Jul 30, 2010

taken by Cedar S. at some anonymous bar last night and sent to me while i was sitting right next to him...

Jul 27, 2010

Jul 23, 2010

Jul 22, 2010

Battle Records

DIE HARD! w/ The Commons

DIE HARD! w/ The Curate

DIE HARD! w/ The Community

DIE HARD! w/ The Burlesque

DIE HARD! w/ The Hegemony

DIE HARD! w/ The Queer

DIE HARD! w/ The Conceptual

DIE HARD! w/ The Heteronormativity

DIE HARD! w/ The Hybrid

DIE HARD! w/ The Labor

DIE HARD! w/ The Vengeance


Jul 21, 2010

Amy Henry reviews Maribor for The Black Sheep Dances...

Jul 20, 2010

Molotov's Corpse by Lindsey Boldt, me and Steve Orth...

Jul 19, 2010

2 by Megan Martin. NYC vacation 2010. 25th floor up, Barry's penthouse apartment and rooftop, Lower East Side.

Jul 18, 2010

Frost/Nixon, Jessica, Trumer Pils, the wind, dreams come true, coffee, Blue Paddle, Zeitgeist, OkCupid, square toed shoes, Indian food, Logan Ryan Smith, DP, The Grateful Dead, harem pants, True Blood, Jessica's parents, car accident, Demosthenes Agrafiotis, the LES, Ugly Duckling Presse, Volare's Pizza, Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 3, Lindsey Boldt tattoos, Canadian tuxedos, Sunday Sunday Sunday...

Jul 17, 2010

i cursed out Andrew Kenower on the phone tonight

hope he knows that that means i love him

a girl from LA told me she thought i was beautiful

outside of Molotov's after the Mission Creek Festival

i told her my name was Johnny then tried to shake her hand

she told me that she doesn't shake hands with people

so i asked her what we should do, she told me

that i should grab her ass, and then she bent over

in front of me so i grabbed her ass and asked her

what her name was, she said it was Lindsey

and that she had 2 kids, then i drank some vodka tonics

and got a text from Jessica that she was at the symphony

and i think i texted her back "jesus thats rad" and then

wrote some exquisite corpse thing with Boldt and Orth

then i saw this punk rocker dude named Mackey smoking

a smoke and asked him when Dopecharge was playing next

and he told me that they were playing the next week in the

Inner Richmond at some secret warehouse doo-hickey

and that i should check his Myspace for details

and then i saw Theo with his shirt tucked in looking hammered

and we did the daps and talked about his new rap album

and then i told Boldt that she should get a falafel sandwich

from Ali Baba's instead of a slice from Mythic and she thought

that was a good idea so she bounced and i got another vodka

tonic and stole her Mead notebook and wrote this poem while

she mashed up the block getting some food

"If I was the Creature From the Black Lagoon I would jump in that swamp I keep in my wallet Treading water in 3-D Every time I meet a pretty girl From LA I keep my hands In my pockets even when She bends over in The LH, and I bet I would Sound like Ready-Roc-C beat boxing 'Amazing!, Startling!, Shocking! Before she spills that swamp-bass All over her shorts, a bee-line
Back down I-5 to Glendale Where the nicest Liquor store man Any of us monsters Has ever met, steady rocks Jokes next to his Lord Of The Rings pinball machine"

Jul 16, 2010

boom, The Future...

this is what a crew of us are doing on Saturday. Mission Creek Music Festival at McLaren Park in Diamond Heights. you're welcome to join. it's a pretty great line up. and it's free...

