Mar 28, 2007

Mitch Hedberg: Mitch All Together (2003)


my godbrother is in the middle

Mar 27, 2007


i got the job.

Naropa Quiz inspired by Celeste Davis' Myspace Naropa Quiz

[X] you think everyone outside of the Writing And Poetics department is disgusting
[X] you think the smoking pits are mostly frequented by hippy mutants
[X] you have no idea what Eco-Psychology means
[X] you don't believe "eco-psychology" means anything
[X] you think Trumpa was an overrated drunk perv
[X] you've heard of the Naropa Poetry Wars
[X] you love Ralph from the bookstore
[X] you've ever pulled hippy art (i.e. garbage) from the trees next to the Harry Smith Cottage e.g., stuffed animals, knives hanging from string, forks hanging from string, soda can "art", shoes...
[X] you think the "free box" is a sweltering pile of hepatitus C
[X] you love the cafe's Chai Tea
[X] you don't think that homeless guy on his bike who always hangs around campus with his ass crack hanging out has any redeeming value
[X] you avoid that homeless guy and cringe when he shows up to parties
[X] when you see people stretching you get pissed off
[X] you think the Student Lounge smells like hippy sex and garlic
[X] you wrote your graduate thesis at The Catacombs happy hour
[X] sometimes you would go to the Downer for a break from The Catacombs and this was funny
[X] you watched the World Baseball Classic at the Downer and only felt mildly embarrassed about drinking well whiskey at 11 am
[X] you ever had fecal matter drop on your head while drinking a pitcher of Pabst at the Downer
[X] Selena from The Catacombs was one of your bestfriends in Boulder and knew more about bikes than you
[X] you rode your bike everywhere and loved it
[X] you ate 7-11 nachos every night
[X] the owner of The Catacombs gave you a free Catacombs baseball jersey
[X] you partied with Brian Bonsall, the little kid from Family Ties now a 23 year old punk rocker from Boulder, CO
[X] you were there when VH1 showed up at the Downer to film Brian's band Thruster for their "Where Are They Now" show
[X] you thought most of the people who worked at the Mountain Sun were scumbags and not to be trusted (or at least the one's you were introduced to)
[X] you made fun of all the WASP'y looking Colorado University girls but still wanted to sleep with them
[X] you wanted to have sex with at least 1 of your Naropa profs
[X] you had a friend named Jamba who made bathtub absinth
[X] you would swim in the Snow Lions pool regularly at 2 am
[X] you would periodically take long, dangerous, unprepared, spur of the moment snow hikes deep into the freezing rocky mountains taking pictures of yourself the entire way as to leave evidence in case of death
[X] you would take these dangerous snow hikes to walk off the 7-11 nachos from the night before
[X] you thought the picnic table outside the snow lion apartments was the best place in all of boulder to drink vodka tonics
[X] a cop busted you drinking vodka tonics at that table with the male half of Hot Whiskey and when the cop said "be mindful" you thought this was funny and said "Naropa cop!"
[X] you madeout with a really cute girl after a long night of drinking at The Catacombs then jumped on your skateboard all excited and whatnot and then hit a crack in the sidewalk on Canyon St. and almost tore your ACL in half and then hobbled home and still thought about hopping over to 7-11 to grab some nachos
[X] you ate more pistachio nuts in two years than most people eat in their entire lives
[X] you saw your little brother almost demolish 3 CU dudes with his fists and you thought this was funny and endearing
[X] you have hella Naropa pride despite all the lacks

Amy Winehouse

yeah, she has an amazing voice, but isn't what she does a bit like putting out an Acid House record in 2007 that sounds like a DJ Pierre or Lil Louis or 808 State record? like, why listen to doppelgager music (with sailor tattoos)? why not just pop on a smiley face t-shirt, throw some OG Newbuild on the turntable and get freaky?

Mar 26, 2007


Chav culture sounds like watered down 90's American B-Boy culture (without the dancing)...

oh those Brits, always a decade late. Lily Allen's cool though.

Mar 25, 2007

txt from jon wright

"i'm in a bar in bakersfield. Bon jovi is playing on the jukebox and i think of you"

Sabrina Calle's Gilles Poem-Winter 2006 Collection

is now available from Transmission Press

Mar 24, 2007

Rocky Balboa (2006)


Mar 23, 2007

John Greiner has a doppelganger


i interviewed this guy the other day

he wrote the book on Cezanne

his wife is famous

they live in a giant house in Pacific Heights

he took me upstairs and showed me

all of his Cezanne's and Monet's

i interviewed him under a giant Cezanne

right before the interview i read about

their house in Architectural Digest

his wife was featured on the cover

she designed special windows

to protect the paintings from sunlight

my palms were sweaty

but i wiped then before he showed me out

Mar 22, 2007

Pushing Tin (1999)

France OVNI

Mar 20, 2007


i really want Uma and Ethan to get back together.

