Oct 30, 2006

then and now...

Delos circa 4000 BCE

Downtown Oakland circa last night

Oct 29, 2006


as someone who's been making fun of hipster DJ's for quite some time this made me very happy...

and i make fun as a real DJ, one who has been playing hip hop out/in and around the Bay Area for over 10 years...and no, by playing out i don't mean pimping my dad's record collection at my neighborhood dive bar...

okay here's the article by Daniel Taylor (excerpt)...

"The tide is starting to turn, and everywhere you go, people are telling you that your fixed gear bike is pretty fucking stupid. I know it must hurt, but it must feel great to live out your bike messenger fantasy all up and down the streets of San Francisco. I'll tell you something though: Bike messengers aren't realy all that cool in the first place. It's like saying, 'You kow who I think is really cool? Taxicab drivers. So I'm going to go buy a Crown Victoria and paint it yellow with all kinds of totally sweet checkerboard patterns all over it and drive around like a total badass because I'm like a taxicab driver, only more ironic and with more expensive jeans on.' Does that sound dumb? maybe that's cause it is.

You know what else is weak? The idea that some dude who has enough cheddar to buy a couple of turntables, a mixer and a bunch of shitty records suddenly earns the title of DJ. Just because you went to some bar one time and thought it was super tight when some guy played Keak Da Sneak and then TOTALLY PLAYED HALL AND OATES RIGHT AFTER, doesn't mean that you should ruin Tuesday nights at the DoucheFist Lounge, fucking up my game by showing how eclectic the record collection you bought last week at Amoeba is. Used to be people who were DJ Whatever, were either dudes who could scratch or dudes on the radio. I mean, maybe sometimes a person would get an honarary DJ title, like if they were showing up somewhere with a DJ on the bill. The DJ prefix used to be worth its weight in technical prowess, but nowadays it's like going to the doctor and seeing some University of Phoenix shit hanging on the wall. Maybe i'm just old fashioned, but if the flyer says DJ on it, i'm expecting some good shit, not just some dude fucking up the 80's like his name was Gorbachev."

Oct 28, 2006


go Cards!

probably the worst played World Series i've ever seen. Armand's "am i watching wiffle ball or baseball?"

was rooting for the Tigers and then was just like screw it, they're terrible, in no way do they deserve to win.

Oct 27, 2006

happy birthday Alli Warren and Susan Gevirtz!

Oct 25, 2006


i ran too much yesterday. i can hardly walk today. World Series at ORTH's tonight. there's a lot of stuff going on this weekend huh?

Oct 24, 2006


dreamt that it was my friend Pisha's birthday party. Bjork showed up and introduced herself as Famke. i took a picture with Bjork/ Famke. she also had a camera. Bjork/ Famke took some pictures at the party. i told Bjork/ Famke that we should Flickr friend each other. Bjork/ Famke agreed.

Oct 23, 2006

making waves...

Stephanie has a gaggle of new attractive pictures up on her flickr of the West Coast (?) Wave Books Poetry Bus Tour...i'm not sure i understand the concept. no really, i don't get it. are they like actually touring or something? touring where? do they actually live on the bus together band-style? who's going to see them? are people excited about the tour? i mean, people other than the ones on the bus? do they like read "sets"? are there headliners/ opening acts?
if this is coming off a bit negative i don't mean it to, i just don't really "get" it. for instance, why do the majority of pics look like they were taken in the NV/ WY deserts? are there fans of experimental poetry in the desert outside of UNLV? if this is an actual tour how the heck did a group of young professionals get work off to travel around the desert? i mean, kick ass and all but... you can spot a video crew (?) in some of the pictures, maybe it's a documentary. like the Lanan videos? to be shown where? funded by whom? realeased as a Wave book? hurmph...i'm confused.

i guess i can ask Stephane some of this stuff at a reading sooner than later myriad as they are lately.

Oct 22, 2006

Guda Koster

Oct 21, 2006


a note slipped under my door this morning read



"do you think they say 'hey what's up The Game?' or just 'what's up Game' or like maybe 'what's up Earl?'"

Oct 20, 2006

also tonight and then tomorrow.

