May 30, 2012

Most of these photos (all by KJH) are from the Memorial Day BBQ that Karyn and I hosted at her place. Wow what a day. All our friends came through, an exorbitant amount of beer and champagne was consumed, a lot of kisses were shared, my brother and I BBQd Greek meats all day, Karyn made a cheesecake, quinoa salad, and green chile cornbread all from scratch (I'm probably forgetting at least 3 other things she made)...the sun was coming up by the time we went to bed.

Some other photos from from Friday night at Ruby Room with the homie Steve Orth.

And then some other photos from our day trip yesterday to Sausalito/ Stinson Beach where we ate crab cakes, fish and chips, burgers, beers and Rose. Then grabbed another bottle of wine, walked down to the beach, took off our shirts and lied around in the very hot Stinson sun for a couple hours. I am burned, so is Karyn, it was worth it.

Anyway, tons of photos...

May 29, 2012

Karyn and I just spent the day laying around on Stinson Beach.

We ate cheeseburgers, fish and chips, beer and Rose...

We came home and she cooked us Italian.

She's about to make us some sugar cookies...I'm going to liveblog it.

        would like cookies
In the morning
In the Italian
On the 'morrow
At the Sugar-
Belly, call it
A hunch
Baby's on fire—

May 25, 2012

Karyn accidentally "butt dialed" me just now, s'ok, I don't mind, I love her butt. So I was on the phone having this real gossipy conversation with her butt, you know, just rapping about life on the stoop and such...and then in between (haha) all this butt-talk I hear Karyn in the background barking fashion-police orders to all her fashion henchmen/women; things were getting a bit tense so I hastily bid a hearty "kalisperasas!" to her butt and hung up the phone.

And then out of the ether, probably apropos of all this butt-energy,  I came up with a legitimately awesome dumb Popsicle joke (for adults!)...ready? Here goes!

Q: What do you call a woman with butt implants?

A: An Imposterior!!!

May 24, 2012

"Have you ever met a baby named 'Gary'?"

May 23, 2012

the Dogpatch has been "up and coming" my entire life.

I wish I had white eyelashes.

May 22, 2012

I woke up last night from an intensely deep sleep.

I had no idea where I was or how I got there.

I turned on my light, rubbing my eyes, said aloud ""

I call this post-vacation sleep, waking up in your own bed the first night back after a long trip, not understanding how you got into this house, into this room, into this bed. Thinking that you're still on an island in the Mediterranean, or in the sleeping car of a train.

And then it all comes rushing back. I'm at home, my trip is over, I'm in my own bed.

I'm heading to Mexico in July. I haven't been on vacation yet.

I have a new poem and some Agrafiotis translations in the new issue of Fourteen Hills 18.2.

My brother turned 30 a couple days ago. The night of his birthday he texted me "there are six ways I'm going to kill you..." sent at 2:40AM.

So last night, in honor of his birthday, I watched 4 episodes of Luther while eating honey and almond butter out of the jar. I texted him letting know what I was up to, he texted back "you're me! put cinnamon on it!"

I dreamt I was getting a huge Batman tattoo, I hated it, but the tattoo artists wouldn't let me back out.

May 21, 2012

What was this weekend about? I guess if anything it was about not leaving the stoop. Kayrn and I have become stoop-people, stoop dwellers, stoop snobs. Folks from the neighborhood walk by and smile at us, they say things like "how's the view today? "where's the champagne, gheah?!" "STOOPS!" "Troop Stoop!"...we left the stoop briefly to go to the corner store, when we got back a neighbor asked "how was the commute?"...we've become neighborhood characters, stoop-eccentrics, island hoppers on the beautiful big isle of STOOP...the only time we left the stoop this weekend was to eat cheeseburgers, play pool and go to the grocery store. Am I forgetting anything? Don't think I am. Oh yeah, we also left the stoop to eat loads of pasta at Emmy's Spaghetti Shack, a brief but fun interlude between hardcore Saturday afternoon stoop-seshing. And then Sunday was split evenly between stoop-maxing and work day. Karyn on a fantastic new set of photos she's been retouching and me on finishing up the RAVE ON! manuscript. Got tons of good work done, so did, back to the stoop to celebrate! And then fried pickles and hushpuppies and flounder for dinner, banana pudding and peanut butter cheese cake for dessert...and then the stoops for digestion.

May 18, 2012

just bought my 4 shares of the Facebook IPO. LOL.

fun to be a part of the feeding frenzy.

I love E*TRADE, it's like being on a river boat in Kansas City, MO.

Souvenir stock. 

May 16, 2012

Q: Who has the most poems dedicated to them?

A. John Coletti

B. Cedar Sigo

C. Dana Ward

D. All Of The Above

woke up this morning with the line "nice good Samaritan surf site" lodged in my head.

today is a good day for sexting.

I had a terrible cold on Sunday, I ran 4 trail miles yesterday. mark ass virus got got.

apparently Transfer Magazine republished my Stacy Doris interview in their latest issue as part of a tribute feature.

remember when Bay To Breakers was fun?

I'm going to buy a suit this weekend. or at least search for a suit this weekend.

I'm going to a wedding in St. Helena.

I'm going to "holiday" (as those horrible Aussies say) in Mexico for 2 weeks.

I'm going to celebrate the 4th Of July in Mexico with a Katana sword and a backpack full of fireworks.

I'll be wearing "Euro Shorts" inadvertently performing penis tricks.

I only capitalize "I's".

I hate lower case "i's".

Suzanne Stein's new book Tout Va Bien is out. Jared Hayes's The Dead Love Hands And More Hands Together is out. Lindsey Boldt's Overboard is out. Steve Orth's Slur The Point is out.  

Angelos and I have a new Agrafiotis translation dropping very soon, "now, 1/3" and thepoem.

hella malaprops.

I'm going to start doing Books Read 2012 just to have something to write on here.

oh yeah, those are pictures of me and my little brother.

May 14, 2012

Rock Bar, playing pool, The Knockout, Danzig, all photos by KJH, pizza and salad and beers, Matthew Arnone, Lindsey Boldt, Johnny, KJH, Steve Orth, Brandon Brown, Bobbi, Hunt-house brunch, migas, champagne and pomegranate juice, corn bread and jam, 75degrees, Mission Bowling Club, Matthew with the upset comeback victory, Gin Fizz, TRUCK, fried pickles and chicken and tater tots, The Mint, and then everyone splits, leftover migas and ice cream with pretzel crisps, wake up in the morning and I raise my weary head, I'm Sick! Karyn and I off to Safeway, homemade Asian chicken noodle soup, I need some Afrin/ to clear my sinus/ I'm all congested and backed up like Frisco --Eligh, Sunday cuddle all day in bed with your girlfriend day, Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark, LOVE YOU TONS LOVE, Giants Win take the series from AZ, yassou, kalinikta, Au revoir, Bonne nuit, hella hecka Bay Bridge sunny-day-in-SF traffic, shower, frozen pizza, East Bound And Down disc 1, Planet HULK, asleep by 8:45PM.

May 9, 2012

May 4, 2012

RIP MCA Adam Yauch. Paul's Boutique has been on repeat in the car lately too... Damn. Thank you for being the soundtrack to my childhood...