Apr 30, 2012

Oh look, how SF whimsical, after spending a beautiful warm day drinking beers in Dolores Park, Karyn and I stumbled upon this little parklet where a TV and video games had been very generously setup...Karyn played a terrible game of Pac Man, I snapped a quick photo, and we made our merry way. I feel like I went to 3 punk shows this weekend? Did we do that? At least two...and then Hard French on Sunday after kicking it on the Stoop at 29th and Mission all day people watching the hell out of people. There was lots of champagne this weekend. There was lots of bedtime this weekend. There was lots of sitting in the sun talking about trips this weekend. This weekend was hella lazy, exactly what I needed. This week is a bit of a detox week. I think I'm going to go one big meal, probably lunch, with healthy smaller meals in the morning and evening. And just a stupid list of foods consumed this weekend:

Po'Boy Sandwich from Front Porch
Garlic noodles and Crab Rangoon from Emmy's
pralines and carmel cream ice cream from Mitchell's
delicious home cooked meal from Karyn (braised chicken breast, fresh green beans, pomegranate rice (w/o the pomegranate cause it's not in season, natch))
home cooked vegan banana pancakes for breakfast (bananas instead of eggs, it worked, it worked well even)
cheese plate prepared by Karyn, copa, pancetta, olive bread, sliced apples, olive medley, soft truffle cheese (I couldn't remember the word "truffle" just now so I just googled "expensive things you dig out of the ground"), some kind of grana padano (I think)...oh yeah, and the coup de grace, almonds heated on the stove in olive oil and sea salt. Yum fool, yum.

Have you guys seen the new issue of Steve Orth's Where Eagles Dare? I'm a bit biased because I have work in this issue (and dude is my best friend), but goddamn isn't WED just the coolest magazine out there right now? I'm so proud of ORTH, making his mark, and what an excellent mark it is.  Besides me, the newest (BLACK) issue includes fantastic work from Jamie Townsend, Sara Rothberg and Sunnylyn Thibodeaux.

I think Karyn and I are heading to LA in a couple weeks. I want to see Billy, I want to see Mosconi and Rita...I think we're going to rent this amazing house in Silverlake for the weekend.

Apr 26, 2012

wait, it's raining again? come. on. dude. really?!

I'm re-reading The Martian Chronicles, it's not very good.

I dreamt of the ocean all night. I dreamt I shit myself in public and my cousin cleaned it up.

I feel like I'm wearing orthopedic shoes, the right sole is skateboard worn down, I'm way taller on my left side, this is going to suck all day. 


Karyn has a small part in Lorelei Lee/ James Franco/ Stephen Vincent's Cherry, SF movie premier tonight!

should I get coffee? I'm sitting here in my nice shoes not drinking coffee, this is ridiculous.

my UPS rep is really pushing these new rates on me.

just keep drinking water and shut up.

sometimes I'm not a very pleasant person to be around, yesterday was one of those sometimes. sorry interns!

oh yeah, holler, how you doing?

I just want to keep writing love letters to KJH.

was the Korean written language conceived in the 1600s, or am I trippin'? Myung?

I know, it's all a little embarrassing, so what though, this is a diary, not a "poetry blog"...

KALX sucked all day yesterday, how is that possible, it was all fucking Funk music (barf) and bad House.

why do I hate Funk music so much? was I jumped by Funk music as a kid?

anybody see A Cabin In The Woods? was it as rad as it's been hyped to be?

I need to fart and pee at the same time right now, this always worries me a lil' bit.

I just butt dialed the HUNT, first time for everything.

God I'm being so scatological right now.

I've been eating a ton of food this week though. 

I forgot how to say "housewarming party" this morning.

I need to go home and get a sweater.

oh screw it, I'm going to go change my shoes and get some coffee.


Apr 25, 2012

I can't remember everything that happened this weekend. All I know is that the girlfriend and I mashed hard, all over SF and beyond. We were at a corporate party drinking free top shelf whiskey making fun of the band, we were eating too much sushi in the TL at 2AM, we were at Benders for a punk show, we were all over town rolling posh in the Uber town car, we were mostly looking for parking during Saturday's heat wave, and then we were drinking white wine with all the nudists at Baker Beach, we were eating cheese steaks on the stoop, and smoking stogs in the sun, we were styling girls for a music video shoot, and then we were back in the car listening to GZA, we were in Novato at the Sunset opener, and then we were driving over the Golden Gate Bridge in the fog, we were in a cab on the way to Monarch, and then dancing with strangers to Pacific Sound, we were back to the girlfriend's house for an after party, and then we were back on the stoop kissing...and then Monday was a vacation day, and we spent it in bed...today feels like reality, I'm forgetting a lot of things and definitely leaving out details of other things, this weekend was sort of a dream. Here are some smiley photos...