...currently listening to Franz Shubert Entr'acte No. 2 From 'Rosamunde'...

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Season 2 (1997)

Mar 19, 2007



Mar 18, 2007


Casino Royale (2006)


Mar 17, 2007


Mar 16, 2007

i'm really looking forward to this album

some books read recently

1. Bird & Forest- Brent Cunningham

2. Sleepwalk- Adrian Tomine

3. France- Katalin Molnar trans. Stacy Doris

4. The Sandman Fables And Reflections- Neil Gaiman

5. Mirage #138

6. The Symetries- Francois Luong/ Lauren Kohne

7. Game Of Shadows- Mark Fainaru-Wada and Lance Williams

8. Spark Generators II- ed. Jon "Bean" Hastings

9. Ice Haven- Daniel Clowes

10. Atlantis- Mark Doty

...currently listening to Various Artists Duke's Up (Joshua's Dubwise Mix)...

Star Trek III: The Search For Spock

Borat (2006)

Mar 13, 2007

and here's a baseball/ love poem i just wrote for Armand and Brandon and the Giants

The Giants Are A Love Poem

“What do you love, what the fuck do you love”

do you love, you must love wine

do you love fucking you love wine

fucking love doesn’t mean you look for it

it can’t happen when you expect to find

love you watch baseball games your whole life

though you stay within yourself and love

to fucking root for the Giants

you love heat and an even plane

you want to impress you want to love

and make yourself feel good and baseball

can do that if you get aboard watching

starting over again kicking around love

and service time and running around Stetson University

making hats but running the bases in the heat

and the guy on deck has lost someone just like you

and his fastball will let you know that he’s going to drop down

in love a nice inning heading to the 9th on March 20th

looking for someone to share his love for his love

and available for a time with baseball scouting

his love in the dugout breaks low

and this club is a division of their own

because this is baseball season

suddenly i'm sitting here sweating, barefoot, with the fan on, drinking a glass of chilled 2001 Chardonnay (yeah i'm from California) working on The Islands watching Kruk and Kuip broadcast the Giants/ A's game on FSN Bay Area totally in heaven remembering that this is the season i get things done...

...currently listening to Roberta Alagna Don Pasquale: Sogno Soave e Casto...

A's vs. Giants 3/ 13/ 07 broadcast interview...

Duane Kuiper: i have to look pretty good in the orange and black...

Barry Zito: yeah...i feel like a Samurai...

21 Grams (2003)

Mar 12, 2007

Concord/ Jersey

"So what does surreal dance music and hallucianegenic drugs have to do with a policitcal movemnt, stem cell research, gentrification and hybrid cars? To begin, Hyphy is not specific to Oakland. In fact, the most recognized players in the movement, Mac Dre and E40—are from a town called Vallejo. Hyphy is all bay, all day. Frisco, Oakland, San Jo, Vallejo, Daly City, Fairfield, even Concord (our own little Jersey), is Hyphy."

—Russell from I'm From Rolling Stone (from his Hyphy article)

...we call Concord "the armpit of the Bay"...i like Russell's "our own little Jersey" too...

I'm a Spartan

my family comes from Sparta

my family comes from Nashville

Spartan is the new black

Johnny Cash wrote a song called

"The One on the Right is on the Left"

which is funny, not politics

in Sparta they drink Chivas Regal

they don't smoke in Sparta

only 3 people in my family smoke

the others paint pictures

and bathe, and fish and invest their money

my family has gentle skin

they eat lunch in Virginia

and build fires and bake soap

and prepare meat

my family doesn't knit

in Chicago my family works with their hands

they teach children to fight

and to swim, and fish and chew their food

my cousin who isn't Spartan

works in Phoenix

his brother isn't married

his mother smokes

i call him Jimmy

as do the other Spartans

the Spartans in Texas are from Oakland

they work with wood, and cars, and stripers

this was the first Spartan family i knew of

these are Mexican Spartans and they are Catholic

they love to shine, and to drive, and to bathe

and visit Oakland

in Sparta, Spartans wince

and flee and pray and swell

and bake and Christ and sweat

and California and money and hotels

and hills and Spartans

sit and eat and bathe and jump

off buildings and sweat and photograph

and farm and Sparta and names


from the sound of the article you'd think William Carlos Williams was known for his short stories.