Jul 15, 2010

should i try to join the FBI?
"will be teaching a lesson tomorrow [in juvie] using Jay-Z's "Empire State of Mind" and John Sakkis' "Rave On" on the influence of place in poetics. STOKED!" -L Boldt

Jul 13, 2010

for Andrew Kenower

You'd have to be familiar with Ezekiel
To really get Nic Cage's blockbuster bomb

I mean, this is all about the Nordic aliens
Val Thor, the FBI and ancient astronauts

And Cage's kid wasn't even half bad
I kept wanting to call him "Eliot"

Something about the end of that movie
reminded me of Perelandra, the wheat field
was an ocean landscape, a blown out Eden

outside of Alexandria, the president
wouldn't wait as long as he did
if the sun ejaculated an apocalypse

penetrating 1.2 miles into the earth's crust
Val Thor spoke of Christ's presence
in the Universe, just like Nic Cage's

Dad was a preacher with 4 faces
The Lion, The Man, An Ox, The Eagle
I bet Dark Brandon knows about
Ezekiel's Wheel, I wouldn't have rented
Knowing without his YouTube channel

I looked and saw a windstorm coming out of the earth
All four of them had faces and wings
Mid-Town is even too crowded in the movies

what i did on Saturday. BBQ at Adaye's place...

Jul 12, 2010

new tattoo for Pappou. by Cecelia Altamirano from Idle Hand. One more sesh to go...

i've watched this movie 11 or 12 times since i first saw it a couple months ago. Herzog's Encounters At The End Of The World...a very trippy take on the "nature documentary" genre...if you have Netflix you can stream it. i'd recommend you do so...

Rest In Peace Harvey Pekar.

weird that today was the day i decided to retire my yellow Harvey Pekar stencil t-shirt to under-the-bathroom-sink-rag status...going to rescue that shirt as soon as i get home. sorry Harvey!

Jul 10, 2010

Mrs. Maybe Issue #3 Party

12pm - 5pm

With readings by:
Lindsey Boldt
Brandon Brown
David Highsmith
Amber DiPietra
Sara Larsen
Sara Mumolo

Grill will be going...bring something cook.

1825 Derby Street (backyard)

The Editors
Mrs. Maybe
"Stop seeing things and let the scene begin"

Jul 8, 2010

there really is nothing worse than "street art"

i don't care about your can control

give me Neck Face over Twist any day of the week

your crew is haggard, your pants are baggy, your Kangol hat looks gay

there is nothing worse than an aging Hip Hopper

this is not a poem

this is not a poem from RAVE ON!

for real, i hate your "street art" blog

i hate your dumb stencil art, just want to buff your fucking face

get ups in your black book by puking in it

call you a mark, call you a toy, buff your whole world

Jul 7, 2010

nunchaku and shuriken and confetti cake and tonfa and mark gonzales and k-swiss

Jul 4, 2010

4th of July (by Sakkis, Orth and Boldt after watching the fireworks at Alamo Square Park 2010)

I was born to be your man
Blowing bubbles on San Simeon
A Ritz crackers summer
Whistling Towns on the Cul De Sac

There’s a cucumber waitin’ for its brine
There’s bread sitting by the toast
I don’t know how to change
I guess that’s what hurts me the most

Walk hallways skirting rooms
Not knowing our fellows + their bric a brac
Their dust bunnies, their thick+ shallow spaces
Hoping we’ll find it quicker in one another’s faces

Walked in the restaurant on a Chevy's
Birthday, when our cousins are frozen
We can't tell where to pop in the car
Stupidly calling condos "condoms"

Let’s watch all those fireworks
On the hill whiskey + beers
Let’s laugh at those assholes
And we’ll call it all souvenirs

Shut-ups + all my one + onlyies
Fill a heart with syrup let it all be thick
Watch ‘splosions + their sisters
Wake-up w/ a hankering for morning

What kind of sailor do u take me for?
That u might find a seashell in place
Of a rib humming mechanics all over
The place, and what a goddamed mess
It all is living blue by the sea

I might have a bellyache
I might have lice
I think I got AIDS
From loving Jesus Christ

Whose Daddy do you want to be?
And whose Mama are you already
It’s party time on couchsurft.net
And I’m all up on you + me

Well I was born to be your baby
And u were born to be my baby, if only we
Were born at those hills we could
Be souvenirs bought and forgotten
Whose daddy u forgot to be