Apr 24, 2012

I've been getting so much love from Michael Cross's The Disinhibitor lately...

Check out this totally generous review of my magazine (and yes it was a one off) White Castle Skateboard Stunts...

Apr 18, 2012

Michael Cross recently taught BOTH BOTH in his USF class. From what I gather, in a kind of regional, what are editor/poets up to in the Bay Area, how do mags foster community etc seminar. Super flattered to be included. Also taught, Try, With + Stand, Mrs. Maybe. Michael took notes on the cover of his copy...

Kalimera Er'body. I hope you had a fantastic Greek Easter. Christ has risen! Come on, let me hear it, Truly he has risen! Bravo. I once read a Battletech novel where the exclamation of choice was "Buddha!" instead of "Jesus!"...kind of like "Frack" instead of "Fuck" or "thank the Gods" instead of "thank God" on Battlestar Galactica. Last night I ran four miles through the Concord hills, I ate fried chicken and cous cous, I watched some baseball with my Mom and Dad. I did laundry. It smells like Great America at SPD right now. Like waffle cones, fried zucchini, and roller coaster grease. Wow, it smells like summer right now. Did you hear? It's supposed to be in the 80s in the East Bay by Friday, mid 70s in SF. I need to buy a suit. Should I buy two button or 3 button? I'm thinking two button? I think I'm heading to Austin mid-May. I think I'm heading sea kayaking this Saturday (probably not though), I think I'm heading to Sunset at Lake Stafford on Sunday. I'll possibly see you at the park.

Oh and hey, I almost forgot. I put out Angelos Sakkis's chapbook TRAVELLOGWITHHOMERONMYMIND on BOTH BOTH Books. It's a fantastic read, part travel log, part poetics, part poetry, part gossip (some of the folks who make an appearance: Robert Duncan, Stephanie Young, Diane Di Prima, Jack Spicer, Lyn Hejinian, Demosthenes Agrafiotis, Kevin Killian and Brandon Brown). I'd love to send one your way (always gratis of course). Just shoot me an email requesting a copy, I think I have around 25 left. John.sakkis@gmail.com.

Hang Loose Dudes.

Apr 17, 2012

This weekend was a magic carpet bride. An emotional helicopter. An epic bon voyage. A sweet Ballachine bull terrier. I didn't eat enough in the woods and got the shakes, I drank too much water and then dry sauna sweated it all out, I hugged and I kissed and I dangled (!) and stooped. I played skeet ball while Blood Orange rocked the Rickshaw. I danced with a beautiful girl while Blood Orange rocked my loins. I drove on Redwood country roads for hours and hours with no radio. I ate mints and held hands while I drove. Karyn and I spent Saturday naked soaking in hot springs. Karyn and I spent Saturday sweating and cold dipping excessively. We drank bottles of red wine, ate hummus and grapes and pears, listened to the woods, admired the light, sat next to the creek, felt like hippies and took photos and photos, we got cold then got warm, waited and then waited for dinner. Karyn cooked us dinner. We ate dinner. I felt ASTRAL. I felt disembodied poetics. I felt sexy. We soaked in a tub together on a rooftop deck looking at the stars. We went to bed in our little cabin in the woods. And then Ft. Brag. And then Burgers. And then 10 Mile River. And then the Beach. We saw a seal though couldn't find Seal Rock Beach. We sat on Beach Wood and shivered. We got back in the car and headed back. On Sunday Karyn impressed the entire family by learning to Greek dance. On Sunday Karyn impressed the family by picking up Greek, "Christos Anesti!" "Alithos Anesti!" "YAMAS!" "YASSOU!"...Backgammon (Portes) with my Dad, lamb with my cousins, wine and beer with the park, sitting with my Mom, Christos Anesti. And then the denouement with Downton Abbey, and the balcony, and plans for more. We had a weekend. Here are some photos from it...

Apr 12, 2012

the garbage man cat called me this morning as he was unloading a dumpster

"hey how you doin' there HANDSOME!"

bloody buckets of destruction.

Karyn said "why does the garbage man have your number?"

I slept for the first time in a week last night.

I've listened to the Drive soundtrack approx. 13 times in the last 4 days.

Last night I ordered a Maker's on the rocks, the bartender gave me an Anchor Steam

Last night I ordered a Jamison on the rocks, the bartender asked me if I would like ice with that

Last night I ordered a Kettle One and soda, the bartender gave me a can of coke

I pushed the can of Coke back and reordered a Kettle One and soda, the bartender filled a glass up with Grey Goose and tap water

I got all fancy and ordered a mocha this morning

There really is nothing quite as enjoyable as watching a horror movie with a girl

I keep missing my brother's calls

I keep missing my brother

Apropos of Lindsey Boldt sitting in her house last night watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer, here is a photo of a model from a magazine that looks exactly like Lindsey Boldt

Apr 11, 2012

 "don't shit me"

"I shit you not..."

is pretty brilliant.
I am seriously being left behind

Should we move to LA

I haven't slept without a sweaty sweatshirt in over a week

I'm off the meds

I just want to live in a bungalow with a pretty wife and a pretty suntan

My face is swollen

Karyn typed SATAN when when meant SANTA

I typed sweetmeats when I meant sweetheart

How is it possible that it's not 2010 anymore?