Mar 10, 2007


i've always only wanted hair like Adrock in the Pass The Mic video.

Mar 9, 2007

shovel in hand/ dust in eyes

went record digging this morning at of all places Half Price Books

found/ bought

1. Country Hits Of The 40's (Capitol Records)

2. Star Wars Soundtrack (20th Century Records)

3. The Persian Santur Music Of Iran (Nonesuch Records)

4. Finley's Heroes "all the exciting play-by-play action, highlights and interviews of the Oakland A's 1972 championship season, including the playoffs and world series" Narrated by Monte More (Fleetwood Recording Company)

5. Johnny Cash's Greatest Hits Volume 1 (Columbia Records)

6. Merle Haggard And The Strangers Hag (Capitol Records)

7. Johnny Cash At San Quentin (Columbia Records)

8. Loretta Lynn's Greatest Hits Vol. II (MCA Records)

9. Debbie Gibson Out of the Blue (Atlantic Records)

10. An Anthology of American Poetry read by Robert Beloof (Argo Records)

...all for 17 bucks.

Mar 7, 2007


woken up at 5:15 this morning by another earthquake

Mar 6, 2007

Bike Trail Boozers Say Hello


Tim Lincecum!!!

Mar 4, 2007

Mar 3, 2007

another celebrity/ poet doppelganger thing



DAVID BRAZIL (with Kevin Killian)

another celebrity/ poet doppelganger thing

MARY MCDONNELL (MM as Laura Roslin is my super under crush...i have a huge crush on a 55 year old woman...she's fine!)


LIZ GUTHRIE (i can't believe this is the only picture i have of Liz...Liz is totally cute...and looks like a young Mary Mcdonnell)


strange poetry centered dreams last night...poets who i know who were there:

Brandon Brown
Armand C.
David Larsen
Myung Mi Kim
Susan Gevirtz
Tao Lin

i remember me and Corey Haim rolerblading into Myung's SPT reading wearing the Prayer of the Rollerboys gear (grey trenchcoats, spikey gelled hair)...i remember Brandon going like, "what the hell are you doing with Corey Haim?"...i remember that Myung's reading was actually a Hollywood premire of some sort, that CCA/SPT was actually this huge airplane hanger...i remember me, Armand and Brandon sort of hanging out there for a little bit following Corey around as he was trying to get attention from Hollywood bigwigs...i remember David reminding us of Myung's reading that we were already late for...i remember seeing Myung...she had handed out these amazing scrolls of her work...sheets and sheets of paper of all different sizes and colors...she was reading her new "book"...she had passed out copies of her new "book" to the entire audence...i remember the audience was made up of thousands...i remember seeing Susan Gevirtz in the crowd...Susan looked dissapointed that i still had my rollerblades on...i took off my rollerblades...Myung read the book...the entire audience followed along with their own copies...and then suddenly i'm Tao, i became Tao Lin...and someone was telling me that my book from Action Press just got voted the 5th best poetry book of all time...and then i started speaking like Tao writes, you know, like "and because i was Tao Lin in this dream, i was speaking like Tao Lin writes on his blog, becasue the way Tao Lin writes on his blog is the way Tao Lin thinks, and when i think things i want to speak them sometimes, so the way i speak those things sound like the way i think"...yeah, like that.

anyway, lot's more to it than that...i know LRSN had a much bigger role than reminding us that we were late for Myung's's sketchy though...something about a mansion in the hills (Oakland?) at night...can't really remember.

anyway, that was all a sort of preamble to...

SATURDAY, MARCH 3 2007 7:30 PM



Mar 2, 2007


the earthquake last night in the East Bay was pretty scary...strongest i've felt in years, strong enough for all the neighbors to gather in the street.

"At Postino Restaurant in Lafayette, host Nahal Afshar said the people gathered for dinner went silent when the shaking started.
"It lasted maybe five or six seconds. At first it was kind of jolty, then it shook side to side; it felt like it was vibrating beneath you," Afshar said."

happy birthday LRSN!

some dude at TOPPS put Pres. Bush and Mickey Mantle into Jeter's new card...

Mar 1, 2007

Bus Driver's RoadKillOvercoat will probably go down as my favorite album of 2007...


it's probably safe to say that if your horror movie is about killer dolls or some variation of the theme you have nothing new to contribute...