A reading and conversation with contributors to The Wisdom Anthology of North American Buddhist Poetry featuring Dale Pendell, Pat Reed, Gail Sher, Tsering Wangmo Dhompa with editor Andrew Schelling
Friday October 20, 2006
6:00 pm @ Café Royale
800 Post (at Leavenworth), free

A reading by Diane di Prima,
Joanne Kyger and
Michael McClure
introduced by Andrew Schelling
Saturday October 21, 2006
7:30 pm @ Unitarian Center
1187 Franklin (at Geary), $10
(SFSU students & Poetry Center members free)

For decades, from early Asian immigrants and their North American counterparts traveling West across the Pacific, there has been engagement by people living in the Bay Area with the philosophy and spiritual practices of Buddhism. San Francisco poets from Kenneth Rexroth to Gary Snyder and Philip Whalen among others followed paths that helped convey elements of Buddhist thought and practice to their readers. Friday evening at Cafe Royale, several terrific local poets and contributors to The Wisdom Anthology of North American Buddhist Poetry —Dale Pendell, Pat Reed, Gail Sher, Tsering Wangmo Dhompa, along with anthology editor Andrew Schelling—will get together to read and talk openly about their poetry and Buddhist traditions. Saturday night at the Unitarian Center we'll showcase a rare group poetry reading by three of the elders among San Francisco poets: Diane di Prima, Joanne Kyger, and Michael McClure, introduced by anthology editor Andrew Schelling.

Andrew Schelling, well-known as poet and translator from India's classic Sanskrit poetry, and as a teacher at Naropa University, has in The Wisdom Anthology of North American Buddhist Poetry (Wisdom Publishing, 2005) gathered the poetry of 29 contemporary poets whose works show discernible lines of influence connecting to the ongoing heritage from Asia: two and a half millennia of writings especially from India, China, Tibet, and Japan.


Poets In Need Benefit

Small Press Traffic is pleased to host a reading and reception benefiting Poets In Need’s Philip Whalen Memorial Grants. Featured readers are PIN Board members Norman Fischer, Lyn Hejinian, and Michael Rothenberg.

Norman Fischer’s books include Slowly But Dearly from Chax Press.

Lyn Hejinian’s books include The Fatalist from Omnidawn.

Michael Rothenberg is the editor of Philip Whalen’s Selected Poems and Collected Poems.

Leslie Scalapino’s books include Zither & Autobiography from Wesleyan UP.

Poets In Need is a non-profit organization providing emergency assistance to poets who have an established presence in the literary community as innovators in the field and a substantive body of published work. Assistance is given only in cases of current financial need that is in excess of and unrelated to the recipient’s normal economic situation and that is the result of recent emergency (due, for example, to fire, flood, eviction, or a medical crisis).

Oct 19, 2006


Anne Waldman was fantastic last night. afterwards, drinks at Vesuvio's with some conversation about CBGB's, the Naropa poetry wars, Houston TX, Drew Berrymore, NY School women etc. fantastic seeing Koshkin and Jen again, i miss those two. also fantastic meeting Miranda Mellis (one of the editor's of The Encyclopedia Project).

Oct 18, 2006


i rock hard like poets take self portraits...


hey folks, Susanna Gardner wants you to know that "Dusie is still reading for issue 5, and is certainly wanting for more submissions of the female persuasion."

and i'm pretty sure Anne Waldman is reading at City Lights tonight for her new Hot Whiskey chap Beat Roots. i'm pretty sure i'll be there. anyone else going?

...currently listening to Nine Inch Nails Pretty Hate Machine...

Oct 17, 2006


  • don't tell me what to do Jared
  • ...

    Jared says "it's like a mullet"

    Jared on Bhanu.

    Jared is in the business of selling tea.

    Oct 16, 2006


    i feel like taking a trip. even if just to Santa Cruz.

    Oct 15, 2006


    i have some new poems in issue six of
  • Melancholia's Tremulous Dreadlocks
  • Lyons fired for making comments like these...

    "Earlier in the playoffs, while working the Mets-Dodgers NLDS, Lyons unwittingly made fun of a nearly blind fan who was wearing special glasses to see the game.

    "He's got a digital camera stuck to his face," Lyons said."

    which i think is lame. i don't know about you but i find the above hilarious.

    Oct 14, 2006


    Oct 11, 2006


    maybe until then i'm going to bed.

    Lime Ridge down my throat/
    gaging a small pond/
    track-bike backlash makes Pussipo fresh

    Oct 10, 2006

    brail the devil's foot/ an onion dome/ snow fall frightening

    42 Mason was the Speakeasy/ going all "oh oh o o sh sh" by Dale Smith at the Speakeasy

    Oct 9, 2006

    oh and two quick things.

    1. the cat's out of the bag, Desperate Housewives officially sucks.

