Aug 31, 2009

my first full length, Rude Girl, is now available!

i'm super excited, it's gonna be a good can order directly from me using the PayPal button found on the right side of this blog...i know money is tight right now so i'm selling the book for $12 (that includes shipping and handling)...thanks for your support! you know i love you! you know i love your faces! yours truly--John

Aug 28, 2009

Sunnylin Thibodeaux and me walking down South Van Ness post Brandon Downing and Lindsey Boldt reading at Brandon Brown''s house with Patrick James Dunagan in the back and photo by Micah Ballad right before Bender's...

Aug 26, 2009

celebrity/ celebrity doppelganger thingy

Lindsey DUNCAN



this Saturday should be and Micah, Sunnylin, Patrick Dunigan, my brother and Lindsey Boldt are going to head over to the Potrero Hill skatepark Chilibowl comp...were going to eat chili and watch the comp, naturally.

Aug 25, 2009

dang, Bay Area shows in the next few days...not including OUTSIDE LANDS cause their line up(s) blow(s)...

Monday, August 24th
Ted Leo, Jeff the Brotherhood @ Bottom of the Hill, $15
Pete Yorn, Juliette Commagere, J.D. King @ the Fillmore, $28.50

Tuesday, August 25th
Fruit Bats, Death Vessel, A B & The Sea @ the Independent, $12/14
Fruit Bats @ Amoeba SF, (FREE)

Wednesday, August 26th
The Dodos, Spencey Dude & The Doodles @ Rickshaw Stop, (sold out)
Dredg, RX Bandits, As Tall As Lions @ the Fillmore, $20

Thursday, August 27th
Holy Fuck, City Light, Ghosts on Tape @ the Independent, $15
Akron/Family, Howlin' Rain @ Rickshaw Stop, $10
20 Minute Loop, The Famous @ Cafe du Nord, $10

Friday, August 28th
Wave Array, Goodbye Nautilus and The Working Title @ Cafe du Nord, $10
Street Sweeper Social Club @ the Independent, $25

Saturday, August 29th
Calexico, Sergio Mendoza Y La Orkesta @ the Independent, $25
Blue Sky Black Death, Boy Eats Drum Machine, Boy in Static @ Bottom of the Hill, $10
Conor Oberst & The Mystic Valley Band, Her Space Holiday @ Mezzanine, $25

Aug 21, 2009

Aug 18, 2009

Aug 13, 2009

Aug 12, 2009

started yesterday...

finished today...

Aug 11, 2009

doesn't the Orion logo intro make you feel good? doesn't it make you feel like a little kid again? don't you miss it? it makes me want to call my Mom. it makes me want to build rubber-band guns and eat Ritz makes me want to eat pizza with my brother and sister and Mom. it makes me want to ride in a big blue van. it makes me want to sleep in a sleeping bag surrounded by my friends in their own sleeping bags. kind of makes me sad...

new spot in the Lower Haight...

just heard about this today though i haven't "been" there's called Hot Dog Alley and apparently it's literally a guy manning a hot dog cart at the end of an's at Haight and Fillmore across the street from Walgreen's...and yes, this is their/his actual sign...

i love living here...

weekend abrevs...

on Saturday mashed over to the Potrero Hill skatepark with Micah "there's your boy" Ballard, Sunnylin, Patrick "your friend looks like a young female Jack Hirshman" Dunagan, my brother, my sister, Justin and Pat...

Kati's band Black Bow were on the bill...Thee Oh Sees were playing...some high-school aged looking girl who reminded me of Daria played and really pissed me off...i guess i give her props for getting up on stage and opening for some really great bands...but damn...she really pissed me off. she had that whole i'm bitter but it's kind of jokey thing going on...and i hated it...but Black Bow was great though you couldn't really hear them...Thee Oh Sees did their thing despite their sound getting eaten by the wind...some other folks played some folk music but i didn't catch their name...

me and Micah checked out the barefoot girl pro's carving the really intimidating concrete pool...they were amazing. Micah gave me crap about never making it to the park on Saturday mornings...we drank beers and talked about GI brother got roped into pinata bashing by the girl-pro surfers
...he fell in love...he killed the pinata...the park cheered...neighborhood kids went crazy for candy...watched the bands...
Jake Phelps bummed a stog off of me in a Texas Longhorns hoodie
and we spotted Tommy Guerrero sitting right next to us you know it's going to be a good night if Tommy Guerrero decides to sit next to your group...holy crap.

caught a cab home...pulled a quick hip hop set...mashed over to Justin's for a party...spent an hour trying to figure out how to set up the turntables plus jacked-up mixer...figured it out...played my hip hop set...cracked people's toes...3am...mashed over Alamo Square to my place...walk in the door to find Brandon and Lindsey and Matthew and Steve in the living room having an all night country jam (because i had our record needles in my bag)...attacked Brandon with hugs and neck rubs...took off my shirt and tacked Brandon some more...hit the hay.

Sunday i bailed on DJ'ing at Casanova and watched 2 discs of Freaks and Geeks instead...i won't do that next month.

Aug 7, 2009



Aug 3, 2009

so yeah, David Eick (co-creator of the new Battlestar Galactica) was at Cunningham's wedding on Saturday...he read some early embarrassing (???) Cunningham poems at the reception...

cut-to: but i didn't know he was THAT David i'm outside smoking a smoke drinking a drink and out comes Eick...he asks if he can bum a couple smokes for the bride and groom...i'm like "anything for Brent..." and hand over the stogs...he's like "and Mellisa probably won't want one so i'll see you in a second..." and i'm like "fo' sho my ninja..."

cut-to: so we're all standing outside with the groom having a post-wedding, swerved-reception stog when Brent sort of casually mentions Battlestar...and then it all sort of starts clicking...holy crap...THAT'S DAVID "BATTLESTAR GALACTICA" EICK!!! and so i approach David and say something like "HOLY FUCK YOU'RE FUCKING DAVID EICK!!! OMG YOU'RE DAVID EICK...FROM THE PODCASTS...AND THE WHISKEY SESSIONS WITH RONALD MOORE...I'M A HUGE FAN AND YOUR FUCKING FUCK DAVID GODDAMN 'BSG' EICK...!!! SIGN MY TITS!!!" eh hem...

yeah, i asked David Eick to sign my tits...and he was awesome about it...and Brent is laughing...and things might have gotten weird but i couldn't tell because i was in full post-wedding, swerved-reception i shook his hand (mine probably sweaty and nervous) and told him i loved the show etc etc...what a great guy...handled my fawning dorkitude with yeah, this was a learning experience for me...i'm no good around creators/actors/producers/writers of my favorite sci-fi shows...i guess i turn into something of a "werefan," morphing into an unrecognizable mass of blubbering giddiness ...i turn into a tween at a manga convention...i hope i never run into David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson or Chris Carter...they might find me frantically humping their legs...

and this is all just to say that Brent and Melissa's wedding was awesome...and a huge congrats to them and their families...and, WHAT UP DAVID EICK!!!? HOLLER!!! LET'S GRAB BEERS!!! YEAH?!!!!

celebrity musician / poet doppelganger thingy...

Ariel PINK


David LRSN