Apr 30, 2009

dreamt that me and Ramsey Lewis were renting rooms from Linda. Linda was an eco-terrorist...her and her girlfriend would rent houses in Contra Costa County, plant forests inside the houses, watch houses be overwhelmed by trees, and mold, and spores, and leaves, caves would form, rooms would crumble, houses totally destroyed, forests began taking over the neighborhood. Ramsey Lewis and i reneged on the rent and got the hell out of there.

Apr 29, 2009

omg. this is where i'm going late May...Russian River with a gigantic group of lesbians...i'm going to eat so much BBQ under that umbrella...i'm going to drink so much cold beer on that deck...i'm going to swim hard in the cold river, very hard.

rock on! tasty!

Apr 28, 2009

Moriarty walked into my office at the end of the day and said "whew...your dinners...wow, but that's just you being you..."

EXACTLY! thank you Laura for being the homie...

i threw my microwave out the window this morning...

no more late night nacho cheese and Hot Pockets...

tonight i'm cooking rotisserie chicken and rice with C....

we'll drink wine and listen to The Beatles (i'm on "B" in "The Order") watch some SFU Season 3 and look at her pictures from NYC...
what i had for dinner last night...

microwaved egg salad and butter mixed/mashed with half a pack of chocolate gram crackers...

a beautiful, rich, brown and yellow marbleized bowl of sweet and savory bathroom humor of a meal...

and then i watched Warlock and went to bed...

Apr 27, 2009

just got a text from Jay

"i just won an Emmy!"

holy shit Jay! congratulations!

more details to come...

for logan

my friends make fun of the stuff i eat...they say stuff like "you're disgusting..." "what the hell is wrong with you..." "i can smell you from here..." "you're a _______ idiot..." a lot...what can i say, i have an idiosyncratic palate...sometimes i come home on a Friday night and it's late and maybe i'm a little perked and it's 3am and i'm hungry...so i make dinner...what follows below is my dinner from last Friday night, enjoyed at 3:38am while watching the latest episode of House on Hulu...bon appetite!

one whole can of re-fried beans

gobs and gobs of shredded Jack cheese

handful of diced onion

two hard boiled eggs

big handful of crumpled Oreo cookies

stir (mash) all together until boiling like thick lava...

put on your favorite junk television show...


pass out 15 min later...

Apr 24, 2009

txt just now:

james sakkis: what skate shirt is this?

me: mike mcgill

"To the top of the pyramid for the sun god in mexico. Whew..."

-Sabrina this morning


(Bay Area Research Group in Enviro-aesthetics)


Friday, April 24th, 6-9pm
All events take place at Mission 17 Gallery

2111 Mission Street, Suite 401

Gallery Hours: Wed-Sat 1-6 pm


Apr 22, 2009

things from my younger youth...

Bo Jackson's Starting Lineup figure...


everyone who knows me also knows that i eat probably a few hundred, nay thousand, pistachio nuts a week...i love my pistachios, i love my pistachios so much i have blisters on my pointer fingers from cracking shells...and then the recall happened and i was like 'whatever, doesn't affect me, i'm practically made of pistachios'...but also Kirkland, my favorite brand of nut, hadn't been mentioned in the media as one of the suspect brands...until i received a notice from the grocery basically saying "if you have any bags of Kirkland pistachio nuts matching this UPC number they may be contaminated with salmonella"...and then i begrudgingly check the UPCs on my 3 huge bags of pistachio nuts and lo and what the fuck behold they match...all three goddamn bags...on the one hand it kind of explains my poops for the last 3 weeks but on the other hand i might just be a hypochondriac but then again on the other hand my stomach has been acting really weird and i've been getting kind of freaked out in a "i'm currently listening to Joan Baez's Where Are You Now, My Son? and drinking a tall can of Miller on a Wednesday cause the power went out on 7th and Gilman and SPD sent us home" kind of way...i'm not happy but maybe my stomach is, maybe Joan Baez is, maybe SPD is...

holy cow...could Fighting be the new Glitter? the new Show Girls? well no, because it would have to at least be so-bad-it's-good entertaining, it's just bad, i mean way bad...there were plenty of unintentional laugh out loud moments (i can't think of any at the moment though) but def. not enough to warrant sitting through the movie...