My bathroom heater is broken, my bedroom heater is broken

I still haven't talked to ORTH about New York

I went to Bobbi Star's birthday last Friday night

I went to Burrito Mojado last Sunday night

I went to "3 Old Fashions Please" on Saturday afternoon

Have you ever kissed someone so deeply you give yourself a black eye

I'm not sure I want to take a train to Chicago

I got a haircut yesterday, I think Darlene wants to party, she said that my voice sounds sexy on the phone

Karyn said my voice sounds sexy on the phone, I want to party with Karyn

I can't remember any dreams from last night

I've been watching Cosmos extremely hard lately

Cosmos just might be the only perfect show ever produced in the history of television

I have this Project Blowed record, one of the songs has a Cosmos sample, another one of the songs has a Jody Foster Contact sample

I've also been watching a lot of Adventure Time

I'm having a hard time believing Adventure Time takes place in a post apocalyptic world

I'm just not convinced yet

I'm blowing my nose more today, I don't know if that means I'm sick or not, I don't feel sick

I'm more annoyed than anything

I need to chill out and cowboy up at the same time

I need to stop being complacent, seriously, stop being complacent

I need to open up the warehouse

I need to bump KUSF In Exile

Hey Zoe B., I know at least one person who reads this blog

Apr 10, 2012

and here are a bunch of photos that Karyn took from the weekend. NOT in chronological order.

has anyone seen my digital camera?

this weekend I ate Mexican food at 2AM almost 3 days in a row.

this weekend I drank white wine on a blanket in Dolores Park two days in a row.

this weekend I heard "I don't deal drugs! I deal in FASHION!" said sincerely.

this weekend there was stoops, where a woman walking with her family stopped, pointed at me and Karyn and said "oh look, how perfect! this is what it looks like living in San Francisco..."...I was stoked she said that, I miss San Francisco. I miss being a postcard.

this weekend there were backyard after parties. mid day walk down the block parties. Sisters Of Perpetual Mercy's dress on my head parties.

this weened there were no cups!

this weekend I got blisters on my toes from walking so much. 

this weekend I danced to Goodbye Horses approx. 6 times, sometimes in a row.

and then there was that horrible dance party at Delirium after we couldn't get into the Thee Oh Sees show at The Lab.

horrible only in that the music was a high school prom, it was actually an intensely fun dance party. Karyn was there, I was there, my brother was there, Matthew was there, Steve & Lindsey were there, Kazwell was there, Pat was there, a lot of other people were there. 

hey look, Karyn got a Brazilian Blowout that took 6 hours! helladopesicksf no?

I tried boxing last night but didn't last the whole session. I'm still sweating the weekend out. I've been eating oranges and oranges and oranges and water and vitamins since yesterday. I'm feeling cuspy coldy. Or I'm feeling cuspy bettery. I can't tell. I know Karyn's feeling achy. We both need to climb in the regenerative womb for a few days. And that's exactly what we plan to do.

REGENERATIVE WOMB = Oarr Hot Springs. We're leaving Friday morning. We will buy groceries. We will buy wine. We will be shown to our room. We will strip down naked. We will make our way to the hot springs. We will gently and slowly submerge our winter-kissed white bods into beautiful regenerative hot springs. We will feel better.

oh yeah but wait, guess who we're going to see on Thursday? BLOOD ORANGE! 
I don't know, hand's down my favorite album in a long long while...this ain't no collection of songs posing as an album (sorry Sleigh Bells), Coastal Grooves is thoughtful, sexy, and dare I say it, storytelly? Destined to be the album of the Summer...

and then Sunday is Greek Easter! Christos Anesti you guys! Going to the park to eat lamb, crack some eggs, drink some beers, play with some nieces, ruminate on the weekend.

I think I have some photos from the weekend. I'll post them later.

I have no idea who I'm talking to anymore. I suspect I'm mostly talking to Google Image searches.

today I'm going to eat cod and rice and green beans and falafel and oranges and oranges and water and vitamins.

I'm on the last disc of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Every time I pop in a disc it's like swallowing cough syrup with a banana.

I don't know if I'll box tonight. I might try running tonight. I might try sleeping tonight.

I need to find my digital camera.

Apr 2, 2012

ISLAND LIFE from stian rasmussen on Vimeo.

here's this little song Stian and I recorded, here's this little video he put together to our song...