the crack-rock on my dresser.

i will watch Escape From New York, again.

currently listening to Cass McCombs Multiple Suns...

Jul 4, 2008

last night's activities

skated out to 25th and Shotty to stoop it with Brandon for a couple hours until we got busted by neighborhood beat cops for drinking outside (in SF? do we look like Nortenos?)...went upstairs and called Matthew who promptly came over to "stoop it" in Brandon's kitchen...had conversations with Brandon and Matthew about: The Wire, "the community," Fassbinder, BSG, Bill O'Reily, "television," hip hop, readings, formative years, girls, skating, neighborhoods, poetry, careers, crewing, drinking, masturbation, weed, the state of the Castle, burritos, the Cyclades, books, beatings, gangs, neighbors...i love my friends.

said goodbye to Brandon and Matthew

skated over to Amber at Church and Market to meet up with my brother and Steve H. for drinks. had drinks and stared at terrible silk-screen art on the walls...took off with James and Steve H. to a party/ night BBQ a couple blocks down on Duboce to meet up with Guile and his boyfriend. ate really tasty meat at the BBQ. Guile was drunk, Guile was drinking tequila, Guile kept introducing me to the same 3 or 4 girls saying "have you met John yet? he's a Capricorn...want some tequila?"...

and then

Emma and Amber rolled up in a cab to pick us up for disco dancing at Aunt Charlie's on Turk...Emma and i danced to disco as Steve H. got hit on by a big black man who was actually pretty obnoxious and maybe crazy or just on barbiturates...of course Steve H. let him buy him drinks.

when we were ready to go all five of us piled into a cab and headed to Rickshaw, but boo, they were closed...so onward to Elbo Room for drinks...walking to the bar we ran into Brett and Kelsey who decided to turn around and join the group...Brett and i talked about stuff, and it was good, i haven't seen Brett in what feels like a year...she's super one of the good ones, i didn't notice if she still has the rooster streak, did you James? anyway, we're going for coffee and bagels next week, we'll probably talk about bikini waxing and Alamo Square Park.

so yeah, after Elbo Room closed we all walked back to the Lower Haight...and it's beautiful because we all live there or abouts...spotted Azikiwee and Tory (visiting from Utah!) and Sharon Goldberg putting up the show at D-Structure...so we stopped in to say hello and give pounds and hugs...i love Zik, i love what Zik is doing with the store, Zik's a really good friend, i need to see more of him. so we said our goodbye's because we were drunk and it was like 3am and James was hungry...so James goes to Mythic for a slice while Steve H. and i totally bomb this SUV with "misting" tags...we decided to start a "misting" graffiti movement..."misting" is a word/movement we made up last night that means tagging on a fogged up car with your fingers...it's kind of awesome and totally cathartic and just a bit rebellious without damaging anything...i guess we could also start a "dusting" movement, like when you see "WASH ME!" dusted onto the back window of a truck...but i prefer misting, it's cleaner...anyway, so then we all walked home reciting Spice 1 lyrics ("kill a man down to the finish/ you blow his brains out/ Ja Mon!!!" "i shoot the spine off your motherfuckin' cow!!!" "i'm the 6'0 Chucky doll") and then i pee'd for an hour and then watched the Deadliest Catch finale and ate ice cream and by this time it's close to 4am so i closed my eyes.

right now i'm about to walk over to my brother's place for coffee and breakfast...i love that he moved into a new place just a couple blocks from me, i'm stoked.

today we'll run around the neighborhood...Kay is having a rooftop BBQ/party, then maybe Dolores, then maybe a party at Greg P.'s place, then D-Structure for Sharon's opening then probably bars or Jelly's or whatever...

happy 4th of July everybody, don't get your hand blown off!!!

Jul 3, 2008

Sharon Goldberg "What Remains"

come out this Friday the 4th (already boozy from the day of course) to welcome Brooklyn-to-SF-to-back-to-Brooklyn transplant Sharon Goldberg for her photog/installation at D-Structure (opens 8pm)...

Sharon is a great gal, and she's tiny...Sharon says "legally, i'm a midget"...

Sharon shoots me and Armand in the Tenderloin