    2. Reggaeton music is annoying, but i like that one Calle 13 track.

    Oct 6, 2006

    A's Sweep!


    no, his name is not Thomas Hewitt. his name is Leatherface. always has been always will be. 'uf a prequel.


    okay. i had a fun date. a pretty great date. and now i'm in bed drinking a Fat Tire at 3 AM with The X-Files on the tube.

    oh yeah, after my great date some asshole tried to kill me on the Bay Bridge. this truck full of knuckleheads pulled up next to me just before Treasure Island, this truck full of knuckleheads veers hard right into my lane, i slam on my breaks veering at the guard rail, this truck full of knuckleheads floors it and is gone, but i remember their license plate number, i call 911, i report truck full of knuckleheads to dispatch, just as i'm getting off the Bay Bridge into Oakland i see police cars have stopped truck full of knuckleheads, i see cops have hands on guns, i feel very very satisfied, i drive the 15 miles to Concord listening to Beck's Sea Change with a big stupid smile on my face thinking about my great date. and now i'm in bed drinking a Fat Tire watching yet another episode of The X-Files. proper.

    Oct 5, 2006


    currently watching the STL SD game/ STL is ahead 2-0 bottom of the 5th...proper.

    for lunch i had a BBQ'd turkey burger topped with salted avacado and stuffed with feta, red bell pepper, onion, cumin, chipotle chile powder, garlic granule with BBQ'd eggplant soaked in extra virgin olive oil, a side dish of horiatiki salata and finished off with a bowl of cold sweet white peaches.

    my mom just gave me a "one finger manicure," my index nail is looking pretty shiny.

    i think i have a date tonight. i'm pretty sure i have a date tonight. proper.


    not only did i stay up for Lost (which was great) but i made it all the way to Project Runway (which was fun)...and then i passed out and dreamt about Family Business all night. no not that kind of dream but yes with all of the stars of the show. Adam Glasser (Seymore Butts) and i surfboard paddling from Santa Cruz to Laguna Beach (yes i also watched an episode of LB last night). Jewel De'Nyle offering us baloney sandwiches with Chinese mustard when we got there. though not a porn star Dog The Bounty Hunter sort of looks like one and was in the dream doing some kind of facade work on Jewel's house, i remember him wearing a ginormous fanny pack. i also remember Jewel pointing out how plate tectonic movement was observable from her front yard.

    that's that.

    Oct 4, 2006


    i drank too much whiskey last night. i'm tired. i'm trying to stay afloat for the Lost premiere though making it all the way to the Project Runway reunion looks doubtful.

    when Adam was caught extending himself he was escorted back inside

    sometimes you don't mean it to be a double entendre but it seems that way

    i'm already The Risk Of His Music and Paige wouldn't care anyway though mostly Chris Rock is on at this hour and sometimes if you're lucky and you live by yourself you can catch Ben-Hur and have a conversation with Paige though she might be ill

    this has mostly nothing to do with banking nor my black locks nor do my knees carry me to dance nor "he who is fair is fair" nor what country girl in country clothes and CMA carry me to dance among the dark in Hades' house nor "here's an introduction" clad in crimson cloak nor a sellout at clubs down to her feet and we would both agree "we're comfortable with these girls/ we've know these girls for as long as my black locks are white" nor to a BBQ for sunlight


    Zeus, put to sleep solecian speech
    lest you babble barbarously.

    You are like gentle guests.
    You need only fire
    and a roof overhead.

    Once long ago Milesians
    were stouthearted men.


    I love, and I don't.
    I'm mad, and again I'm not.

    If he wants to fight,
    let him fight,
    for it is allowed.

    no way was that Sufjan Stevens, no way was that a Nissan Altima, that wasn't his driveway and anyways those cd's were mislabeled and anyways

    just because maybe i can start with Navaronne and think about the below in a 4/4 "to the floor" sort of way that my bedroom was this picture and i was this tan and i couldn't go to sleep and i wanted to burn most of my pictures or at least dig a hole because maybe i'd been watching too much HBO in Boulder but they went into the garbage can instead and i missed out on sleeping as i had to fly back to Boulder and write my thesis and it was all gone and my house was all gone and i can't even name names becasue the dead aren't named and that was all thrown away in a wooden box i bought in Chinatown and in the garbage but nobody knew about any of this and i flew to Boulder and i was hungry and i ate about it

    Oct 3, 2006

    as a setup the only thing i might say is that i stole this and i'm listening to The Rapture's Out Of The Races And Onto The Tracks and this cracks me up and i'm heading to the driveway to have a beer and this is a prologue and alarm clocks have only something to do with this because they were bought over 5 years ago and still might retain the bad vibes i'm typing about below

    i haven't written anything in 4 years Benjamin. i haven't bounced in 4 months Benjamin. i haven't seen you since i've been back Benjamin. i've only clapped like this a few times in San Francisco Benjamin.