Fighting is essentially a Jean-Claude Van Damme movie...Fighting is essentially a remake of JVCD's Lionheart, only really really boring and without the French Foreign Legion sub-plot...you know, fish out of water kind of movie...fish out of water needs money and meets shady street people kind of movie...then fish out of water ends up the hottest ticket in town as an underdog contender in an underground fighting circuit...then a bunch of blah-blah-blah happens which culminates with fish out of water taking it all in an ultimate battle-royal finale kind of movie...and don't forget all the token ethnic fight locations e.g. Chinese Restaurant (w/ Chinese music), Russian Hotel (w/ Russian music), Boogie Down Bronx (w/ Hip Hop music) etc. etc. etc...Fighting is a dumb video game cross-dressing as a Drama-with-some-fighting, and not passing...

i predict this movie will ruin Channing Tatum's acting career (hyperbole!)...and it just might end Dito Montiel nascent directing career...which totally sucks because i loved his (not without its flaws) debut A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints (based on his experimental memoir of the same title)...where all that awkward, improvised street kid realism worked in AGTRYS it completely bombs in Fighting...Channing Tatum's brooding vulnerability in AGTRYS was pitch perfect...in Fighting his character comes off like he has Down syndrome...

and Terrence Howard's worst performance since...well, since Glitter...

i have nothing else to say...don't see this movie...

plus side though: skating down Market in the hot-after-work-sun bombing through traffic...seeing Azikiwee and Scott La Rockwell...waiting for the bus with C. with a warm breathy nighttime breeze all up in my shirt...

Apr 21, 2009

got invited to the world premier of Fighting tonight...going to bring my little-rascal-scraper brother...i guess D-Structure has reserved a "bloggers" section in the theater...plus gift bags!!!

Apr 20, 2009



three texts from Zack

1. headed to you (8:26 am)

2. at the car (8:37 am)

3. fuck- its yr day off-sorry! (8:39 am)

Apr 18, 2009

"Dear Friends, Fans, Sycophants, and True Believers!

You may be asking yrself where the fuck has Transmission Press been? And to that I answer: Where the fuck have YOU been? And to that you should answer: Touche. We could go on like this, but what's the point? I mean, yes, duh, it's been something like 8 months or so since the last Transmission Press publication. And that sure does seem like a real long time, don't it? But, I figure, given the poetry world has a whole different sense of "time" then I must be doing alright here. I mean, have you ever been to a poetry reading? Yeah? So you know when a poet is given 15 minutes that that poet ALWAYS takes 45. So, considering that kind of time signature, I actually feel like Transmission is WAY ahead of the curve. Anyway...

Where were we? Hello, how are you? I'm fine. The Giants suck again, but I'm fine. Really, it's not a big deal.

Anyway, I hope yr doing well because we here at the Transmission Press have a brand new book for you that you NEED. If yr not already familiar with Sarah Menefee's poetry, then that's a shame. But if you are, you arleady know that Sarah Menefee is a remarkable poet of intimacy, insight, empathy, image, and music. IN YOUR FISH HELMET is no exception, and if you haven't read her previous books, this would be a fine start. Of course, after reading IN YOUR FISH HELMET, you should find everything else by Menefee that you can get yr hands on and DEVOUR it.

Go to transmissionpress.blogspot.com for more amusing facts and to PURCHASE the book!

Here's the first poem from IN YOUR FISH HELMET:



someone who came to me the other night

was the one whose tall truck cab

I climbed into: picked me up somewhere

when I was a teenage girl

we kissed and made out: then we talked: I was afraid to go all the way

I completed it the other night: he took out his fine cock

and we fucked: forty-odd years later

the same emotional time

I married one

a truck driver become a gambler

too illiterate and proud to work

how bright with chrome it was

how big!

how did he find me again?

there was no bully in him: so fucked-up

something human was said: and kind

I’m a girl of eleven: the one

of fifteen or seventeen

in a constant fever: sex and romance

a wild and mysterious thing

forbidden: my secret

and there he comes again

and I’m not afraid

running downtown

under the day moon: round mother-of-pearl

I am fourteen"

Apr 17, 2009

things from my youth...

Apr 16, 2009

that's a pretty cool photo lindsey boldt...

or, things to do in the coming days...

-Giorno tonight

-Brandon and Logan and Steve tonight

-movie in the park night tonight

-Re-Animator in the mail tonight

-Zombie in the mail tonight

-House in the mail tomorrow night (horror flick not the doctor)

-cover search for Rude Girl

-blurb gathering for Rude Girl

-Brandon tomorrow night

-C. tomorrow night

-BBQ at C.'s house on Saturday

-Truman and James and Matthew and Logan and Lindsey are my contribution, plus beer

-going to miss Kelly Stoltz on Saturday at The Peacock Lounge

-going to miss Chet Weiner and Tan Lin at 21 Grand

-Easter on Sunday in San Carlos

-playing with my elfin nieces

-eating lamb and BBQ'd lamb intestines and sweet breads

-drinking Adoni's home brew

-Monday off

-Christos Anesti
things from my youth...

Apr 15, 2009

John GIORNO tomorrow night at the Unitarian Center, 7:30...

meet LOLA MELNICK and read about my brother's Chilean forbidden dance...

Apr 14, 2009


Kevin reads with Tim Atkins (Aaron Shurin is not Tim Atkins) and Leslie Scalapino (David Booth is not Leslie Scalapino) at Books And Bookshelves...

i'm going to be around the corner at Amber before hand...meet up for pre-reading beers?
Isabella Rossellini's eyebrows are kind of vaginal

Apr 13, 2009