    just trying to stay posiive "Sure you hear some comments that aren't as positive as the overwhelming majority of people that we tested the ball with," Jackson said. "That's going to happen. Everyone that handles the ball loves the grip and the feel of the ball." it's just a Naropa sweatshirt you can't handle and mistake your shoes for Bardot and your brother likes your shoes and your calendar and Sunday nights and Flavor Of Love and the balcony you sat on and broke his blank deck for 19.95 at the mall or the club and you can't remember which face you saw and where you saw it bounce or tested or handled

    but i saw her at the club the other night and she was rude so i was mad and we are both tall but she was stlll rude and "a new day and a morning after/ sitting at the cafeteria" so "hold it down boy/ cause your head's getting blurred" but what's his names house was nothing but a crankster house with pretty balconies

    this might have been a book cover if it hadn't been seen at the Civic Center station

    a man with wounds approached me and then my brother

    we were high and it was early and he was talking about Martinez and CoCo County

    though we were supposed to be bonding we were high and were scared

    my brother isn't like me

    he was speaking to my brother

    maybe we were high but he had wounds

    i looked at the BART train

    my brother was cold and i took care of him

    this man went away and we were relieved

    when we got off BART it was cold

    we didn't have bicycles so we walked

    the whole time we were thinking about this man and sweating

    we walked to Navaronne on the bike trail and stood at the fence

    we decided to not jump the fence

    we were scared of wounding ourselves

    we walked up San Miguel to Treat and thiought this was better

    we both decided to ourselves we might have benefited by not attending the party

    we called it Guns Of Navaronne

    we were home and we were sweating

    we watched Ang Lee's The Hulk which lasted all day and took place in San Francisco but was unbelievalbe

    we were asleep sort of and felt safe

    As for everything else...well, the weather has been shit. It has rained almost everyday. It is just now starting to clear up a bit every afternoon. The food is hecka good too...thanks to the 48% Indian population. I still want to go out fishing with my new Fijian friends, or maybe boar hunting....well, maybe just boar eating...either way. Our Fijian guides eat canned corned beef and a whole loaf of bread each. I've tried it...not bad, but I want me some wild boar.

    Well, well, thats it for now....write to me so I don't get too homesick.

    and maybe i'll write the history of Concord starting at North

    if you can remember highschool my love i'll give you credit/ if you can suffer through me my love we'll go a raving

    my brother, my brother...i had the worst dream the other night. you had died, i think of cancer or something like that. I remember that I wanted to go ride my bike because that seemed like the only thing that could possibly make me happy. I rode to the market here in Fiji and couldn't find the streangth to get off my bike so I just leaned with it against the wall of the market.

    I woke up right after that and for about ten minutes or so couldn't get myself out of bed because I was so sad. I finally realized that this was just a dream, but it still bummed my whole day out. I just wasn't myself.

    I love you and miss you so much.
    love little brother james...or as they call me out here, jemesa

    and then just like that they were sharing

    if they were sharing in the studio it could've been worse

    when Adam came out and the police came out he tried to shake his hand

    Oct 2, 2006


    yesterday was my Pappou's 92nd birthday. we had him over for enchiladas, a recipe that's been in the family for generations. i'm still full. i hate waking up and still being full.

    Jodi Foster was in my dreams a lot last night, everything was sort of like Flight Plan in tempo and hue. lot's about Lake Berryessa too, Lake Berryessa was shark infested, the rangers at the park called the sharks "dangerous fish," they kept saying "these waters are full the dangerous fish"...and "lot's of people come out here and say they feel the dangerous fish pulling their boats along...that's bullshit...it's just wind and waves..."

    my cousin Louisa is getting married on Saturday.

    my Theo Peter and Thea Betty are moving from Houston back to Oakland!!! they left 5 years ago, haven't been back since, came back to house sit for Angelos while he and Anna were in Greece, while here fell in love with the Bay Area all over again, remarked "we'd forgotten how beautiful it all is," should be living here within the month. this is great news, all 5 brothers will be living in the Bay Area again. Peter was the first one to come over to Oakland from Pireaus, late sixties i think. my dad was the third brother i think just after Teddy. and then the rest followed. the sisters (Vivi and Sofia) stayed in Pireaus where they still live today, though Vivi is currently staying in San Carlos on the Peninsula with her son/my cousin Adoni and will be heading back to Greece soon after Louisa's wedding.

    family, family.